Jelly into the field of functional food, or will be transferred to adult snacks

Today, the introduction of jelly into the functional food sector, using the latest plating technology for the fast-growing jelly confectionery market, can lead to more new opportunities. This technology, combined with other processing techniques, may be able to make jelly products into the adult snack market.
Can be used as a carrier for a variety of nutrients
Functional jelly products have shown a rapid growth trend in recent years, and the accuracy and hygiene of modern processing and coating technologies make the coating 3D system provided by Baker Perkins an ideal choice for companies that want to produce functional jelly. The coated 3D jelly brings high value and high profit to the jelly industry. Coating technology is the only method that can be applied to the production of complex shape jelly, which has the characteristics of high output and low production cost. Such products always maintain high quality and price, positioning as health care products.
Functional applications include the promotion of the intake of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and the like, and the addition of beneficial dietary ingredients, such as dietary fiber, and the like. The subdivision also extends to sports nutrition products. For athletes, jelly is also an ideal portable energy supplement and post-exercise recovery supplement. Jellies with added caffeine have begun to gain popularity among endurance athletes and cyclists who need instant energy. Jelly is gaining acceptance as a portable, instantaneous glucose supplement carrier during exercise.
Jelly can also be used as an effective carrier for over-the-counter drugs. For example, throat grains, which are formulated to include antibacterial agents, menthol, eucalyptus oil, can relieve symptoms of minors, such as coughs, colds, sore throats, nasal congestion, etc.
Compared with tablets and capsules, choosing jelly as a carrier is more delicious and helps to overcome the psychological barriers caused by drugs. Consumers are looking for functional products not because they are sick, but because they want to improve their diet and promote health. Each of the coated products may be sweetened or unsweetened.
In many parts of Asia, jellies with fruit pulp are popular for their health-promoting properties. Fruit pulp, usually apples, can be added to the jelly at 5%. Vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber can also be added. Add a lot of fruit jelly usually contains more sugar and gelatin, so as to ensure high quality and stable texture. Another alternative is to fill the jelly center with real fruit juice.
Coating process is the most critical
The basic characteristics of the coating are very important for the success of the functional candy. The operating process must not reduce the activity of the functional ingredients, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy in the filling, cooking, and coating processes. In particular, the proportion of active ingredients added should be correct, and the weight of each coated piece should be absolutely the same.
In different processing stages, active ingredients of different nature are added. In the initial weighing and pre-mixing process to select the ingredients with high thermal stability, after the cooking process, can choose a high precision color and flavor mixing system to add a small volume of liquid additives.
Sticky ingredients can be added as a center filler for the jelly. The filling product may be in the form of jelly or other filling to carry the active ingredient. This technique may be useful for protecting the active ingredient in an overheated or peracid environment.
The volatile ingredients have a short retention time, so they can be added before the plating process to minimize evaporation. In addition, powder or other small inclusions may also be added prior to the plating process. The higher temperature of the cooking process can delay the addition of the active ingredients until prior to plating, thus avoiding loss and degradation of the active ingredients. The temperature of the coating process is low, followed by a rapid cooling process, which improves the stability of the active ingredients.
Functional jelly, due to its own natural characteristics, mainly faces the adult market. Jelly products specifically targeting the adult market have been launched, especially in India and other parts of Asia. Jelly is usually regarded as a children's product, and now manufacturers are beginning to focus on high-quality jelly produced in the form of coatings to attract adults. These products are usually individually packaged and have a higher price, which can be distinguished from children's products.
Nutritional health jelly favored by the market
Jelly has been popular all over the world since the 1990 s. Jelly is not only cute in appearance, but also a healthy food with low heat and high dietary fiber. As a snack food, it is deeply loved by consumers, especially young people.
In some large and medium-sized cities, superior jelly companies can reach more than 60% of the market share, are in an advantageous market position, are the mainstream of the industry, and are making major breakthroughs in product innovation, and continue to introduce products with strong competitiveness. Develop in the direction of healthy and high-quality jelly. As far as the current situation of the jelly market is concerned, Xizilang has a strong advantage in the brand and strong advertising support, and Xizilang has a clear lead in the jelly category.
According to the "2015-2020 China Jelly Industry Market Supply and Demand Prospects Forecast Depth Research Report", the future mainstream of jelly products tend to be natural and functional. The tender and smooth texture of the jelly, supplemented by natural pulp, forms a unique taste and contains the nutrients of the fruit. There are pineapple, citrus, peach, pear and other varieties of fruit jelly products on the market, for the majority of consumers to choose. In addition, in response to consumer demand for jelly health functions, the market also appeared high calcium jelly, aloe vera jelly and other categories. All types of jelly, the soluble solids content of more than 15.0%, compared with candy can be said to be low calorie food. The protein requirement of milk-containing jelly is more than 1.0%, and the high-quality protein brought by dairy products is also ingested while eating jelly. In the future, nutritional and healthy jelly will be increasingly favored by consumers.
Five future development trends
First, the innovation of jelly products will tend to be healthy and natural.
With the deepening of supply-side reform, the share of high-quality jelly products with natural health demands will gradually increase. This is the high-end jelly that people often say in recent years. Jelly contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can take away excess fat and waste in the intestines, which is good for health. Innovative, high-end jellies that add juice, fruit, milk and even chocolate continue to emerge. Meet the consumer demand for natural healthy and nutritious jelly products.
Second, the packaging of jelly will be delicate and simple, and popular companion gift packaging.
The packaging of some jelly products is too delicate and needs to be made by hand, involving a lot of labor. The amount of this type of product will not be too large, but it can meet the needs of some niche consumers and still has positive significance. Large single jelly packaging will tend to be delicate and simple. With the return of courtesy to its original meaning, jelly companion gift packaging will be popular.
Third, the consumption scene of jelly will be more casual.
The so-called snack food, usually refers to people between two meals between the consumption of food. Because it contains a certain amount of sugar, it can be used as an energy source for the human body. Jelly can not only be used as an emergency food and energy supplement food, but also as a delicious dessert after a meal.
Fourth, jelly and ice cream cross-border products will be rapidly popular.
On the one hand, the packaging of jelly does not need to be restricted by cold chain logistics storage and transportation systems such as refrigerated trucks, cold storage, and freezers; on the other hand, it tastes good, especially after freezing and refrigerating. Cross-border products such as suction and suction ice cream, and jelly ice cream will be accepted by more and more consumers.
Fifth, the ice cream channel will become an innovative jelly marketing channel.
The peak season for jelly, like ice cream and frozen food, is from March to September every year. Many frozen food dealers are also accustomed to displaying products such as jelly and tortoise jelly on or next to the cold air cabinet. Because jelly and frozen food face the same type of consumers. However, for jelly enterprises, the sales volume of this part of the channel can be regarded as an increment.
Number said
Recently, some industry analysts pointed out that due to the light and peak season adjustment and category interaction with confectionery food, a large number of enterprises have entered the jelly industry. At present, in the national jelly category market, Xi Zhilang's share is the highest, accounting for about 22.1 percent of the total market share, followed by kiss 7.2 percent, crayon chan 6.3 percent, wangwang 5.5 percent and Xu fuji 2.8 percent.
At present, there are more than 2000 jelly production enterprises in my country, including more than 300 large-scale enterprises; more than 200,000 people are directly employed annually (excluding sales staff and raw material workers).
Jelly products use a large number of raw and auxiliary materials of agricultural products. For example, white sugar accounts for 16%-25% of jelly and 600kg of white granulated sugar is produced from sugar cane per mu. Western specialty konjac powder, accounting for 5% of jelly, produces 200kg of konjac powder per mu of farmland. Carrageenan accounts for 8% of jelly, and 1000kg of carrageenan can be extracted per 15 tons of fresh seaweed. And a.
Source: China Food News
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