The 2019FiSA Innovation Award was issued, a weather vane in the field of natural health food ingredients.

The South American International Food Ingredients Exhibition (FiSA) held from August 20 to 22 is a highly professional and authoritative international event for food ingredients and additives in South America. The exhibition will select the most innovative in this field every year. Food ingredients companies including DuPont, Yiran, and Naturex have won awards this year.

The 2019 FiSA Innovation Awards focus on new products that are vegetarian, clean label, and nutrient-rich. According to Innova's data, products with such positioning accounted for 29% of global food and beverage new products in 2017, with an average annual compound growth rate of 13% (global, 2013-2017). The following are some of the winning products.


The most innovative ingredients

Natural ingredient manufacturer Duas Rodas took the first place in FiSA's most innovative ingredient championship category. The company's award-winning product is an aroma-enhancing ingredient that has high temperature resistance, can extend the life of flavors in food, and can also inhibit the oxidation of citrus flavors.

DuPont Danisco®The VEGE fermentation strain, which is specially formulated for the plant-based fermentation product market, took second place in this category. It can be used in a variety of plant-based raw materials such as soy, coconut, nuts, oats, corn, rice, fruits and vegetables to meet consumer taste and texture expectations ranging from fresh, fresh and mild flavors to different sour characteristics.

The product is in the form of an easy-to-use freeze-dried (LYO) product, has a shelf life of one year at 4°C, does not require refrigeration, and is convenient for small and large scale production. Because of all Danisco®The VEGE fermentation strain meets a variety of required certifications, allowing companies to build products with the public and specialized markets with confidence.

Yi Ryan's VERSASWEET™The 1024 low-sugar glucose syrup series, which aims to reduce the amount of sugar in food and beverages, helps confectionery, dairy, ice cream and bakery suppliers reduce the sugar in their products. The product has a smaller proportion of monosaccharides and disaccharides than standard glucose syrup, so the product is also known as DP1 DP2. According to the results of internal testing of the raw materials of Yiran, the sweetness of this product is about 1/3 that of sucrose. Compared with traditional glucose syrup, the product has a pure taste and similar function, is stable when exposed to heat and acid, and has a lower Maillard reaction activity (Maillard reactivity). The product can be labeled with glucose syrup, corn syrup or tapioca syrup. In addition, the product is available in two versions: liquid (syrup) and powder, with the same calorie and carbohydrate content as traditional glucose syrup, which can reduce the sugar content by 25% to 67% compared to traditional glucose syrup.


Most Innovative Functional Ingredients

The Most Innovative Functional Ingredient Award is given by Naturex's ULTIMINE™Obtain. ULTIMINE™It is an iron supplement obtained from Japanese sake through a patented fungal fermentation process. Three clinical studies have shown that it has high bioavailability and can slowly release iron into the blood, and most iron supplements on the market may cause excessive human iron because they are absorbed too quickly.

ULTIMINE™It is the first generation product of Naturex's proprietary sake Aspergillus oryzae fermentation series, which aims to develop whole food nutrients with better efficacy. Second generation product ULTIMINE™Already marketed in the United States, Multi 7 provides 25% of the RDI for seven nutrients in a small dose range. ULTIMINE™The series is the perfect choice for consumers who want to obtain nutrients in a more gentle way and are interested in natural fermented products.

For centuries, koji has been used in Asia to make fermented foods such as soy sauce, miso, Japanese-style kanji, and sake. Sake fermentation relies on the microorganism Aspergillus oryzae (Aspergillus oryzae), and sake koji is also becoming more and more popular in Western markets to enhance the taste and texture of food. Due to its palatability, ULTIMINE™Can be used for various nutritional applications.

Naturex TurmiPure of GOLD™Turmeric extract ranks second in this category, and the highlight of this product is that it provides higher bioavailability at low doses of curcumin.

In a recent clinical study, Naturex found that 300 mg of TurmiPure GOLD™Can deliver into the blood with 1926 mg of curcumin 95% the same amount of curcumin. In addition, standard turmeric extract does not dissolve in water, but TurmiPure GOLD™Turmeric extract is water-soluble, suitable for all foods and beverages, and has a higher absorption rate. TurmiPure GOLD™As a 100% natural and certified organic product, it has the potential to synthesize equally effective anti-inflammatory drugs and be widely used in food and beverage applications due to its more powerful advantages than standard turmeric extract.

TENDOFORTE of GELITA®Collagen Bioactive Peptides ranked third in this category. Strong ligaments and tendons are essential for a lifetime of health and physical activity. Ligaments hold bones together, while tendons connect muscles and bones. Ligaments and tendons are made of collagen, which connects the various positions of the body that control movement, stability and mobility. TENDOFORTE®Bioactive Collagen Peptide Bioaktiven Kollagenpeptiden by GELITA®Composition, used to maintain the health of ligaments and tendons, clinically studied proven TENDOFORTE®It can significantly reduce the risk of injury and recover quickly, while increasing physical flexibility. TENDOFORTE®Optimized to stimulate the biosynthesis of new extracellular matrix molecules, strengthening tendons and ligaments.


The most innovative products

Seara has won first place in the most innovative product category with its Nature series. Seara is a meat processing company headquartered in Brazil and a subsidiary of JBS, the world's largest meat processing company.

This series of products only add natural preservatives and are sold as clean label products. Added natural preservatives, including rosemary, celery, West Indian grass extract and other eight kinds, with preservative properties and will not change the original taste of food.

The Burger Gourmet Vegan product from the company Super Bom ranks second in this category. The vegetable meat of the veggie burger patty is entirely pea-based and has a similar aroma, taste, color and texture to animal meat. Each pie contains 15 grams of protein, which can meet daily protein needs.

Atlhetica Nutrition, Brazil's first delicious vegetable protein, with an innovative formula as its focus and taste-oriented, finished third in the category. The brand emphasizes the absence of a strong residual taste of plant protein in its products, while keeping the protein content per serving in line with the market's ideal choice. The product comes in four protein sources, contains no GMO ingredients, is low in sodium, and is flavored with natural sweeteners.


The most innovative functional products

Organic chia seed producer Produza Foods' Oluza line won the award. Oluza's range of organic chia seeds covers everything from dietary supplements to kitchen oils and is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, along with dietary fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The taste of chia seed oil is very close to olive oil, so any dishes and salads where olive oil can be used can be replaced with chia seed oil.