What does the brand rely on to capture young people? The advertisement of Luckin Coffee gives the answer.

Source: Marketing Art of War Author: Nanqi

In early August, Alibaba and Starbucks formally reached a strategic cooperation, "takeout" is the highlight of the cooperation. Hungry? Not only did Starbucks design a special delivery package, cold and warm heat preservation distribution box, but also set up a dedicated distribution team. Starbucks "delivery star kitchen" will also be built in the box horse store ". It is speculated that the reason why Starbucks opened the delivery market is that China, which is highly expected, has experienced negative growth for the first time in nine years. The root cause of the market's poor performance is related to the rise of Internet coffee such as Luckin Coffee.

The media always like to use gunpowder-flavored words such as "benchmarking", "challenging", "blocking" and "killing" to describe the relationship between Luckin Coffee and Starbucks. In May of this year, Luckin Coffee issued an open letter criticizing Starbucks for allegedly violating the "Anti-Monopoly Law" and filed a lawsuit against Starbucks in the courts of relevant cities. Starbucks also said in a subsequent response that it had no intention of participating in the market operations of other brands and welcomed orderly competition. After the release of this open letter, Luckin became the target of ridicule from the outside world. However, ridicule belongs to ridicule. After "leaning on" Starbucks, a synonym for traffic, the frequency of exposure of Luckin Coffee has also increased significantly.

In the new advertising film launched by Luckin Coffee, the core of "young", "independent" and "independent" advertising is also considered to be directed at Starbucks. Some people speculate that the core of advertising delivery is a diss that Luckin dare not break through the fixed thinking and operation mode of Starbucks. These copywriting with strong self-awareness and fresh and lively shooting techniques made the commercial "I have my own reason" become popular in the circle of friends as soon as it was launched, winning the snow-like forwarding. Lucky Coffee's method of capturing young people can also be seen from this advertisement.

Brand personification, with advertising for their own voice

The release time of this commercial film is very interesting. On August 1, Luckin Coffee held a light food conference to launch a light food product line and set the development goal of opening 2000 stores by the end of the year. On August 2, Starbucks held a press conference and announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Ali to enter the delivery market. On August 7, Luckin Coffee officially launched an advertisement called "My Self-justification.

On the surface, this is a positive energy chicken soup for young people. There are many resistant words such as "don't let", "don't use" and "don't want" in the copywriting, but firmly use "I only" as a response to those requests. Although we understand and respect those truths, the arranged life is not what we want. Unease with the status quo, want to change the current life, and see the wider mountains, rivers, lakes and seas are the most primitive desires of many young people.

Under such a special node, Luckin Coffee wants to represent not only those young people who want to break through themselves, but also himself. Many of the copywriters in the advertisement are puns, which are more like a kind of "counterattack" to the outside world ". How fast the development of lucky coffee, there are as many negative comments, overwhelming advertising, burning money crazy subsidies, hiring WBC champion barista endorsement, "challenge" industry leader Starbucks, large-scale store expansion, etc. in the eyes of many people are extremely "crazy" actions, after all, no brand has such a big action from the beginning.

For Luckin itself, they are not ignorant of the hidden dangers of rapid growth, but since they have made up their minds to "travel the world", they cannot turn back on this road. If you question you, I insist on mine. This is my reason., My brand philosophy. The release of this advertising film has attracted many supporters of the same values, and has also narrowed the distance with consumers through personalized brands.

Find the right visual symbols to create an exclusive visual hammer

In the process of brand development, Ruixing Coffee makes full use of the principle of visual hammer. In addition to using very dynamic blue as the main color of the brand on the packaging, it has also been strengthening the internal connection between "Tang Wei", "Zhang Zhen" and Ruixing Coffee through marketing activities.

From the layout of the store to the clothes of the staff, from the appearance of the coffee cup to the delivery packaging, Ruixing has always taken "blue" as the main tone of the brand. The term "small blue cup" not only makes consumers feel cordial, but also has their own memory points in many coffees. In this advertisement, the main tone is also to use blue, which not only conforms to the visual preference of current consumers, but also makes users naturally think of lucky coffee when they see blue after leaving memory points for users.

The two protagonists in the film are also wearing blue clothes. For the public, the two film and television actors are also a kind of "visual hammer" of the brand. Users often extend the personal image of the spokesperson to the brand. Above, and the two acting actors have always had their own self-requirements, which coincides with the brand connotation conveyed by Lucky Coffee. The young people of the Internet generation are skilled and efficient in obtaining information. Traditional marketing content has been difficult to influence them. Only by creating an exclusive visual hammer can they stand out from many marketing activities.

Break the traditional mode, close the distance with the user

Although Luckin is always "bundled" with Starbucks in the media, people familiar with Luckin know that their operating model is obviously different from traditional cafes. In order to achieve online and offline integration, through online sharing more effective pull new. Whether it's in-house food, packing or take-out, consumers who buy coffee in Ruixing need to place an order on the APP. The effect of this change is not obvious in the early stage, and some potential consumers will even be lost due to operational troubles. However, in the long run, Luckin can understand consumers' consumption habits through long-term data collection. In different periods to develop different marketing strategies at the same time, can provide consumers with more personalized services.

This layout has not been tried by any brand, so for Ruixing, it is inevitable that there is some feeling of "fighting alone. Faced with such challenges, Luckin chose to "ally" with consumers ". Just like this advertisement for young people, Lucky aims at young people who want to pursue their dreams and stick to their beliefs. While igniting the passion of the audience, he does not forget to convey his core to them-willing to be a brand that breaks through the routine and is good at innovation, even if others do not understand it. In the face of such a brand that can understand itself, support itself, and even face the same dilemma as itself, how can fans not support it?

Lucky Coffee really knows how to "play" with young people, and small blue cups have also appeared in various fields of life, such as Tencent's "face-brushing" coffee-leading activity, launching a joint Baidu AI experience store, participating in ChinaJoy-sharing activities, entering Xiaomi's office area, sponsoring the Beijing Film Festival, etc.... Able to communicate and understand each other, be able to consider issues from the perspective of consumers, and provide more personalized products and services, these are all young consumer groups desire. In any case, the development of Luckin has provided many valuable experiences and lessons for domestic coffee brands. I hope that one day, China will also have a coffee shop all over the world.