Japan: Soybean foods favored by functional labeling system

The acceptance of functional labeling products has increased.
In Japan, soybeans are known as the "meat of the field" and are an indispensable food in Japanese daily life. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, its intake has gradually shown a tendency to recover, and the high nutritional value of soybeans has been reassessed.
Although European and American countries have almost no history of eating soybeans, they regard soybeans as "magic food" and begin to focus on the development and utilization of soybeans from the aspects of emphasizing efficient and sustainable food and environment. The products of Toyo New Drug, fujicco, saladcosmo and other companies have been approved as functional labeled foods, and soybeans, which have never been unfamiliar to the Japanese, have regained attention from all walks of life.
Japanese intake continues to increase
Soybean contains comprehensive and rich nutrients. Every 100 grams of soybean contains 36.3 grams of protein, 18.4 grams of fat, 25.3 grams of sugar, 412 kilocalories of calories, 367 milligrams of calcium, 571 milligrams of phosphorus, 11 milligrams of iron, 0.4 milligrams of carotene, 0.79 milligrams of vitamin B1, 0.25 milligrams of vitamin B2 and 2.1 milligrams of niacin. Compared with the same amount of pork, protein 1 times more, calcium 33 times more, iron 26 times more, and the price is much cheaper than pork. Soybean protein contains a variety of amino acids needed by the human body, especially lysine, leucine, threonine and other essential helium acids, only methionine is relatively small. The National Health and Nutrition Survey conducted by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare shows that the average soybean intake in Japan is showing a tendency to recover. Compared with the 2012 version of 56.6g/day, the latest 2013 version is 61.8g/day, a significant increase. Although it has not yet reached the 100g/day set by the first "Healthy Japan 21" plan, compared with the 2011 survey, the daily intake has increased by more than 10g.
One of the main reasons is that the special reports on knowledge launched by various TV programs, magazines and newspapers in Japan have promoted people's re-evaluation of the nutritional value of soybeans and stimulated people's desire to use them. Otsuka Pharmaceutical's "SOYJOY" and other products have also been well received by young consumers who are significantly separated from soybeans. The products use "low sweetness" and "gluten-free" as product keywords. Even ordinary families who actively use soybean flour and bean curd residue powder during cooking can eat them with confidence. In addition, the number of soy milk lovers is also increasing year by year, and related soy milk companies are also developing smoothly. Soy milk instead of milk into a drink Soy milk latte (Soy Latte), has gradually become a classic coffee shop. In addition, soybean-related associations, groups and enterprises have also begun to carry out a variety of soybean popularization activities to contribute to the development of the soybean industry. Among them, fuji oil co., ltd. also proposed to "create new value for soybeans".
Riding on the east wind of functional marking system
Not long ago, in September this year, saladcosmo's "soybean isoflavone soybean sprouts" product was approved as a functional labeled food, which was the first time that fresh vegetables were affirmed by the system, so it became a hot topic for a while. In addition, Toyo New Drug, fujicco and other products have also been approved for the record, claiming that the soy isoflavone intervention ingredients contained in them have the effect of maintaining bone health.
Studies have shown that dihydroxyisoflavone, one of the soybean isoflavones, can be metabolized by intestinal bacteria to produce equol. Equol has a similar structure to estrogen. It has been confirmed that it has the effects of improving wrinkles, promoting sugar and lipid metabolism, and improving vascular function. It has been found through human experiments that women over 40 years old can take a large amount of this ingredient. Improve its menopausal symptoms. Only about half of all women in Japan can produce equol, and Otsuka claims that its supplement "EQUELLE" can realize the desire of women to continue to consume equol. Matsumoto, which specializes in the supply of food ingredients, announced that it will officially supply furaboseru next spring.®. Users of the "soy check", a reagent provided by the health care system that can simply check whether equol is produced, have also begun to produce a sharp increase. In terms of the development trend of soybean raw materials, the Institute of Material Function has launched a business related to black soybean seed coat extract. In addition to developing isoflavones, vitamin K2 and other products, many companies also have gradually emerged as functional materials "α-GPC" and functional phospholipids "PS" from soybean lecithin. All companies are responding to market demand and developing response materials.
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