Innova released the top ten trends of food and beverage in China in 2022. What are the new opportunities for Chinese brands?

On February 16, Innova Market Insight released the top ten trends of China's food and beverage in 2022. This FBIF will give you a comprehensive interpretation.

It is reported that Innova is based on the global food and beverage market. Among the top ten trends of China's food and beverage industry in 2022, Innova will focus on consumer trends, product upgrades, and new opportunities in China's food and beverage industry.

Innova's market insight research shows that "experience first" ranks first among the top ten trends, and 56% of Chinese consumers want a more special experience from food. Trends such as "consumer center" and "advanced quality" reflect the growth space of customized and high-end products in the Chinese market.


Innova market insight into China's food and beverage trends in 2022;


Innova 2022 Top 10 Trends in China's Food and Beverage Industry


Trend 1: Experience first(Amplified Experiences)


Trend 2: Consumer Center(Consumer Centricity)


Trend three: advanced quality(Premiumization)


Trend four: the origin of the new(Back to the Roots)


Trend five: scene switching(Shifting Occasions)


Trend 6: Health Formula(Healthy Eating)


Trend 7: Food to relieve worries(Modern Anxiety)


Trend 8: Exploration of Planting(Planted-Based:Tailored to Culture)


Trend 9: Track expansion(Specific Market Exploration)


Trend 10: Cross-border win-win(Collaborating For Success)