How Fangke, SBI and Kogumi bring the research and application of functional raw materials to the extreme.

Source: Foodaily Daily Food Network

As people pay more and more attention to health, the market of functional food is becoming more and more broad. For Japan, which has a relatively complete health functional food system, how does its market develop and what reference can it bring to the domestic market?

To this end, the Foodaily Daily Food Network (ID:foodaily) has planned a special topic on functional food in Japan, and this is the third in a series.


Reading points:

(1) For the Japanese market with relatively perfect health functional food system, what is the market size? What are the main types of functional food? What are the product functions that consumers are most concerned about?

(2) What are the main players in the Japanese functional labeled food market? What are the representative products for reference from these players?

(3) Analysis of the characteristics of brand and representative products:

9.3 billion yen, Grego Company, which has won the first place in the field of functional food, and its representative products BIFIX Bifidobacterium yogurt and LIBERA milk chocolate, how to successfully capture consumers from creative concepts to best-selling products;

Subdividing the needs of consumer groups, whether it is the accumulation of neutral fat and visceral fat caused by modern lifestyles, or the increasingly severe aging population, how can Asahi Group, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical identify opportunities to expand their territory in the field of functional foods;

Deep cultivation of raw materials, excellence, Fangke, BSI, Kecuomei how to health ingredients, functional ingredients research and application to the extreme;

(4) Compared with the domestic market, Japan's functional food development strategy brings us what thinking? How can the segmentation and in-depth study of consumer groups achieve precise positioning and promote product innovation? What kind of market response will the high emphasis on scientific research bring? For beauty and traditional medicine and health products enterprises, what are the advantages and disadvantages in the field of cross-border functional food? How to make use of developed sales channels to make functional foods ubiquitous and readily available? How to make policies and regulations become the booster and patron saint of the healthy development of the market?

The last issue introduced how Asahi Group, Kaolin Pharmaceuticals and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals can find opportunities to expand their territory in the field of functional foods. Today, starting from the aspect of deep cultivation of raw materials, we will see how Fangke, BSI and Kecumi can bring the research and application of healthy food materials and functional ingredients into full play.

In the 1970 s, the number of women with skin problems caused by the use of cosmetics increased dramatically, causing serious social problems at that time, the most important of which was caused by the addition of antiseptic ingredients in cosmetics. In order to solve this situation, the world's first cosmetics without adding 5ml small capacity came into being. This is the current Fangke (Fancl). The company's initial business scope has always been based on cosmetics.

Subsequently, Japan began to enter an aging society, and the high medical security budget became a major headache for the Japanese country and society. Fangke believes that the best way to solve this problem is to reduce the number of people who get sick, so he began to expand his business in 1993 and is committed to researching healthy food.

Konogai, Yu Yu Health Foods One-time consumer old land, voice name, violent impression. The Japanese Supplement Supplement (Supplement) descent medicine. Causal aging social background, fang-like replenishment foods Major middle-aged human goals, research direction, other corporate ingredients Etatakoshi, heavy attachment, component absorption, and long-term internal body stop.

Now Fangke has obtained a total of 14 functional labeled commodities, and 10 commodities are expected to be applied this year. As for sales, its functional labeling products have been well received in the market. In 2015, Fangke's nutritional supplement food business as a whole increased by 23% compared with 14 years. By March 2018, the sales of the main functional labeled food reached 15 billion yen, accounting for 10% of the market share.

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people's health awareness, the market for healthy food and nutritional supplements continues to grow, and female consumers account for 60%. On the other hand, according to the survey, most women over 40 years old have obesity and other body problems. Therefore, the popularity of functional foods that can inhibit obesity and control weight is also increasing year by year, such as Fangke's Carolimit series products.

Carolimit dietary supplements (30 day portions)

Inhibition of sugar and fat absorption, improve metabolism

For weight loss, moderate exercise and healthy eating habits are essential. However, in Fangke's customer base, many people will express that they feel pain about controlling their mouths. If they continue to lose weight, they must suppress and endure such negative thoughts. In order to solve the problems of customers, Fangke began to study the ingredients that inhibit the absorption of sugar and fat in the diet, and based on the effect of food composition verification, thus launching the Carolimit product.


The sugars and fats contained in normal meals are broken down by digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract and then absorbed into the body. Therefore, in order to suppress the absorption of sugar and fat, studies have been made from two aspects: (1) suppressing the function of digestive enzymes and (2) suppressing the absorption of sugar and fat after decomposition.

Through the continuous research and development of Fangke's research and development personnel, the five components of gymnemic acid contained in Gymnema, imino sugar (mulberry leaf alkaloid) contained in mulberry leaves, epigallocatechin gallate, chitosan and kidney bean bean are combined to make a Carolimit dietary supplement.

However, for many so-called health foods, it is very difficult to verify their function. Because food is different from medicine, food has fewer side effects and often has no significant effect on function. In order to confirm the function of Carolimit dietary supplements, Fangke made great efforts in the aspects of experimental objects and experimental methods, and tried to find the most suitable detection method.The final experimental results showed that the intake of Carolimit dietary supplements can inhibit postprandial blood glucose levels and blood neutral fat increases.


Supported by strong experimental data, in May 2000, Carolimit dietary supplements were officially put on the market, instantly causing great repercussions among young women aged 20 and 30. By March 2016, the product was recognized as the first nutritional supplement tablet with the function of "inhibiting sugar and fat absorption". By March 2017, more than 47 million bags had been sold.

However, with increasing age, the body's metabolic activity gradually weakened. Only inhibit the absorption of fat, sugar has been unable to meet the elderly consumers. For this reason, on the basis of Carolimit, Fangke launched a "Carolimit dietary supplement for adults" suitable for women over 40 years old in June 2014, which focuses on inhibiting the absorption of sugar and fat in the diet, while improving the ability of fat metabolism. Improve the physique that is easy to get fat and difficult to lose weight with age. Ingredients, on the basis of the original five ingredients, increased blindly more methoxy flavonoids. The sales of this product are also very impressive. As of March 2018, 5.2 million bags have been sold, and the sales in the first three months of this year reached 4.5 billion yen.

Dydo Carolimit Coix Seed Mixed Tea

Not only that, Fangke also cooperated with Dydo, one of the five major comprehensive beverage manufacturers in Japan, to develop a tea beverage that can easily ingest sugar-inhibiting and fat-absorbing ingredients-adult's Carolimit-coix seed mixed tea.


The DyDo brand was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1975 under the company name DyDo DRINCO,INC. and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2001. As for the source of its name, it is also very elegant, taken from the concentration of Dynamic, Do, Drink and Company. Today, Dydo has grown into one of the five major integrated beverage manufacturers in Japan. It is a well-known brand in Japan, with 280000 DyDo vending machines covering the streets and alleys of Japan, accounting for about 30% of the market share.

In addition, DyDo, with its strong research and development capabilities, makes the product line cover coffee, water, tea, fruit juice, carbonated, functional drinks, etc., and constantly introduces popular new products every year. With the increase of health demand, the market scale of functional labeled food is expanding year by year, but at the same time, consumer demand is becoming more and more diversified. To this end, Dydo will also focus on this, continue to expand the product range, to meet consumer demand for delicious, and strive to open up a broader market.

Carolimit Coix Seed Mixed Tea was launched on November 7, 2016. Its birth not only means that it is Dydo's first functional labeled food, but also the first time Carolimit adults Carolimit series has been put on the market in the form of a tea drink. At first, it is sold in convenience stores and stores. From this year, the products will also be put into the sales of vending machines. It is expected that the sales volume will further increase.

This product is a delicious and healthy product born by Dydo Company with its many years of beverage production experience and the strong nutrition research and development technology guarantee behind Fangke Company.In addition to the gymnemic acid originally contained in adult Carolimit, imino sugar (mulberry leaf alkaloid) contained in mulberry leaves, epigallocatechin gallate, chitosan, phaseolin and methoxyflavone in kidney beans, 5g of indigestible dextrin is added to each bottle, thus making the product have the effect of inhibiting the absorption and decomposition of dietary fat and sugar.


In addition to the pursuit of health, the product is also strictly controlled in terms of taste quality. This product is a mixed tea, selection, coix seed, green tea, fried baked tea, oolong tea, corn five kinds of raw materials, selected collocation, blending proportion. The tea is full-bodied, full-bodied and healthy, suitable for drinking with various delicacies.


The precise grasp of the market, the reliable brand image, and the chain effect of the combination of strong and strong forces have made the product a huge response once it is listed. Later, Dydo took advantage of the victory and cooperated with Fangke to develop adult's Carolimit Yulu Green Tea, which was put on the market on September 18, 2017.



Japan's first functional labeled food featuring ALA to control blood sugar

ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid) is a naturally occurring amino acid that is said to be known as the "source of life" associated with the birth of life on primitive Earth 3.6 billion years ago ". Although ALA has long been known, research and development on it has only begun in recent years. ALA has always been very expensive to produce, so only limited research can be carried out and cannot be put into the market in large quantities. Until the Cosmo oil company after a long study found that through the fermentation method can be invested more cheaply than the traditional price for mass production.

In 2008, SBI Holdings Limited and Cosmo Oil Company established a joint venture, SBI Pharma, to engage in the development and research of ALA-related pharmaceuticals. Subsequently, SBI ALApromo, Ltd. also came into being, mainly using ALA to manufacture and sell cosmetics and health food, striving to provide consumers with quality and valuable ALA products and high-quality services, and is committed to supporting everyone's healthy life.

In terms of functional labeled foods, SBI ALApromo has launched two products, namely ginkgo biloba and ALAPUS sugar TOWN. Among them, ALAPUS sugar TOWN ranked 13th on the list of functional labeled foods in 2017, and is a product loved by consumers and people in the industry.

It has been reported that diabetes is associated with the heme biosynthesis system, and that the ingestion of ALA, which is a precursor of the heme biosynthesis system, may lead to changes in glucose metabolism. Therefore, by examining the effects of ALA and iron intake on the glucose metabolism system, the researchers found that the intake of these two nutrients significantly improved fasting blood glucose. In the 2-hour glucose tolerance test, ALA and iron intake also significantly improved postprandial glycemic value.

Therefore, researchers believe that ALA, as a functional component, can increase sugar consumption by activating energy production in the body, so as to make high fasting blood glucose close to normal and stabilize the rise of postprandial blood glucose. Based on the above development background, ALAPUS sugar TOWN was put into the market on December 18, 2015, which is suitable for people with high blood sugar level, insufficient exercise and irregular living habits.



The biggest difference between this product and the blood sugar control products sold on the market today is two points:

First, most of the products sold on the market today control sugar by inhibiting sugar absorption. This product relies on the ALA component to promote the consumption of sugar absorbed in the cells to achieve the effect.

Second, this product is Japan's first functional labeled food made with ALA as a functional ingredient. Although ALA is mostly found in green vegetables and fermented foods that are beneficial to human health, it is difficult to consume large amounts through a general diet. The ALA contained in a capsule of this product is equivalent to 150kg of tomatoes and 93kg of spinach.


Moreover, this product does not need to consider before and after meals. It only needs to be taken once a day, one pill at a time, which is very convenient and easy to adhere. So excellent, the launch of a new product not only quickly captured the hearts of consumers, but also won a number of awards. This product won excellent awards in the "HIT Commodity Award (Health Food, Nutrition Subsidy Food Department)" of the 29th "HIT Commodity Award, Topic Commodity Award" in 2017 jointly organized by Drug Magazine and 81,000 generations. In the same year, he won the "Best Naming Award" in the "Retail Functional Labeling Food, Market Creation Contribution Award" held by H & B Monthly ". In addition, in the "Health Functional Food, Market Creation AWARDS" held by the Health Business Magazine in 2018, this product also won the "Store HIT Award".

Deep plowing in the field of tomatoes, a century-old enterprise can keep pace with the times.

Unlike Fangke and SBI's research and application of functional ingredients, Kagome, as the most popular fruit and vegetable juice brand in Japan, focuses on the continuous improvement of raw material varieties.

Tomato juice is the main product of Kecuomei. Since the first tomato juice was put on the market in 1933, it has continuously improved tomato varieties to deliver delicious and healthy to consumers at the same time. In view of the fact that the Japanese generally have insufficient vegetable intake, Kecumi has set her sights on fully tapping the nutritional value of tomatoes.

Lycopene is a natural ingredient rich in tomatoes. Kecuomei research found that lycopene can increase the content of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood of the human body. This kind of cholesterol can remove the accumulation of cholesterol on the inner wall of blood vessels, so that blood vessels are unobstructed, which is very beneficial to people with high blood lipids. After many experiments, Kecuomei has cultivated "Rinzi" special tomatoes with lycopene five times higher than ordinary varieties, and made them into juice.

▲ Kemei Rinzi Special Tomato Juice

The results of clinical trials show that continuous drinking of this kind of tomato for eight weeks can significantly increase the content of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in human blood. Studies have also shown that tomato juice also contains large amounts of GABA aminobutyric acid, which can effectively lower blood pressure.



As an aging country, "prolonging healthy life" is an extremely realistic social problem in Japan. How can special tomato juice contribute to prolonging the healthy life of the people? Kogumi specifically studied the vegetable intake time of Japanese people. The results show that compared to noon and evening, the body absorbs lycopene in the morning with the highest efficiency. Therefore, Kecuomei actively promotes the diet of drinking tomato juice in the morning through various channels. It not only greatly promoted the growth of product sales, but also helped many people develop good eating habits.

In February 2016, Kemi Rinzi special tomato juice won the title of functional food. The sales volume of that year increased by 328 compared with 2015, which instantly set off a drinking craze in Japan. In the last two years, sales are still increasing at a rate of 25%-30% per year.

Kecuomei's tomato juice includes salt, low salt and no salt, and is aimed at the general population and people who pay attention to salt intake and have poor kidney conditions. Since its establishment in 1899, Kecuomei has always conveyed to consumers the corporate philosophy of "contributing to human health by making full use of the value of agricultural products presented by nature. As a century-old enterprise, Kecuomei insists on introducing products that meet the needs of the times through technological innovation.