5 Healthy Food News

1, potatoes.
The statement that "eating potatoes is easy to gain weight" does demonize potatoes. In fact, potatoes are a very effective anti-hunger weapon. Studies have shown that, including brown rice, whole wheat bread, including 38 kinds of food, cooked potatoes satiety index is the highest.
Researchers say you won't even think about eating for two hours after eating the potatoes. Some people still avoid potatoes because they are high in carbohydrates. In fact, they are not necessary. They are also rich in enough vitamins, fiber and some other nutrients, which can give you balanced energy and enough time. Feeling full.
Be sure not to eat French fries. Baked or steamed potatoes with skins are more satiating. They have higher cellulose content but not high calories.
2 Apples.
Apples are one of the few fruits that contain pectin, which naturally slows digestion and enhances satiety after eating. Eating apples as part of a meal will make you feel fuller and consume fewer calories than those who drink juice or eat jam. When you chew an apple, your hormones have enough time to send a "full" signal to your brain.
Adding apple cubes to oats or salads, or sliced apples to serve in sandwiches, is also a way to enhance satiety.
3. Deep Sea Fish
Although the fat content of deep-sea fish is slightly higher, this is its preciousness, because the OMEGA3 fatty acid can increase fat metabolism and prevent excess carbohydrates from being converted into fat. What's more, their rich taste makes you feel satisfied. Compared with frying and frying, steaming and stewing are more conducive to the preservation of moisture and nutrients.
4. Yogurt
The survey found that yogurt is the best food for weight loss. Even if the respondents do not deliberately lose weight, by insisting on drinking yogurt, the weight will drop significantly after a certain period of time. And studies have shown that protein intake from dairy products can make people feel more full, which can reduce the total amount of food intake and maintain blood sugar balance.
Give priority to low-sugar or sugar-free yogurt, which is more conducive to maintaining blood sugar balance. Adding some nuts or fruits to yogurt can delay satiety longer.
5 Oats
Oats' ability to be super satiated comes from its high fiber content and sponge-like ability to absorb water. When oats are mixed with water or skim milk, the volume of oats will expand rapidly, and the digestive system will have more time to digest it, which means you can hold on longer before the next hunger strikes.
Sprinkle a layer of crushed almonds or pistachios on the surface of oats. Nuts contain enough protein, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids to help us stabilize insulin levels and maintain blood sugar balance.