Yang Zong, Founder of Tea Valley: Why I Resigned to Create Cereal Tea

Source: Today's Headline Author: Food and Beverage Industry

Recently, the new tea cereal tea brand tea valley in the shaking sound, double micro and other social platform fire, has become the current healthy tea "pronoun". With the rapid increase in the brand awareness of Tea Valley, the founder behind it, Ms. Yang, has also received unprecedented attention.

The tea drinker, who has been obsessed with tea research and development for more than ten years, is now the brand founder of Tea Valley. So, what little-known story is behind the change of Ms. Yang's identity?


Cereal tea is a "vitality" tea for modern people

Compared with grain tea, Yang Zong prefers to call the drinks in the tea valley "vitality tea". Yang Zong said bluntly that I hope that a kind of tea may change or guide the mental state of modern people and bring vitality to the dull life.

"Work is not satisfactory, nearly 30 years old, nothing, very helpless, very weak, very tired."

"There are old people at the top and young people at the bottom. Life is overwhelming. Sometimes I really want to escape."

"They think I'm very glamorous in a big city and even make a lot of money. They think I'm deliberately not looking for someone, and only I know the pain"


Once upon a time, Yang Zong often heard "a lot of complaints" at various parties ". Pressure is a curse that modern people cannot avoid and become a mountain on them. Mr. Yang said, "Whenever I hear these complaints, as the same person who survives under pressure, I feel the same way about their complaints. From then on, an inspiration flashed through my mind-to make a drink that is full of energy."


Breaking the rules, the main thing in the tea valley is healthy nutrition.

As an excellent tea drinker, Mr. Yang thinks that drinking tea is a thing that can bring happiness. It can guide people's mood to a certain extent, and it can also temporarily forget the troubles of the world in the process of drinking. However, the tea industry at that time was dominated by milk-covered tea, dirty tea and bubble tea, which lacked nutrition and health factors and did not meet Yang Zong's demand for "replenishing vitality.

"At that time, my first idea was to bravely break the routine and reset the raw material combination of tea. Only in this way can I achieve a truly nutritious and healthy drink." After thousands of explorations and experiments, Yang finally fixed his eyes on the "grain.


"Cereals are really a very suitable raw material for making healthy tea drinks. One is because grains are rich in a lot of dietary fiber, high-quality carbohydrates and other nutrients; the other is that grains can be paired with any material for a distinctive delicacy; and the third is that the grains themselves are quite rich in categories, which is very conducive to enriching the cereal tea product line." When it comes to cereal tea, Yang always has endless topics.

The magic combination of healthy cereal net red explosions is due to the in-depth interpretation of young consumers.

In the menu of the tea valley, it is obvious that drinks such as taro Q milk cover fragrant oolong, pumpkin slam milk tea, highland barley cake milk tea, grain double black sugar milk cover and so on. Careful customers will find that these drinks are simply the combination of milk tea, milk cover, black sugar milk cover and other hot explosions and nutritious grains, which not only upgrade the deliciousness of these flow items through grains, more importantly, tea also has the characteristics of healthy nutrition.


"There are new and new people in school who come to the store to consume, as well as workplace elites who have entered the society for many years. Some come for delicious food and some come for health. Our target audience for cereal tea in the tea valley is very wide." Yang always said. In the past, the main target audience of most tea brands was young people under the age of 25. Obviously, tea valleys are breaking through this confinement through the addition of grain nutrition.

"I'm several times busier now than I was before, but I never regret quitting to create a tea valley. In an industry I love, I was able to receive a lot of feedback from consumers on the front line, 'you can make afternoon tea for breakfast, you can drive away tiredness, it's delicious and tasteful' and so on, and through the tea valley, I think I 've also gained a great sense of happiness and accomplishment!" Yang Zong said: "In the future, more innovative grain teas will be introduced in the tea valley. We will continue to pass on the happiness brought by tea through the beautiful experience of grain tea and open up a new life for more people."