Lecture | American Cell: Adipose tissue is the culprit of diabetes!

According to the latest data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), about 0.425 billion adults worldwide suffered from diabetes in 2017, with an average of 1 in 11 people suffering from diabetes. Some people say that obesity and diabetes are like twin brothers. The research community generally believes that obesity is one of the important causes of diabetes, but is the relationship limited to this?
Recently, a study by Australian researchers has completely subverted the inherent thinking of the cause of diabetes! They point out that obesity is the culprit of diabetes! In other words, the "culprit" in our past cognition-the liver is not so vicious,adipose tissueThe real sin is unforgivable!
First, let's understand how diabetes occurs.
Under the condition of hyperglycemia, hypermetabolism of polyols, glucose self-oxidation, oxidative phosphorylation and so on cause excessive production of reactive oxygen species, damage the structure and function of cells, and then cause vascular dysfunction of diabetes.
There are several key points in the occurrence of diabetes:
1. Vascular dysfunction;
insulin resistance;
3. Neurological dysfunction.
And these nodes, all with an important kinase-PKCeRelated.
In the experiment, the researchers found that the liver is not the main activity site of abnormal activation of PKC ε, and as long as the removal of PKC ε in the adipose tissue of diabetic mice, the mice will not have glucose intolerance, in other words, the elimination of insulin resistance!
PKCε can be expressed in a variety of tissues, and PKCε in adipose tissue can not only change the nature of fat and affect the overall health of adipocytes, but also send signals to control glucose metabolism in other organs.
Obesity means the accumulation of a large number of fat cells, which naturally means that the abnormal activation of PKC ε pathway is becoming more and more active. Therefore,Weight loss is a must for diabetics. Of course, this experiment is currently only in the pre-clinical stage, and the researchers are also working to identify drugs and therapies that suppress abnormal activation of PKCε.
In summary, reducing fat content is one of the best ways to treat and prevent diabetes at this stage, and it is also the best choice for us personally.
Really Effective Fat Reduction Ingredients
Fat-reducing health nutrition is dazzling, so what ingredients are really effective? Mr. N access to information, to help you summarize as follows:
1. Plant enzymes: improve the intestinal environment, so that the body circulatory system normal.
2. Verskolin: In recent years, the remarkable combustion system of raw materials can also inhibit the absorption of sugar.
3. L-carnitine: Improve the effect of fat burning, is an indispensable raw material for slimming.
4. Lysine: an essential amino acid, the raw material for the synthesis of L-carnitine in vivo.
5. Arginine: Suppress appetite, help lose fat, promote the formation of muscle.
6. Conjugated linoleic acid: effectively regulate the body fat ratio, make the body lean meat ratio greater than fat, improve the body's metabolic capacity, form a virtuous circle, and lose weight more easily.
7. green tea: green tea extract is popular in Europe and the United States weight loss ingredients.
8. Lotus leaf: the efficacy of regulating the stomach and weight loss. Since ancient times, China has regarded lotus leaf as a good medicine for slimming down.
9. hawthorn: fat and accelerate the excretion of waste in the body function. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn has the effects of eliminating accumulation and stagnation, astringing and stopping dysentery, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
If you don't get "fattened up", you have to do this.
Fat reduction is not easy
Shut your mouth and keep your legs open.
easier said than done
Mr. N deeply agrees
It seems that we still have to rely on external forces.
... ...
Therefore, in the "China Health and Nutrition Expo", which brings together more than 1,000 health and nutrition enterprises at home and abroad, Mr. N selected several "reliable" fat-reducing products to help everyone do a good job in health maintenance and disease prevention during the "autumn fat" season. (The following companies and products are arranged in random order, regardless of order)
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Source:Amanda E. Brandon, Bing M. Liao, Barbara Diakanastasis, et al.Protein Kinase C Epsilon Deletion in Adipose Tissue, but Not in Liver, Improves Glucose ToleranceCell Metab. October 11, 2018