Walloon will receive hundreds of millions of investment from Sequoia Capital to open a new strategy of cooperation!

• Source: Snack Reference

In the past two years, the domestic food industry has been well developed, from the scale to the brand, the market transformation. Coupled with the continuous improvement of the financial market, the food industry fund has become an important way of financing for food companies, promoting the healthy and healthy development of the food market.

In recent years, Sequoia Capital has made frequent moves in the field of food consumption, successively investing in many well-known brand enterprises such as Zhou Heiya, Haocaitou, Yaoyumei, Ganyuan and Fresh Legend.

Following the emergence of the core product concept of "selecting every one in the world" at the beginning of the listing, Walloon Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Walloon") will hold a 2018 strategic cooperation conference on August 9. At the same time, taking this opportunity, it will also officially announce its strategic cooperation with Sequoia Capital China Fund and obtain hundreds of millions of yuan of investment.


   Leading the Nut Craze Walloon and Sequoia Capital Open New Cooperation Strategy

In the past two years, in the rapid development of nuts, a single product has been unable to meet the diversified consumer demand of the market. Mixed dried fruit to take advantage of the sudden rise, daily nuts quickly swept the river north and south, but also for the nut market has opened up a new way of thinking.

Walloon daily nut products in recent years by a second-tier urban white-collar workers, and the pursuit of a healthy life of young people love, leading the domestic nut market into the 2.0 era. At the same time, its products have been sold to Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and other regions.

Such a strong momentum of development is the result of Walloon's six years of sticking to the original quality. This year coincides with the sixth anniversary of the company's press conference. While summarizing the growth and progress, Walloon will also announce a new strategy for cooperation with Sequoia Capital China Fund.

At present, the cooperation between the two sides not only consolidates Walloon's leading position in the domestic mixed nut field, but also lays the foundation for its further rapid development, and may also have an important impact on the wind direction of the whole nut industry.


Walloon is firmly at the forefront of the industry and is optimistic about the three major development trends in the future.

Walloon was born in Qingdao six years ago and has experienced a period of rapid growth since then. In April 2015, the listing of Walloon daily nuts not only drove the company into a period of rapid development, but also led the entire nut industry to take a "mixed wind".

Today, there are more than 300 daily nut-related brands on Jingdong platform alone. Facing the entry of new and old brands, Walloon ranks fourth in daily nut sales and first in daily nut sales.

Regarding the future development of the category, Walloon General Manager Yang Guoqing believes, "In the future, the development of nuts will show three major trends: from nuclear to non-nuclear, avoiding trouble and being clean; From single product to compound, the taste is rich and nutritious. From rough processing to deep processing, refinement will be more welcomed by consumers."

Sequoia Capital China Fund is optimistic about the upward development trend of the nut industry, and also recognizes Walloon's corporate strength and high-quality products.


Walloon General Manager Yang Guoqing

   The rapid development of the nut industry, the future can be expected.

Today, many well-known brands have entered the market to compete. Among them, there are many well-known brands such as Walloon, Baicao Taste, qiaqia, Xinnongge, Yao Shengji, COFCO, Three Squirrels, Laiyifen, Liangpin Shop, etc. There are also growing brands such as Sihong, Uncle Forest, Zhenwei, etc. While the category is becoming more mature, it has accelerated the Red Sea phenomenon in the daily nut field.

At the same time, with the intensification of competition in the industry, this category has quietly achieved rapid upgrading. The market competition has changed from the Red Sea to the pan blue, and the 100 billion market is undergoing structural changes.

According to relevant data, domestic nut consumption has been growing rapidly at a growth rate of 15% for five consecutive years, but the per capita consumption is still less than the 1/30 of the United States, and the next decade will be the golden development period of nuts.