Industry background

my country is a big beekeeping country and a big honey producer in the world: the annual output of honey accounts for more than 1/4 of the world, and many industrial indicators rank among the top in the world. Data show that in 2017, China's honey production reached 488000 tons, ranking first in the world.


China is a big consumer of honey. At present, the annual per capita consumption of honey in China is still far behind that of the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries. With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of health care awareness, my country's honey consumption will continue to grow rapidly, and my country's annual per capita honey consumption will double in the next ten years.

Exhibition Introduction

The China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo, sponsored by Reed Sinophobe, is committed to building an excellent trade cooperation platform in the field of high-end natural food and beverages. it aims to strengthen and promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign food production enterprises, processing enterprises, traders and related processing equipment manufacturers, and open up broad domestic and foreign food market resources.

From May 15 to 17, 2024, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center will invite suppliers from home and abroad, such as organic food, health food, functional food, green food, health beverage, functional beverage, etc., to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the world's advanced enterprises and their products. The exhibition will also focus on gathering forward-looking meetings to achieve the most authoritative analysis and discussion, and share the hot spots of the health food industry, the latest food market information and development trends for industry leaders and experts on the spot, so as to provide a good opportunity for learning, communication and contact with each other.

Sponsor Profile

Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and examined and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Chinese Beekeeping Society is a first-class national apiculture society with independent legal personality, covering the production, teaching, processing, operation, management and other fields of beekeeping and bee products throughout the country. it is the only social organization with academic authority in the national apiculture industry.


Sinopharm Reed Exhibition is a leading professional exhibition and conference organizer in China's major health field. Its health and nutrition section has a scale of over 40,000 square meters, bringing together 10,000 kinds of health and nutrition products brought by 1,200 global leading brands and attracting 0000 professional distributors and end buyers to visit and negotiate. Through high-end and novel product display, innovative and unique interactive experience, professional and cutting-edge information sharing, and accurate and effective business docking, the exhibition helps domestic and foreign brands to deeply cultivate China's business channels, open up business opportunities and win-win future.

Exhibitor Category

Natural Raw Products:

Honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee wax, bee pollen, bee pupa, etc

Deep processing products:

Royal jelly capsules, royal jelly freeze-dried powder, royal jelly oral liquid, bee wine, honey food, broken bee pollen, bee venom powder, propolis beauty products, etc

bee products transformation of scientific and technological achievements:

Exhibition Highlights

1. Expand business scope by taking advantage of medical health resources (authoritative organizations join forces)
At the same time, the National Pharmaceutical Fair and the China International Health and Nutrition Expo will be held to connect pharmaceutical and food industry enterprises for the majority of bee industry enterprises, and promote the research and development and application of high-quality honey in the field of medicine and health. Help bee enterprises to further process or develop derivative products, enrich product lines and business scope, and open up a broad market in the field of medicine and health.

2. Promote the application of bee products in the field of traditional Chinese medicine
Integrate the resources of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises in the National Drug Fair under Reed Sinophora, as well as many R & D and purchasing resources of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, to provide strong support for the scientific research and market expansion of natural bee products in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

3. Wide application of bee raw materials
With the help of the resources of the China International Bakery Exhibition under the National Pharmaceutical Reed Exhibition, we will provide a platform for sharing innovative ideas with global baking industry leaders, professionals and various baking industry practitioners, inject impetus into the development of bee raw materials in the baking industry in the fields of research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and related services, and promote the all-round development of China's baking sugar products industry.

4. Use e-commerce and social e-commerce platforms to vigorously promote bee products (aggregate traditional new buyer channels)
Invite well-known e-commerce and social e-commerce platforms to purchase bee products, provide one-on-one exclusive operation training guidance for enterprises, and customize new products, create explosive products and enhance brand value in an all-round way by using emerging business models such as social e-commerce, community group purchase, live broadcast, short video, and note planting grass.

Part of the professional audience (in no particular order)

5. Help overseas quality products to explore opportunities in China

Work closely with Tmall International, Taobao Global Shopping, Amazon, Netease Koala and other head cross-border e-commerce platforms to actively introduce overseas high-quality products, assist overseas high-quality products to cultivate the market, meet the healthy consumption needs of Chinese consumers, and promote the upgrading of domestic consumption.

6. Create a stage to promote Chinese natural honey to the international market
The establishment of China's natural honey recommendation platform provides enterprises with diversified international communication and publicity opportunities and will build a firewall of adulterated honey from the source of products, testing methods and corporate integrity records through strict access standards to ensure that the enterprises and products entering the platform are authentic and reliable.

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Contemporaneous activities

Chinese medicine enterprise docking meeting
Bee Products Live with Goods


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Exhibitor Consultation

Mr. Yang Chenglong