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Food Business Network(www.21food.cn) Founded in 2003, adhering to the development concept of "rooted in the food industry", with senior industry background, efficient work team and high-quality software and hardware facilities, food business network has developed into a portal website for China's food and beverage industry. In the future development process, the company will continue to adhere to the development idea of "verticalization, specialization and diversification", and continue to maintain and expand the advantages of the platform in the food and beverage industry.


Haotu Food Network(www.hotofood.com) focuses on the Internet B2B new media and integrated marketing service platform in the food industry, and is committed to providing media communication services and enterprise informatization and e-commerce services for customer groups such as production enterprises, overseas importers, food distributors and commercial service providers in the food industry chain.


Food Exhibition Encyclopedia(www.foodex306.com) food exhibition industry authoritative new media, food industry chain related exhibition notice, food exhibition objective evaluation and recommendation, build exhibition interaction and exchange platform. Its column [Yajie Run Exhibition] provides the release and dissemination of enterprise exhibition press releases, reports on new products and technologies on the exhibition site, provides exhibition guidelines and exhibition organization, and builds a platform for collection and exchange.


New Nutrition(http://xinyingyang.com) Severe vertical human nutrition, a comprehensive service solution provider, is currently a relatively comprehensive commercial media platform specifically for the nutrition and health industry and health ingredients in China, focusing on special foods (special medical foods, health foods and baby food), functional foods and beverages, dairy products, baking and candy and other food fields with a wide range of health ingredients.

New Nutrition advocates using the freshest industry information and first-hand information to bring readers a brand-new information impact, while gathering third-party service resources including marketing, financial capital, advertising media, etc. Trying to integrate resources and help the development of enterprises!
New Drink, that is, to inject healthy function into the beverage, more nutrition, more yuan, firmly believe that "all beverages are functional". Committed to the innovation and upgrading of the beverage industry, to open up the future of beverage!
The new beverage is operated on an independent WeChat public platform. The joint influence of the new nutrition industry will bring more interesting business models and product cases to the beverage industry. It will understand the rules and not play indiscriminately. It will serve the beverage industry giants, business leaders, upstream supply chain and downstream channel providers, and complete the breaking and upgrading of the industrial chain.

Daily Food Network(www.foodaily.com) focuses on "product & innovation" in the food & beverage industry, creating and sharing content with depth and temperature, integrating and sharing high-quality resources, providing experiential innovation services with creativity, and driving industry innovation through the social network of innovators. The "FBIC Global Food and Beverage Innovation Tasting" and "Capinno Product Innovation Accelerator" have helped many brands, distributors and entrepreneurs to understand the world's leading resources and provide creative products and services.


Imported food network(www.importfood.net) an international influence, after 12 years of imported food professional platform, known as the industry leading brand.
· Serve more than 1000000 professional food buyers in China.
· Serving high-quality food suppliers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
· Serve more than 100 food exhibitions at home and abroad every year.
Import food network international station(en.importfood.net)importfood.net is a 12year professional platform for imported food business, now known as the influential leader in the world.
·  Owning the resources of over 1, 000, 000 Chinese serious food buyers
·  Cooperating with premium food suppliers from over 100 countries and areas
·  Cooperating with over 100 world's food exhibitions every year
Global Organic Network(www.globleorganic.com) aims to promote the concept of organic healthy life, spread international organic culture, and provide consumers with a new choice of global high-quality, nutritious, safe and environmentally friendly, natural and ecological healthy life, and contribute to the sustainable development of China's organic food market. Provide an engine. Let's work together, embrace health, reject pollution, and work together to create a more caring and responsible world!
Wine Channel Platform(www.importwine.cn) aims to build a professional wine culture trading platform integrating investment promotion cooperation, brand promotion, cultural exchange, business opportunity matching and cross-border procurement services for overseas customers who want to expand the Chinese market and brand marketing, Chinese importers and distributors engaged in the wine business, and Chinese consumers who are keen on global wine culture.
Food story(story.importfood.net) tell good food stories, make food sounds, show food images and share food dreams. Every story is about food, founder, enterprise, country and history. It is the transmission of eating habits, the transmission of different cultures, and the transmission of the founder's life story. Welcome food companies at home and abroad, local writers' associations, and cultural and creative enthusiasts to join us to promote and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and world food culture!
A professional exhibition service website. Exhibition publicity, supply and demand business activities, agency booths, foreign business tours, food docking activities, event planning, on-site interviews, booth construction, organization of purchasing groups.
China Food Merchants Network(http://www.foodszs.com/) Affiliated to Hebei Huatang Yunshang Marketing Communication Co., Ltd., it is a collection of advertising production, online media placement, and integrated marketing. With rich operating experience, it provides a one-stop shop for major investment, chain, and franchise companies across the country. An investment website for online publicity and promotion services.
Brand food network"Food for the people, safety for the people" brand food network provides you with multi-channel and all-round market promotion, massive business opportunities that are not updated every day, the latest and fastest majors, authoritative food industry information, objective and in-depth Industry research reports guide investment decisions.
Food Industry Network(www.foodqs.cn) The website of Zhejiang Soufu Network Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is the earliest vertical portal in the food industry. With superb professional technology and good service, it has rapidly grown into the world's leading B2B e-commerce portal in the food industry, and is committed to pushing Chinese food enterprises to industrialization and internationalization. Service Hotline: 0579-82396033
China Food Talent Network(www.foodjob.cn) was founded in 2002, by zhejiang search rich network technology co., ltd. operation, is the largest, the most authoritative food industry talent website. Professional recruitment services for food companies to meet the needs and reserves of professional talents. Service Hotline: 0579-82396033
Food Exhibition Network(www.foodexpo.cn) The most professional food exhibition information network platform in China, and dozens of well-known exhibition service companies work together to enable the exhibition organizers, exhibitors, and professional visitors to have a benign interaction and promote the prosperity of the food exhibition. Strive to provide fast, comprehensive and high-quality services for food industry exhibitions and related companies. Service Hotline: 0579-82396033
China International Health Expo
China (Guangzhou) Health Care Festival (CIHE)
China Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE)
International Natural Food and Beverage Expo (NFBE)
Focus on health food, natural food and beverage in the field of big health, we look forward to cooperating with you!
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