Present Situation and Development Trend of Plant Functional Beverage

With the development of society and the progress of nutrition science research, people pay more and more attention to their own health. The purpose of consumers drinking beverages is no longer limited to quenching thirst. The promotion of physical health, the improvement of quality of life, and the release of physical and mental pressure have become people's new expectations for beverage products.
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Natural, green, healthy and environmentally friendly plant functional beverages with specific effects have become the "new darling" in the beverage industry ". The market of plant functional beverages is huge, and more and more scholars have studied it. However, the relevant research results have their own emphasis, and enterprises can not have a clear understanding of this field in the short term. This paper summarizes the research progress of plant functional beverages, and looks forward to the possible future development direction, which provides clues for the development of plant functional beverage industry.
Definition and Classification of Botanical Functional Drinks
Definition of 1.1 botanical functional beverages
The "General Principles of Beverages" defines functional beverages, that is, special-purpose beverages, as liquid beverages with specific ingredients that meet the needs of all or some people, including sports beverages, nutrient beverages, energy beverages, electrolyte beverages, and other special-purpose beverages. Among them, the sugars and electrolytes contained in sports drinks can better balance human body fluids and supplement the nutrients lost during exercise, such as Red Bull and screaming. Adding appropriate amount of food nutrition fortifier in nutrient beverage can meet the special nutritional needs of some people, such as pulse, dimensional power, etc. Other special purpose beverages such as Jiaduobao herbal tea.
At present, there is no unified definition of plant functional beverages. The main emphasis here is on plant-derived functional beverages. Generally speaking, plants containing some special functional ingredients that are beneficial to the human body are used as raw materials, processed and scientifically proportioned., Professional evaluation of plant beverage products suitable for the needs of the public. This beverage generally contains one or more nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, and maintains the unique flavor of native plants. It is naturally healthy, fragrant and refreshing, and is loved by consumers.
Classification of 1.2 Botanical Functional Beverages
In today's society, the plant functional beverage industry is developing rapidly, and there are many types of products. However, the effective ingredients of different functional beverages overlap each other and some ingredients are not clear. This article focuses on the main types of plant functional beverages, and is classified according to the main raw materials developed:
The first category is a plant-based beverage with brain function. In 2003, Rao Guohua developed an acidic red jujube pine kernel compound protein beverage, which has the effect of nourishing blood and tranquilizing the nerves. In 2005, Xu Yujuan and others developed red jujube mulberry fruit juice beverage with brain-strengthening and kidney-tonifying effects. In 2008, Qu Yongxin made hawthorn, jujube, medlar, chrysanthemum, citric acid, honey and other compound health beverage with scientific ratio, which has the effects of Yan-promoting, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, etc. At present, six walnuts on the market also stand out with brain-toning function. In 2015, Zhang Yachao carried out a study on the production process and quality evaluation of yam walnut dew, and the results showed that the beverage had the effect of preventing cancer and strengthening the brain. Some clinical studies have shown that caffeine can protect nerves through multiple molecular mechanisms, so proper drinking of coffee can also play a role in strengthening the brain.
The second category is a plant beverage with the effect of fire. At present, there are many such beverages on the market. The well-known Jiaduobao herbal tea and Heqizheng herbal tea use honeysuckle and chrysanthemum as basic raw materials, which have the effects of clearing heat and relieving heat, reducing fire and relieving difficulties, and are typical representatives of plant functional beverages. In addition, there are health drinks such as honey and aloe, aloe and red dates, ginger, honey and other compatibility have the effect of reducing fire. Studies have shown that Siraitia grosvenorii is cool, rich in cucurbitane triterpene glycosides, flavonoids, ginger contains volatile oil, ginger phenol, etc. The combination of the two made Siraitia grosvenorii ginger beverage has the function of clearing heat and moistening the lung, preventing heatstroke and cooling.KanThe lotus heart contains alkaloids and biological glycosides such as liensinine and hyperoside, and Kuding tea is rich in Kuding saponins. The research results show that the acceptance of the heat-clearing and fire-reducing bitter beverage made by the compatibility of the two is also relatively high. Coconut water drinks are rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals and other essential nutrients, with unique nutritional value and coconut flavor, and are becoming more and more popular in cool beverage products.
The third category is the stomach digestion plant drinks. Medical research shows that hawthorn has a good role in promoting digestion, digestion and stagnation. At present, most of the plant-based beverages with the function of invigorating the stomach and digestion take hawthorn as the basic raw material, including hawthorn, medlar, jujube, yam and other compatible compound health drinks, but also hawthorn and Cordyceps militaris with the modulation of the stomach functional beverage. In addition, the water chestnut in the water chestnut coconut juice compound beverage is rich in crude fiber, carotene, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients, which has the effect of digestion and thirst quenching. Liliaceae fleshy herbal aloe is rich in anthraquinones, polysaccharides, active enzymes, and various trace elements. It is reported that apple aloe milk compound fermented beverage has a certain stomach function. At the same time, the beverage made by the scientific ratio of jasmine and tartary buckwheat tea extract also has the effect of wide intestines and stomach.
The fourth category is plant drinks that can supplement calcium. Most of these beverages are dairy products, high-absorption calcium supplements, and some effervescent calcium supplements, but the latter often does not belong to the category of plant functional beverages. And more and more of these beverages by microbial fermentation of active substances to promote the absorption of calcium. In recent years, the selected plum, also known as calcium fruit, fruit calcium content of more than 60 mg/100g, processed into powdered fruit is called natural green calcium powder, made of calcium fruit concentrated juice and calcium fruit effervescent tablets have become export products. It has been reported that banana flower is used to supplement calcium for the elderly. Recently, the functional beverage made of banana flower extract is beneficial to the supplement of calcium. Some scholars have also proposed that after pulping black beans, black rice and black sesame seeds, the lactic acid beverage made by milk fermentation also has the function of calcium supplement.
The fifth category is the growth of children's plant functional beverages. At present, children's growth drinks are mainly to supplement the vitamins needed for children's growth. For example, China Huiyuan Group has launched the first exclusive fruit juice product for children, Le Paradise, which contains enhanced nutrition formula customized for children's growth and development. As a result, the blank situation of children's drinks in China has been broken, but the relevant children's food standards are not perfect, and more children's nutrition and health drinks need to be studied and developed. Subsequently, Capri-Sun, the leading brand of German children's juice drinks in China, is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 needed for the growth and development of children to help children grow up healthily.
The sixth category is anti-fatigue, add energy with plant functional drinks. In China, Red Bull has opened the door to the energy drink market, making energy drink consumption continue to be popular. In 2012, Meng Yuecheng and others developed a new energy drink with green tea extract instead of caffeine and B vitamins, amino acids, taurine, inositol and isomaltulose. These ingredients make energy drink products play a refreshing and anti-fatigue role. The new sports drink has changed the strategy of simply adding nutrition fortifier before, and adopts natural plants as raw materials to eliminate fatigue, promote body fluid and quench thirst. With the further popularization of the national fitness campaign, the beverage market prospects, such as composite cherry, carrot juice sports drinks to cherry, carrot as the main raw material to make a comprehensive quality of good anti-fatigue drinks. Mung bean sports drink to mung bean water extract, add vitamins, mung bean flavonoids can quickly add energy, salt, relieve fatigue. In 2015, Cheng Zhaoyu and others developed an anti-fatigue beverage with sweet and sour taste and the fragrance and color of Lonicera edulis and calcium fruit.
The seventh category is beauty, weight loss plant functional drinks. With pomegranate, yam, grapes, tremella, etc. as raw materials. Yam is rich in dietary fiber, a large number of vitamins, a certain amount of allantoin, dioscin and other unique efficacy ingredients, has a good weight loss, beauty effect. The research and development prospects of functional drinks related to yam are broad. At present, yam beauty drinks and yam strawberry diet drinks have been developed, but due to the treatment process and other reasons, many related drinks have not been put into production. Acai berry is rich in orientin, vanillic acid, cyanine pigment, rutin, etc., which has good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is rare to develop functional beverage products as raw materials. Clinical studies have shown that black tea has polyphenols, alkaloids, amino acids and other bioactive components, these components can regulate the endogenous oxidative stress pathway, as well as the expression and translation of related genes, play a good role in anti-oxidation and cancer prevention.
The eighth category is lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar plant functional drinks. Celery contains celery alkali and rich cellulose. Studies have shown that it has a good antihypertensive effect. Wax gourd also has the effects of antihypertensive, diuretic and detumescence. Wang Ruidong developed a compound vegetable juice beverage with antihypertensive effect based on these two plants. Researchers use the rich vitamin B, iron, potassium and vitamin D and other nutritional bioactive ingredients in Lentinus edodes to develop functional health-care beverages, which have certain hypolipidemic effects. The functional beverage developed by Chen Mengqi and others with bitter gourd as the main raw material has the effect of auxiliary hypoglycemic effect. Heng Yuwei uses Shanxi specialty tartary buckwheat, green tea, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and licorice to develop a new type of tartary buckwheat plant beverage, which has good hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects. In addition, the study found that the tropical wild plant roselle is rich in organic acids, polyphenols and other biologically active ingredients, and the acid drinks made from this are of great benefit to the treatment of hypertension. Some scholars also mentioned that the rational use of functional foods, including functional beverages, with a reasonable diet, can prevent cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Compared with fermented black tea and oolong tea, green tea contains more catechins and has good antioxidant and anti-hypertensive functions.
2 Development Status and Problems of Plant Functional Beverage
The development of functional beverages in my country shows that the product structure is different and the types are diverse. Consumers' consumer psychology has a clear guiding effect on the market. The beverage market is in short supply and has broad prospects. However, there are also many problems, which not only hinder related The development of the product itself has also caused a significant negative impact on this emerging industry. Therefore, we need to analyze and solve these problems in order to promote the development of plant functional drinks.
The main long-standing problems in the industry include: the market norms of plant functional beverages need to be improved. Compared with developed countries such as Britain and the United States, China's functional beverages are relatively small in the examination and approval, and lack of perfect market norms and industry standards. Many products are "unworthy of the name", such as the physiological function of beverages and the content of active ingredients cannot be guaranteed, and some products have not undergone a strict registration review process. Product function is not clear. The potential consumer market capacity corresponding to different functional beverages varies greatly. The functional positioning of current products is not clear, and even plant functional beverages similar to "panacea" appear, which is obviously unscientific. There is no subdivision of the sales object, so that consumers can not properly choose functional drinks. Most of the product marketing strategy and design needs to be improved. Products lack sophisticated marketing strategies, differentiated advertising, and many products have short life cycles, making it difficult to enter the consumer's vision.
The new problems derived from the new period mainly include: the safety of raw materials. In today's relatively serious environmental pollution, we must pay more attention to the safety of plant functional beverages, in which the source, collection and treatment of raw materials are the key to ensure product safety and health. Innovative high-tech applications, low popularity of the problem. The lack of application of innovative high-tech in the research of plant functional beverages and the production and processing of products is the bottleneck of its development. Individualization and precision under the background of big data era have been at the forefront of the times. The methods of improving product quality and market share such as innovation-driven product technology, function and sales have not been popularized. At the same time, the differences of individual nutritional needs have not been fully considered. The low conversion rate of scientific research results and the inability to organically combine scientific research results with conversion processing are the reasons why many good products have not entered the market. Poor connection between products and services and the Internet. Under the cultural background of traditional Chinese "medicine and food homology", the related services of plant functional beverages have not made full use of the convenience brought by the "Internet" era, and many consumers still do not understand the good effects brought by plant functional beverages.
3 Analysis of the development trend of plant functional beverage
3.1 safety, health, green, natural is the main theme of development
In 1984, the special sports drink Jianlibao on the Los Angeles sports field brought the first greeting of functional drinks to the world. In 1900, the Red Bull energy drink led the way in opening up the functional beverage market in China. After the "SARS" in 2003, all kinds of functional drinks poured in. After the Sanlu milk powder incident in 2008, food safety issues have attracted unprecedented attention. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology and economy, focusing on green and healthy diet and sharing high-end fashion life has become the slogan of people's life. The production of safe, healthy, green and natural beverage products will gradually become the main theme of the development of plant functional beverages, and will attract the attention and favor of consumers. For now, the so-called "whole industry chain" supervision model will be a classic model for the development of the beverage industry in the future. This model is a strict supervision of the whole process of raw material cultivation, harvesting, processing, production, and sales. It solves the problem of raw material safety and ultimately guarantees the quality of the product.
3.2 strengthening function, convenient application is an important direction of development
The function of functional beverage products is the core competitiveness of products to stand out. Plant beverages and fruit and vegetable functional beverages with traditional Chinese medicine functions will occupy most of the market share of plant functional beverages. As the mechanisms of various human diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are revealed, people's awareness of disease prevention is stronger, and the demands of plant functional beverages will be more diverse. Among them, functional beverages aimed at metabolic syndrome, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, will be the focus of future research. The impact of intestinal flora in the human body on health will also be concerned. At the same time, the use of microbial fermentation technology to ferment bioactive substances and improve the functional effect of beverages is also an important direction in the future. Therefore, in terms of functionality, it is urgent to continue to explore the bioactive substances of plants and study the functions of these components. From the research to the production process of the product, to explore new technology, the use of modern high-tech, to develop a rapid and accurate detection method of beverage product quality is also an important step to promote the development of plant functional beverages. Although people's awareness of health care is constantly strengthening, under the huge pressure of life and the fast pace of life, many people have no time to take care of their own health, which puts forward higher requirements for the convenience of the application of plant functional beverages. Alternative functional beverage products deserve much attention.
3.3 improve flavor, pay attention to packaging is the focus of production development
The survey shows that young people under the age of 20 are heavy consumers of beverages. They like to pursue popular, fashionable, healthy and environmentally friendly foreign brands. They are more particular about diet and have higher requirements for food flavor. High-quality plant functional beverages can retain the natural fragrance of plant raw materials, and functional beverage products with unique functions and refreshing taste are bound to be loved by consumers. The role of packaging should not be underestimated, packaging materials should be safe, to ensure that the molecules contained in the material will not be harmful to health, will not reduce the beauty and flavor of the product, but also need to consider the durability, cost and other issues. Common packaging materials are ceramics, regenerated cellulose film, plastics, recyclable plastics, and other new materials. Packaging personalization is also very important. Different packaging styles, shapes, and capacities are suitable for different people in different occasions to meet the different needs of consumers. For example, ordinary young people like things containing popular elements, and children like to package cute Beverages, the elderly pay more attention to cost performance, etc. Packaging design bears the heavy responsibility of supporting the high-end image of functional beverages, and personalized metal packaging will become the market demand and development trend.
3.4 reduce costs, the development of new series of products is the inevitable requirement of development
Consumers are highly sensitive to prices, and the trend of diversification of functional beverage products is unstoppable. The future competition in the functional beverage market tends to be more price competition. At the same time, enterprises can only actively understand the market demand, adjust and innovate existing products in a timely manner, and actively develop new series of products to meet the evolving social needs. Along with the development of production will be some value-added products, such as people can make full use of biological fermentation whey protein with high oxygen demand from a chemical and biological point of view. In the past, people thought it was a kind of waste, but later studies showed that it has high nutritional value. Studies have shown that the substances extracted from some fruits have a good function of reducing postprandial metabolic stress and inflammatory stress, and can help people resist free radicals and pro-inflammatory factors in the body, which is also a good direction for the development of functional beverages.
4 Outlook
In short, with the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the plant functional beverage market will have more and more consumption demand and consumption space. With the gradual improvement of relevant laws and regulations, the function of plant functional beverage will be more clear and the quality will be more trustworthy. Of course, in the face of a complex market and a wide range of beverage products, consumers themselves also need to improve their judgment, drink plant functional drinks reasonably, and use these products rationally to protect their health. It is believed that in the near future, there will be big brands of plant functional beverage products going out of China and going to the world.
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