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Tired eyes, lutein and nutritious tablets.

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Keywords in this issue: Domestic and foreign dietary supplement specifications and product status in China's dietary supplement market


Lutein, an alias carotenoid, is a fat-soluble vitamin. Medical experiments have shown that natural lutein contained in plants is an excellent antioxidant that can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, improve vision, protect vision, and prevent vision loss caused by senile ocular retinal macular degeneration. With blindness.


During the World Cup, fans will inevitably stay up all night, brush the phone, brush the computer, and inevitably use the eyes too much. Xiaobian here reminds everyone not to forget to rest your eyes and protect your eyesight. Of course, timely supplementation with some natural dietary supplements is more conducive to good health.

At the 7th China Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE), we had the opportunity to interview the person in charge of Nature's Select. On the spot, the response of their family's lutein and fish oil horse was good. Do fans of computer phones want to consider a bottle? Haha.

Well, let's take a look at this American natural dietary supplement brand---Nature's Select's views on domestic and international dietary supplement specifications and the Chinese health care market.


Image from: Natural Selection Website

First of all, let's take a look at the brand introduction of the natural selection.

Founded in 1999, Natures Select has grown to become one of the most trusted dietary supplement companies in the United States and the world after nearly two decades of research and development in product variety and function. In 2016, Natures Select officially entered the Chinese market and introduced a range of dietary supplements covering vitamins, minerals, natural plant extracts, probiotics, glucosamine chondroitin and many other products.


"Select Wellbeing To Life", let nature be chosen as a way of life.

-------- Natural selection

The person in charge of natural selection tells everyone that although some nutrients are present in our daily ingredients, it is difficult for people to insist on eating a variety of vegetables and fruits every day. It is a good choice to supplement the daily nutrients with dietary supplements.

So, now there are so many dietary supplements at home and abroad, what is the difference between their product specifications?

The person in charge of natural selection said that there are still some differences in product specifications at home and abroad.

For example, lutein has a lot of domestic market for lutein, and domestic standards have a large gap in content and process technology compared with foreign countries. Natural’s Select has a very high lutein content and uses microencapsulation technology to make it more absorbent and retainable. Older consumers also have a lot of mobile phones, and they feel good after using them.


Image from: Natural Selection Website

When choosing which products to enter China, naturally-recommended products are relatively scarce products that are more distinctive to the Chinese market, such as fish oil. In the current Chinese market, it is difficult to find more purity than the natural selection brand. High.

Consumers have a problem with the receiving phase for each product.

Take fish oil for:
First accept a product such as fish oil;
After accepting what is deep sea fish oil, salmon oil, from what origin;
Now, consumers realize that these are not the core of fish oil. The core of fish oil is whether the ingredients in it are high enough.

70% of fish oil and 80% of natural fish oil are all saturated fatty acids that are not needed by the human body. The only two components that are really useful are EPA and DHA. These two components need to be purified to a high level. degree. Naturally, the current EPA and DHA can reach 80%. In this subcategory category, natural selection is a unique brand.

Increasing the purity to such a value does not mean that the cost is pushed up, the price is pushed up, but it means increasing the effect of lowering blood fat. This is a matter of function and mechanism. In this regard, the natural cherished product strategy is to make features and extremes on some common products to meet consumer needs.

Well, the problem is coming.

Is high purity necessarily using some special processes?

The answer is yes. Naturally, the use of carbon dioxide supercritical extraction, that is, the separation of conventional common fish oil at very low temperatures, to retain only the most effective components of fish oil: EPA and DHA.

EPA is very good for lowering blood fat. DHA is good for baby's brain and eye protection. These two are really useful ingredients for fish oil. After purification by the process, it can be felt that the color of the fish oil is several colors lower than the normal fish oil because it has much less impurities.


Image from: Natural Selection Website

Regarding the status quo of products in the Chinese health care products market, the person in charge of natural selection believes that the main performance is in the following three aspects:

First, the concept is mostly.
The main concept is sometimes scientific, sometimes not so scientific, and the product acceptance combined with our traditional culture is relatively high.

Second, the price of health care products is so high that it is difficult for people to continue taking them.
If some dietary supplements are to work, they are effective in combination with other diets for long-term use. However, because the whole distribution channels of health care products are relatively long and the cost of education is relatively high, the cost is also high, and it is difficult for consumers to continue to use them. .

For example, many elderly people are reluctant to eat health products, stop for a while, stop after some small problems come out, eat again, then stop, this is there, which means that taking dietary supplements has not become a habit of life. .

Third, the standard of health food, the gap between China and the United States is very large.
For example, we all know that grape seed can be antioxidant, but there is a gap between the national grape seed testing program and the US testing program. Some testing items are not detected in China.

In terms of purity specifications, the United States has high-purity specifications, while the domestically established purity is relatively low, so the competitiveness of the entire industry is not strong, and ordinary products are used to replace high-purity products. Therefore, the high-standard product market does not agree, this is the standard behind.

I believe that with the joint efforts of the time and the compatriots in the industry, both consumers and the industry will go further and improve the consumption level and overall health of the residents. The wider implementation of the new record system has gradually smoothed the technological gap between domestic and foreign countries.

As the largest professional exhibition in China's health care products industry, China Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE) attracts more than 100 leading brands to help the industry's many overseas brands, agents, terminal operators, investment and financing institutions, etc. Market resources to provide professional business advice for international trade in nutraceutical foods.

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Image source: Natural Selection official website