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This special medicine food has been awarded! The scale of China's special medical food market is less than 1% of the whole world

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On August 3, 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration approved the registration of a special medical formula for one enterprise. The announcement is as follows. China Health and Nutrition Exposition, as a professional event of health and nutrition industry, will continue to pay attention to the key information of health food, health food, special medical chart formula food (special medical food) and other industries.
In recent years, the field of special medical formula food (hereinafter referred to as special medical food) is regarded as another blue sea in the field of great health because of its new start and great potential. What is special medical food? What is the difference between it and health products? What companies are in the layout? Why is it a golden brick to be developed by drugstores? Xiao Bian, let me tell you.
Special medical food -- the forerunner of nutrition therapy
Special medical food is widely used, which can be embedded in the nutritional supplement and nutritional balance of various diseases, and different from general nutritional supplements. According to the characteristics of the disease, comprehensive and balanced nutritional supplement belongs to the category of nutritional treatment, and does not increase the additional burden on the body.
Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP), referred to as special medical food, refers to the special needs of people for nutrients or diets, such as food restriction, digestive and absorption disorders, metabolic disorders or specific disease conditions, specially processed and formulated formula food, its production standards should be high. In health products, less or equal to drugs.
According to different clinical needs and applicable groups, the General Principles for Special Medical Use Formula Food (GB29922-2013) classifies these products into three categories: total nutrition formula food, specific total nutrition formula food (total nutrition formula food such as diabetes, respiratory disease, kidney disease, tumor) and non-total nutrition formula food (milk). Albumin, peptide powder, etc.)
Special health food VS health food
"Special medical foods and health care products have similar functions," said Gu Xinxin, general manager of Nestle Health Science in Greater China. "However, special medical foods must be used under the guidance of clinicians or clinical nutritionists."
Gu Xinxin introduced that in China, the incidence of malnutrition in cancer patients is about 70-80%, for these patients, ordinary food can not meet their clinical needs, special medical food for their nutritional needs research and development. Experts believe that nutritional intervention plays an important role in the recovery of disease, special medical food to reduce the length of hospital stay, reduce re-hospitalization rate, reduce the infection of patients during hospitalization.