China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo (NFBE)

5-7 December 2023

China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Guangzhou)

    Opening distance

  • 170


Dear Sir/Madam:

You are welcome to make a reservation for the booth of the International Natural Food and Beverage Expo. Please fill in and confirm your exhibition information carefully. The organizer of the exhibition will contact you in time.

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Application for exhibition area (single choice)*

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Booth Application*

Light land (minimum leased area 36 square meters)

General (unit: per 9 square meters)

Registration fee

850 yuan(Including online exhibitor manual, exhibitor real name badge, 100-word introduction to the conference magazine, online basic service for investment promotion products, and on-site product retrieval)

Final Booth Fee = (Booth Fee Registration Fee)


(1) Organic food and green food enterprises participating in the exhibition, please provide product certification materials or vouchers.

(2) Please ensure the correctness of the input information to facilitate the rapid passage of booth applications.