Red Bull official announcement temporarily discontinued, functional beverage pattern or shuffled

A "historic moment" seems to have arrived, "Red Bull temporarily discontinued". If this "temporary" is relatively long, then it is enough to change the market pattern of functional drinks in China. But today, Reignwood officials once again emphasized the "story" of 50 years, and Thailand Tencel naturally responded.
Temporarily discontinued
Everything came off guard.
"Red Bull is out of production". A person familiar with the matter said.
At noon on the 16th, when the editor was still immersed in the "excavator" mode of "which is the strongest functional drink", the infinite loop, the news from the sky broke everything.
The source said the news came from a "meeting minutes". The core content is to say: "at present, the factory has temporarily stopped the production of Red Bull. In the case of insufficient supply, all regions are required to control the quantity and price, do a good job in high-quality distribution, and at the same time shift the focus to the war horse and other new products......"
In the end, I still remember that before the National Day, when the "business term" of Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Red Bull Joint Venture") expired, Yan Bin, the boss of Huabin Group, just came out and said that Huabin still had 30 years of management rights. After that, Thai Tencel Pharmaceuticals came forward and said that "it should be liquidated immediately"; subsequently, Reignwood Group even moved out of Thailand Kingdom Reignwood International Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Thailand Reignwood) to respond to what the other party said was not a "board decision"......
At that time, this one-time move really made all kinds of officials feel bad, "this war is going to burn up the rhythm". But after the National Day holiday, the two sides did not show that they took advantage of the victory to pursue, but instead stopped.
According to the analysis of some people in the industry, this is a "protracted war", and from the complex equity relationship between the two sides, "you have me, I have you", there is really no incision to "make a decision.
However, reality has once again given us a blow.
Xiao Bian, I immediately verified several sources close to Huabin Group. The reply showed that at present, three or four provinces have already reported the suspension of production.
On the official website of Huabin Group, the image of a war horse is the first to bear the brunt of the main page on FMCG. In the ranking of brands at the bottom of the page, the order is war horse, VOSS, red bull, only cocoa and fruit.
What is more interesting is the official response of Reignwood Group. Regarding the suspension of production, Reignwood said: "The statement of temporary suspension of production is not accurate. We have an annual overhaul."
So someone asked rhetorically, "Can't all the bases in the country be overhauled together?" Furthermore, if they were overhauled every year in the past, why did the news of production suspension come out this year?
The important thing is that whether it is a temporary suspension or a permanent suspension, the "suspension of production" has been written into the minutes of the meeting. Can't it explain the problem?
"Unable" to extend
"This shows that the content of the previous media disclosure has been confirmed." A source said.
In his view, the "expiration" of the Red Bull joint venture mentioned earlier on September 30 disrupted the rhythm of Reignwood Group. More importantly, Yan Bin previously claimed that it was generally "cool" to "submit an application for extension" with several other shareholders ".
At the same time as the editor sought verification in many ways, Reignwood Group officially issued a statement, once again emphasizing the "50-year cooperation period.
When referring to whether Huabin failed to realize the "postponement" of the Red Bull joint venture company, and even failed to get the support of several other shareholders, which led to the question of stopping production, Huabin's response was that "others have not received any news for the time being".
"At present, the operating period of Red Bull Vitamin Co., Ltd. has expired, and the shareholders of Red Bull Company, Thailand Red Bull and INTEN Biopharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. and their appointed directors of Red Bull Company have never agreed to extend the operating period of Red Bull Company without the consent of all shareholders and directors. It can be seen from this that Mr. Yan Bin's so-called extension application was filed without all Red Bull shareholders, which is illegal." About the "delay", Thailand Tencel official response said.
Thailand's Tencel also stressed that the current situation is that the business period of the joint venture company's industrial and commercial registration expires, which does not mean that Tencel requires to end the business period ahead of schedule.
In other words, the business will continue, the market will continue, the game will continue, but I just don't want to take Yan Bin to play.
The important thing is that you can apply for an extension six months ago, so what was the previous Huabin Group busy with? Or, as early as six months ago, there was already a "disagreement" between Huabin Group and other shareholders, which is why it is now in the awkward position of a statement on the left and a statement on the right.
"The key is that Yan Bin's lack of respect, trust and blatant disregard for the interests of all parties is the fundamental reason why Tencel Medicine can no longer continue to cooperate with it." A person close to Thailand Tencel said.
In his view, some results are predictable. At present, the overall trend of the entire FMCG industry is not very good, and there is a growing trend. The industry is facing the collision of old ideas and new markets. The "high above" ideas of the previous giants and bosses are no longer popular. "If you still can't see the current market changes, it will be sooner or later to encounter a shock or reshuffle."
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