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The China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo, sponsored by Reed Sinophobe, is committed to building an excellent trade cooperation platform in the field of high-end natural food and beverages. it aims to strengthen and promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign food production enterprises, processing enterprises, traders and related processing equipment manufacturers, and open up broad domestic and foreign food market resources.


From May 15 to 17, 2024, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center will invite suppliers from home and abroad, such as organic food, health food, functional food, green food, health beverage, functional beverage, etc., to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the world's advanced enterprises and their products. The exhibition will also focus on gathering forward-looking meetings to achieve the most authoritative analysis and discussion, and share the hot spots of the health food industry, the latest food market information and development trends for industry leaders and experts on the spot, so as to provide a good opportunity for learning, communication and contact with each other.

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The National Pharmaceutical Fair (PHARMCHINA) is an authoritative trade fair for pharmaceutical preparations and related technologies and services in China. It is an industry brand event with a long history and a large scale in the field of Chinese medicine. The National Drug Fair has a total exhibition area of nearly 100000 square meters, attracting 120000 professional visitors from more than 30 provinces, cities and regions across the country.

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China International Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE) is the largest professional exhibition of health nutrition and health products in China. The exhibition has gathered tens of thousands of honest suppliers of blue hat health food approved by the state, as well as many new products and international health products, providing brand promotion and product channel development services for enterprises at home and abroad.