Global Functional Beverage Development and New Product Development Forecast!

Since 2000, functional drinks have become a kind of health functional drinks popular in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan.
Health is the biggest demand of consumers. Vitamins, minerals, natural caffeine, plant extracts, non-preservative, natural, organic, low-content products (low sugar, low cholesterol, low calorie), as well as organic health juices that are beneficial to heart and gastrointestinal health, and products with dietary fiber added will continue to be popular and show a growing trend.
Development Status of Special Purpose Beverages in Europe and America
Since 2011, functional beverages (officially called special purpose beverages in China, the general beverage principle is divided into sports drinks, nutrient drinks and other special purpose beverages, such as beauty, weight loss, eye protection, antioxidant, etc.. Energy drinks are called functional drinks in Japan) and sports drinks have shown great vitality and development prospects in the European and American markets.
According to data, in the European and American markets, energy drinks have clearly gained more than 10% growth. It is worth noting that the consumption of functional beverages with natural ingredients has increased, and consumers are very interested in energy drinks with all natural ingredients. In 2011, U.S. natural and organic food and beverage data showed sales of nearly $39 billion, up 9% from the previous year and up 63% from five years ago. In 2015, sales are expected to reach or even exceed 78 billion yuan.
Special purpose beverages in Europe and the United States are mainly Red Bull, Monster and other brands. Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, Fullthrottle and Nqfuir in the United States are the top five energy beverage brands in sales. Among them, the fastest growing energy supplement solution with super strong formula, such as Pioneer 5 Hours, Red Bull, 6-hour Power and Monster Hitman, etc. The European market has also launched all-natural energy drinks. For example, Nestle and Jamba, a fruit juice beverage brand, have introduced full-nutrition fruit juice energy drinks, Steam and Scheckter plant energy drinks and organic energy drinks. Starbucks has introduced double coffee energy drinks with enhanced energy in the US market, and at the same time has introduced women's energy drinks with Refreshers as its brand. The US Sanbazon has introduced a series of super fruit energy drinks with Asai fruit juice as its carrier.
Protein drinks are another representative of functional drinks. The protein content in protein drinks is 5%-15%. Drinking protein drinks can meet the needs of those who absorb basic nutrients, and it has also become a weight management and healthy lifestyle. Red Bull and Monsters occupy the top two places of global energy drinks. Monster in the North American market has overtaken Red Bull to occupy the first share of the market. It is worth noting that direct selling companies led by Amway in the United States have also intervened in the energy drink industry. The combination of 6 Chinese plant extracts, caffeine and B vitamins makes consumers refreshing.
The utility of special purpose beverages in Europe and America:
Energize, such as the American Monster energy drink;
Fatigue people sensitive to caffeine and niacin;
Provide the energy and sobriety of the working clan;
Vitamin supplement, suitable for young people, especially female groups.
Development Status of Special Purpose Beverages in Japan
Before 2012, Japan's special-purpose beverage market was still dominated by small-volume functional beverages such as Dazheng Pharmaceutical, Muto Pharmaceutical and Sato Pharmaceutical. Caffeine, B vitamins and taurine were used in the formula, and specific functional demands were given priority to. With Red Bull entering the Japanese market, Suntley introduced Starbucks double coffee energy beverage and female energy beverage into Japan, and Asahi also introduced American monster energy beverage into Japan, japan's functional beverage market began to develop into a large-capacity beverage functional beverage market, followed by Asahi, Sunley, Kirin, Japan Coca-Cola, Colbis, Haoshi have entered the beverage functional beverage market. New products emerge in endlessly, such as Meiji's introduction of maca series of functional drinks, Suntley's introduction of large-capacity energy drinks, Asahi's introduction of maca combined with caffeine branched-chain amino acids of functional drinks, and even the traditional lactic acid bacteria beverage manufacturer, Kolbis, has also introduced energy drinks with acai juice as the main body.
Especially in 2015, Japan's energy drink market made great progress. Haoshi launched Samuride, Dazheng Pharmaceutical launched Raizin, Japan Coca-Cola launched Asian energy drink Burn, Sato Pharmaceutical launched Yunker Energy, local beverage giant Suntley launched Regin Energy and Dekavitac, Japan's Pepsi Cola affiliated to Suntley launched Pepsi Energy Cola, and Kireto Lemon energy drink Sapporo by Pokka, it is also worth noting that Pokka Sapporo launched the Kireto Lemon Energie, an energy drink aimed at women.
Common ingredients for functional beverages abroad
Traditional ingredients:
Synthetic caffeine; natural caffeine; green tea, guarana, kola nut, madai and green coffee, etc.; taurine and vitamin B, etc.; Chinese herbal medicines and plant extracts, such as maca, cistanche, acanthopanax senticosus, ginseng, American ginseng and red ginseng; branched chain amino acids, arginine, citrulline and lysine and other amino acids.
Emerging ingredients:
Juices and super fruit extracts (such as blueberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, pomegranates and acai).
Product Trends:
Sugar-free, synthetic caffeine-free, extra-enhanced, all-natural and organic products.
Regional characteristics:
The United States and Asia are leading the market in terms of total market volume; the European market is better in terms of new product launch and creative activity, and the market growth rate is also very high.
Functional Drinks Market in China
According to the Nielsen report, the consumption of functional beverages in China is not high compared to other market shares, but the prospects are very impressive. In 2015, China will become the world's largest beverage market. The Chinese beverage market has now shown great potential, among which functional beverages and health beverages have more room for development. The development of China's beverage industry will also face two changes, the rapid growth of production to the growth of sales revenue, formula innovation to research and development innovation. Functional beverages have made great progress in China since 2010. Take Red Bull as an example. According to AC Nielsen data, Red Bull accounted for 76% of the market share of energy beverages in 2014. Dongpeng Special Beverage, ranked second, and Le Hu, ranked third, each accounted for less than 10% of Red Bull's market share, while Zhongwo and Black Card markets for food products accounted for less. From the perspective of product characteristics, products that imitate and follow Red Bull occupy the mainstream of the market, and product characteristics and innovation are far from enough. At the same time, the characteristics of the crowd are narrow and market innovation is required.
Development of New Functional Beverage Products
At present, there is no major brand in the market for ordinary food functional beverages, and the scale of each brand is relatively small. Therefore, it is possible to develop natural anti-fatigue beverages of ordinary food, which will be different from Red Bull's mixed fruit taste and will help occupy the food anti-fatigue beverage market. At the same time, with the advent of the "bow-down era", more and more modern people use smart phones and tablet computers. Eye fatigue is a big problem. At present, there are few drinks for people with eye fatigue in the market. However, if a beverage for eye fatigue is developed separately, the product is slightly thin, so new products can be developed for people with double fatigue of physical fatigue and eyesight fatigue. In addition, the trend of beverage of health food can not be ignored, drinking convenience and convenience make beverage become a good drinking carrier of health functional food. Eye protection, beauty, weight loss, anti-oxidation, intestinal health are functional drinks very good development direction.
The development of new brands and products requires consideration of four points:
1. Introducing beneficiary points: introducing new beneficiary points from seemingly unrelated categories to provide new product value;
2. Solve the shortcomings of existing products: eliminate the trouble that consumers cannot have both in product selection;
3. Transfer value approach: the use of more widely accepted prices to allow more consumers to enjoy the benefits of new products;
4. Provide benefits in new ways: using new product forms or packaging to meet needs that are not met by existing products;
5. Effective use of brand platform: use existing brand assets to expand new categories and products.
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