Functional protein peptides become an innovative point of health food

The research and development of biological science and technology have made people have a series of new research results on solving the sub-health caused by modern life. People have been looking for faster, more direct and more effective substances to regulate the health of the body. Among them, the basic research results of protein peptides have made people have a new understanding of protein nutrition theory, and the study of peptide nutrition has become an important branch of protein nutrition research.
In recent years, the research on the structure and function of bioactive peptides has greatly promoted the development of polypeptide nutrition. Foreign research on the development and application of various types of peptide products is becoming more and more active, and the scope of research is becoming more and more extensive. The research field of bioactive peptides has developed rapidly, and has been highly valued by scientists and governments of various countries. In just a few years, more bioactive peptides have been studied. In recent years, scientific research believes that the main form of protein absorption by the human body is not only in the form of amino acids, but most of them are absorbed in the form of oligopeptides.
The intervention of biological engineering makes the production of peptide raw materials become a reality on an industrial scale, and functional peptide food has become an innovation point of health food products with development potential. The application of biochemical technology can produce a large number of bioactive peptides. Nowadays, peptide substances have diverse production methods and a wide range of applications. They have been used in food formulations, functional foods, medical foods, food additives, ordinary foods, sports drinks, athlete-specific foods, and fortified foods.
shandong tianjiu industrial group co., ltd. is an early domestic company involved in peptide food research and development, with a relatively large market share, complete types, and in-depth functional verification of bioactive protein peptide. Tianjiu Group was established in 1987. From the establishment of mulberry plantation and yam cooperative to the processing of mulberry leaf tea, canned yam and other agricultural and sideline products, to the frozen production of mulberry fruit powder, jujube powder, yam powder and other plant powders, Tianjiu Group has further promoted the extraction of functional oils, functional sweeteners, functional protein peptides and other healthy raw materials, and finally developed to the production of mulberry pigment, ginkgo leaf extract, γ-aminobutyric acid and glutathione. The group has realized the construction of a series of supporting industries such as R & D, production, OEM, and e-commerce platform sales, and created a development model of the entire health industry chain, making Tianjiu Group a multi-health industry cluster enterprise.
The group has more than ten kinds of protein peptide products, including soybean peptide, corn peptide, wheat peptide, albumen protein peptide, mung bean peptide, pea peptide, walnut peptide, oyster peptide, sea ginseng peptide, fish collagen peptide, rice peptide, spirulina peptide, etc., forming an annual production capacity of 2000 tons of various protein peptides. The domestic market share has reached more than 60%, and it is the main supplier of raw materials for domestic well-known health care products manufacturers.
The research and development of bioactive peptides is more active in the field of global biomedicine and health care, and it is a sunrise industry with broad development prospects. As a kind of high nutrition superior to protein and amino acid, protein peptide has been widely used in health food, sports food, medical food and other functional food fields. According to statistics, there are currently 517 kinds of edible protein peptide products in health products approved by the state, accounting for 3.22 percent of the total number of products. Protein peptide has become an important raw material of health food because of its excellent nutritional properties and distinct biological activity.
The polypeptide market in Europe, America and Japan has become more mature, with a variety of polypeptide products on the market in 100, and the global polypeptide drug market is expected to be $23.7 billion billion in 2020. The development of peptide industry in China is relatively late, and the market has just started, especially the research and development of related biomedicine is lagging behind, and there is no peptide drug product with independent intellectual property rights.
As a product of the third in-depth development of protein, protein peptide has all the nutritional properties of the original protein, can be absorbed by the human body without digestion, quickly replenish human nutrition and strong functional properties, as well as good solubility, thermal stability, acid and alkali resistance and other processing characteristics. Its excellent physical and chemical properties and wide range of functional characteristics have been highly recognized by the industry and the market. It is an indispensable raw material for the development of the big health industry.
Tianjiu Group is positioned to serve the development of China's peptide industry, be enterprising, continue to innovate, and constantly break through the key core common technologies of peptide health products and peptide biomedicine, and improve the technical level of domestic peptide products and domestic and foreign market share. The group expands the research and development and application of biological peptides, continuously expands the domestic market, actively integrates into the international market, and strives to become the backbone of the development of China's peptide health industry and an innovative enterprise with global influence.
(Ye Fan)
Source: China Food News