Protein Beverage Branch Established, Plant Protein Category Was Pinning on "Healthy China" Strategy

On August 16, the inaugural meeting of the Protein Beverage Branch of the China Beverage Industry Association was held in Hangzhou. The meeting passed the "Regulations on the Work of the Protein Beverage Branch of the China Beverage Industry Association" and the first organizational structure, Vitasoy and Yili, Wahaha, Mengniu, etc. Ten companies were elected as the first vice president of the branch, and Zhong Tingyi, CEO of Vitasoy China, was elected as the vice president of Protein Beverage. Zhao Yali, chairman of China Beverage Industry Association, is also the president of protein beverage branch. She hopes that with the establishment of protein beverage branch, she can carry out more targeted work, especially in the aspects of protein beverage market expansion, consumer science education, characteristic index research, etc., so as to promote the healthy and high-quality development of protein beverage industry.
It is reported that after 11 years of industry development from 2007 to 2018, the protein beverage branch has ushered in a mature development opportunity-in 2017, there will be 2161 enterprises above the designated size in the beverage industry, and 297 enterprises with milk beverage and vegetable protein beverage, accounting for 13.74 of the industry.%. Protein beverage production accounted for more than 10% of the total beverage production, sales revenue reached 19%. The establishment of the "Protein Beverage Branch" shows that the role and influence of the once "niche" plant protein category has received unprecedented attention under the national strategy of "Healthy China" and the trend of nutritional diversification. It also demonstrates and confirms that the "tuyere of plant protein beverages" that has been mentioned before does exist, and the "wind" cannot be ignored.
In the past, it was often said in the industry that there were "three major" beverages, referring to the three major categories of packaged drinking water, carbonated beverages, and fruit and vegetable juices. Nowadays, with the pursuit of health by consumers, many small drinks have risen strongly, and protein drinks have come to the fore. According to statistics, the output value of protein beverage industry has exceeded that of carbonated drinks and fruit and vegetable juice drinks. As a traditional beverage in China, vegetable protein drinks are becoming the new favorite of consumers with their health attributes and unique taste. According to a report by Kantar this year, in the trend of consumption recovery, health food has become the leading sector, while soy milk is far ahead with a growth rate of 42%.
Plant protein plays an important role in promoting national nutrition and health
The "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, issued and implemented by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on October 25, 2016, aims to promote the construction of a healthy China and improve people's health. "Healthy China" has become a national strategy, and nutrition is the cornerstone of health, food is the carrier of nutrition, and nutrition must be achieved through food intake. Zhao Yali, chairman of the China Beverage Industry Association, said that as an important member of the food industry, beverages should not only meet the needs of consumers for leisure, pleasure and improvement of quality of life, but also keep up with the rhythm of "healthy China". Drive industrial transformation and upgrading with reform and innovation, enrich the supply of nutrition and health products, and promote the integration of nutrition and health with the development of the beverage industry.
In 2016, the Ministry of Health of China issued a new "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents". The new version of the guidelines recommends that Chinese residents reduce meat consumption (halving their intake) in order to improve public health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, the French government has invested heavily in creating protein substitutes, with the goal of spending 0.1 billion euros to develop plant-based proteins in the future. The US government revised the US version of the dietary guidelines at the end of 2015 and also recommended increasing the intake of plant protein-there is no doubt that plant protein will become the main trend of food and beverage in the future.
Zhao Yali, chairman of the China Beverage Industry Association, pointed out that the development of protein beverages should not be limited to emphasizing the content of protein. Protein beverages, as a beverage that can bring health and pleasure to consumers and has fashionable characteristics, have the advantages of unsaturated fatty acids, cellulose, etc., in the case of deepening and improving the overall understanding of the industry, vegetable protein beverages can develop more new products.
The seven strategies of the National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030) clearly put forward "popularizing nutrition and health knowledge, improving the supply and dissemination of nutrition and health science information, promoting the normalization of nutrition and health science popularization and education activities", and "eating and moving balance, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and improving the ability and effect of nutrition support for sports people" appeared in the "six actions" of the plan. Today, with the rapid awakening of consumers' health awareness, how to help consumers acquire health knowledge scientifically, obtain health products conveniently, and improve their health level while enjoying a better life has become one of the social responsibilities that enterprises and brands need to bear in their own development.
Mr. Zhong Tingyi, CEO of Vitasoy China, shared with the guests the efforts made by Vitasoy in improving national health at the round table forum on "Nutrition and Healthy Development of Protein Beverage Industry-Increasing Nutrition, Heavy Research and Improving Quality. He said that Vitasoy, as a company born in Hong Kong, after nearly 80 years of unremitting development, its products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world. There are products that conform to Eastern eating habits and Western eating preferences. It is a company that can feel the global plant-based wind. Vitasoy's ability to respond quickly and effectively to consumer needs also benefits from an experienced R & D team. Vitasoy promotes the continuous development of soy milk products through continuous improvement, upgrading and bold adoption of the latest technology, and the power behind this is the original intention of nearly 80 years-to improve the health of the people. In addition, in terms of expanding the consumption scene, Vitasoy has also made different product development and efforts. For example, Starbucks Soy Milk Latte, which is popular among consumers, uses Vitasoy products. Zhong Tingyi believes that in response to the diversified needs of consumers in different consumption scenarios, a wealth of plant-based products can be developed to meet them. This is also the direction that can be explored for the future development of plant protein beverages.
Mr. Zhong Tingyi, CEO of Vitasoy China, shared at the roundtable forum
After the meeting, the reporter learned that in the past few years, Vitasoy has gained insight into the quietly emerging health and wellness trend of mainland consumers, and has increased its investment in brands and production-setting up factories in Wuhan and Dongguan to increase production capacity to meet the strong demand of the market; Launching Vitasoy Health Addition Series to fill the gap in high-end soy milk; The marketing team and the scientific research team are working side by side to build the "Vitaso' Vitaso' Pods Academy", promote the popularization of healthy lifestyles such as scientific nutrition knowledge and dynamic eating balance; launch new packaging to meet the needs of consumers in different scenarios for healthy drinks, and so on.
Since its inception, Vitasoy has insisted on using high-quality non-GMO soybeans as raw materials, treating every product sincerely, and treating every consumer sincerely, because Vitasoy believes that health is the foundation of a happy life. Today, when "Healthy China" becomes a national strategy, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for companies and brands that have always focused on improving public health like Vitasoy.
During the communication, Mr. Zhong Tingyi said: "Vitasoy is the first vice president of the protein beverage branch. We thank you for your trust. The heavy responsibility is on our shoulders. We must work hard with the association, relevant government departments, and experts and scholars in related fields to actively use the experience, technology, knowledge and insights accumulated by Vitasoy, and strive to promote the development of the industry, so as to help the 'Healthy China' strategy Implementation."
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