Pairing Service

What is a TAP Invited Buyer?
TAP invited buyers refer to senior executives or professionals in the food industry who have a clear purchase intention or purchase plan who come to visit the International Natural Food and Beverage Expo. We specially set up TAP invited buyers club, for you to build a communication bridge with Chinese food related enterprises.

Here, you can communicate and communicate face-to-face with your favorite food exhibitors for the first time, enjoy various high-end services from specially invited buyers, and obtain the latest industry development information. It is your fast-developing own business and meeting new partners., The only choice to open up new markets and promote corporate and brand image.



What can I get?

TAP Invited Buyers Will Enjoy Privilege and Activities at the International Natural Food and Beverage Expo
(All live events are free and open to TAP invited buyers!)


◆Quick entry
◆ Exclusive guest buyer lounge
◆ Exquisite business gifts
◆ Exhibition journal
◆ Dedicated VIP service activities
◆ On-site pairing
◆ High-rise Dinner
◆ Free professional forum


How do I become a TAP Invited Buyer?

If you are from a position with purchasing decision-making power or purchasing power for natural products, healthy food and organic food, you can become a TAP specially invited buyer after verification by the organizing committee. you will receive an invitation from a specially invited buyer in the near future at the exhibition. the invitation can be exchanged for a specially invited buyer badge at the on-site specially invited buyer registration office, which can enjoy special courtesy and favor free of charge!