In the era of consumption upgrade, super products are ready to go.

In 2019, double egg yolk ice cream quickly became popular. It broke through the taste of the traditional ice industry and became a new "net red" product. Many marketing numbers and social software call for this product. The double egg yolk ice cream, which successfully boarded the "net celebrity" express, has sold more than 40 million yuan in just half a year since it was put on the market.


Compared with some big factories such as Yili, Qiaolez and Luxue, such beautiful results are naturally not of the same grade. However, judging from the popularity and topics of brand communication, the results are no less than the effect of big factories making heavy money. Double egg yolk ice cream can be said to be a small and broad success case.


In recent years, the niche brands of food have shown explosive growth and quickly become rookies in the industry, appearing in people's lives time and time again. For example, the more famous ones include tea with a pleasant color, tea-like, snail powder with a bad smell, and oatmeal with a lot of food.


Since the advent of these brands with the imprint of the Internet, relying on the new social communication channels of the Internet to become a veritable "net red" in various categories ".


Net red brand is divided into two large: hunting and upgrading


1. Hunting type


With distinctive flavors or cross-border collocation, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting users' attention, for example, double egg yolk ice cream and last year's explosive smoke ice cream, dirty bags, coconut ash ice cream and other foods.


The characteristics of this type of brand are:
(1) have distinct taste or unique packaging;
(2) the unit price is not high, the user threshold is low;
(3) The core users are mainly young people, and the packaging design style is more vivid. Users try and share the communication through curiosity psychology, and highlight personalized and interesting behavior labels;


2, upgrade type


After mining the user's pain point for a certain segment of food in the traditional industry, we will create a conventional upgraded product by segmenting the market.For example, Zhong Xue Gao ice cream is an upgrade from the product to the pain point of too many additives and unhealthy health of conventional ice cream products.


The characteristics of this type of product are:

(1) The product conforms to the consumption trend of existing users, such as no addition, less sugar and other health trends;
(2) The unit price is higher than that of conventional products;
(3) the packaging is simple and clear, high-level sense, material environmental protection consciousness is very strong;
(4) For middle-class users, have a higher level of consumption and demand;


The founder of Luckin Coffee once said: Any industry is worth going again in the form of the Internet. For food, any kind of food is worth going again in the form of Internet Red.


Whether it is a hunting type or an upgraded type of net red food, they all have a common characteristic, from brand positioning to product development, they are obviously different from traditional food. From the traditional industry of the Red Sea to open up a segment of the blue ocean market, become the Internet brand success to win the magic weapon.


 Transformation from simply satisfying the user's taste to healthy nutrition


Food safety issues are uneven, people's attention to food safety issues is increasing day by day, and the upgrade of consumption has also become the upgrade of food consumption. The trend is becoming more and more obvious, which is mainly reflected in the fact that users begin to pursue zero addition, healthy, green, and pure taste. The main reason for the food is the increasing number of the middle class.


For the food, the userConsumption upgradeIt is manifested in the more level requirements for products, such as less sugar, less salt, less additives, less flavors and other labels, users are more willing to pay for health.


For example, in the past, most of us ate ice cream to relieve summer heat and quench thirst. We usually bought a product on the roadside and ate it while walking. Taking stick products as an example, the price of the products was below 5 yuan. And high-end ice creams, such as Haagen-Dazs and Ice Queen, have limited sinking and higher product pricing.


The consumption scenario determines the purchase situation and price expectations of users, but most stick products have more additives and the quality of raw materials is not high. Many users are worried about whether eating such products will have a bad impact on their health, so that their pursuit of less additives and high-quality raw materials is more urgent.


For example, Nestle has true pure milk flavor ice cream and Zhong Xue Gao's special milk flavor. These two products are also ice cream with pure milk as the theme. Zhong Xue Gao's product contains pure milk most in the ingredient list, while the other product contains drinking water most. Zhong Xue Gao's product pursues no additives, emulsifiers, flavors, etc., which is healthier for users.