"Expansion" logistics ecology, Suning to build China's largest supply chain infrastructure service provider

Source: Internet Analyst Yu Bin Author: Yu Bin


At present, the logistics industry change of intelligent retail traction is being staged. As a hub to undertake the dual needs of users and suppliers, Internet retailers represented by Suning are transforming the ancient industry of logistics.

From intra-enterprise logistics to logistics enterprises, from focusing on serving Suning online and offline to opening up logistics cloud resources, from the positioning of intelligent logistics to the extension of intelligent supply chain, Suning Logistics is continuously extending the definition of logistics ecology to complete the leapfrog development to China's largest supply chain infrastructure service provider.

Build an infrastructure network through online and offline

A complete smart supply chain needs a huge infrastructure network to support it, because it is costly and has a long cycle, and few companies are involved. But now Suning Logistics is accelerating the construction of an infrastructure network serving the smart supply chain, and has basically completed the huge layout of the upstream logistics network.

It is understood that Suning Logistics currently has 47 regional logistics centers across the country, with a storage area of 6.28 million square meters. In November, a 30 billion yuan logistics real estate fund was jointly established with Shenzhen Venture Capital to accelerate the layout of high-quality warehouses and logistics bases. It is estimated that in 2019, Suning's management and storage area will reach 1200-15 million square meters, further laying its advantages and position in supply chain infrastructure services and logistics cloud platform integrated services.

If the high-standard self-built warehouse group is an important node of Suning's logistics supply chain network, then the strong transportation capacity is the blood vessel through which goods are transported, while the small shop ecology is the nerve endings covering the whole country.

At the beginning of this year, Suning further enhanced its transportation capacity by acquiring Tiantian Express to integrate resources and supplement distribution and terminal networks. At present, Suning has 3708 trunk and branch lines and 43750 transport vehicles, covering 2810 districts and counties across the country, forming a standardized distribution system and terminal services.

In order to further solve the problem of the last kilometer, at the same time, we should open up the undifferentiated channels on the offline line. In 2017, Suning focused on the ecological layout of small stores. In the future, it plans to open 10000 stores nationwide, distributed in the communities closest to users, and become an one-hour living circle around users. Fresh and fast-food products will be placed online and delivered within one hour. Regional warehouses and store warehouses will establish a dynamic replenishment mechanism to ensure that small stores always maintain the optimal commodity structure.

Leading the Concept of Green Development and Building a Green Industry Alliance

To build the largest supply chain infrastructure service provider, we need to take the advanced development concept as the guide and assume the responsibility of logistics enterprises.

Suning Logistics adheres to the concept of green development and introduces the concept of sharing into the logistics industry. It not only launched a shared express box to save resources and protect the environment, which was praised by 10 departments such as the Ministry of Commerce and many media such as the People's Daily; but also cooperated with multiple product suppliers for R & D and promotion, committed to building a green industry alliance and forming a complete green industry chain.
The total number of express delivery in China has exceeded 30 billion pieces per year, consuming 3.1 billion woven bags and 16.9 billion meters of adhesive tape, causing tremendous environmental pressure.

Suning launched a shared express box plan, using recyclable boxes instead of cartons at the end of the delivery link, putting forward new ideas for alleviating pollution. During the Double Eleven period, Suning Logistics launched 50000 "shared express boxes" in 13 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, and Hangzhou, which were recycled a total of 825000 times, saving nearly 500 trees over 10 years old. Big tree. On December 10, Suning Logistics launched the 2.0 version of the shared express box, which is lighter than the 1.0 version, non-toxic and harmless, sturdy and durable, and can be recycled by 100. No toxic gas or sewage is discharged during the production process, making the recyclable express box itself green and environmentally friendly. In 2018, we plan to vote for 200000 nationwide.
According to calculations, if the logistics industry can use Suning to share express boxes, 46.3 trees in Xiaoxing 'an Mountains can be saved a year, which is equivalent to a forest covering an area of 0.23 billion hectares. Therefore, Suning invites more enterprises to participate.

At present, on the supply side, Suning has carried out in-depth joint research and development on shared express boxes with several product suppliers such as Gray Scale and Yitou. On the commodity side, Suning has established a green packaging recycling mechanism with several 3C brands such as Glory and Canon, and plans to realize green packaging and green distribution in the whole chain circulation of commodities, and form a complete green industry alliance upstream and downstream.

Four Dimensions to Build Service Capability

In the smart supply chain, Suning Logistics focuses on building service capabilities from the four dimensions of data ecology, technology ecology, service ecology and management ecology.

Take service ecology as an example. On the 11th of this year, Suning Logistics started the distribution of the first order at zero point in 13 cities across the country. It took only 13 minutes for the first single user in Shanghai to receive the iPhone8 he bought, while the first single user in Beijing was broadcast live by the media, and it took only 14 minutes to receive the Bluetooth headset ordered at zero. Suning's storage system is completely laid out according to the new logic of "scene, personality and intelligence" in smart retail. Central warehouse, parallel warehouse, store warehouse, front warehouse and community micro warehouse have become very rich in storage forms, more diverse in service scenes, and products can become closer to users.

In terms of data ecology, in 2016, Suning's independently developed WCS system compass and big data monitoring platform "Eye of Heaven" will be put into operation. The former marks the progress of Suning logistics research and development from software platform to hardware and software integration to hardware intelligence, and ultimately to untie the hardware and become independent. The latter has established the monitoring of the entire logistics supply chain, which can better assist customers in management and improve customer service experience.

In terms of technical ecology, Suning launched 200 groups of robots in Shanghai AGV robot warehouse in early November, and recently reorganized a 3500 square meter warehouse to welcome 70 groups of robots. The combination of these 70 groups of robots and traditional pallets is a new CP, which is applied to the whole piece of 3C goods and the handling of large quantities. As a result, Suning's existing 270 robots will reach 1000 after complete operation, becoming the largest robot logistics base in East China and the country.

This year, Suning Logistics not only won three awards including the Golden Pegasus Award for the Logistics Industry, "China's Top Ten Logistics Enterprises", but also was selected into the list of "National Intelligent Warehousing and Logistics Demonstration Bases", becoming a benchmark and model for the development of the logistics industry.

Suning's outstanding contributions in infrastructure network, green industry alliance, and three-dimensional service capabilities are obvious to all, and it has written the most colorful stroke in the history of Suning logistics and even the national logistics development.