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NFBE Guangzhou (International) Natural Food and Beverage Expo


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Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE) is a special platform in China to gather industry players including whole sellers, distributors, chain drugstores and online pharmacies.

NHNE, as Asia’s largest expo on natural health and nutrition products, helps global manufacturers of health food and nutrition to promote their brands and expand business channels in China. With over 120,000 distributors and retailers, it’s been the best platform for participants to search for new products and gain deep insight into the Chinese market.

A great many world leading brands will attend NHNE 2018 Autumn to expand their business map in China, and chase golden opportunities for entering Chinese market.

Nutritionally complete foods with a nutrient-adapted formulation specific for a disease, disorder or medical condition , nutritionally incomplete foods with a standard formulation.

Foods for special medical purpose

  Health food

27 kinds of health-care products (blue hat) and nutrient supplements approved by the relevant state departments.

Functional drinks and water

Energy drinks, vitamin drinks, mineral drinks, low-calorie drinks, herbal and tea drinks, natural fruit and vegetable drinks, vegetable protein drinks.

beauty food, oral liquid, functional cosmetics, collagen, coenzyme Q10, beauty and skin care products, natural beauty products, and herbal beauty products, etc.

Anti-aging products

Imported dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, sports nutriments, specially-made food and fortified foods, etc.

Imported functional food

Green food, organic food, green algae products, chlorophyll products, aloe products, low-calorie/cholesterol food, nutritional supplements/fortified food, antioxidant food, pollen products.

Health food

Exhibition Content

The 8th Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (Autumn NHNE 2018)

Event Date: December 4th-6th 2018

Event Hour: December 4th-6th 2018, 9:00AM-17:00PM

December 4th-6th 2018, 9:00AM-14:00PM

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex

 Visitor Number: 120,000+ Professional Visitors

Exhibition Area: 35,000 sqm+ Exhibiting Space

Exhibitor Number: 1,000+ Exhibiting Companies

Exhibitor Matchmaking:500 times+ Exhibitor Matchmaking

Conference and Events:30+ Conferences and Events

  Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE)  

China International Healthcare (CIHE)

Since their launch in 2001, China International Healthcare (CIHE) and China Healthcare Festival have served as the largest and most authoritative platform for trade cooperation and public brand building in China. The exhibition is co-organised with China Health Care Association, the authoritative representative agency in the field of healthcare products, and boasts the industry's highest level of public confidence in China.

  China International Healthcare (CIHE)  

PHARMCHINA is the leading and most established pharmaceutical preparations and related technologies and services trade fair in China. With an exhibition area spanning nearly 100,000 sqm, the fair covers the entire industry chain and attracts over 100,000 professional visitors from over 30 provinces, cities and regions, together with exhibitors representing over 2,000 pharmaceutical enterprises and 70% of China's Top-100 domestic medical enterprises.