The world's major brands to develop healthy beverage market, their secret weapon is?

With the intensification of competition in the food and beverage industry, more and more companies are constantly looking for breakthroughs in improving formulas to meet the growing health needs of consumers. Even beverage giant Coca-Cola is constantly updating and iterating on the choice of sweeteners, just to tear off the "high sugar" label of carbonated drinks. As a non-caloric natural sweetener extracted from pure plants, stevia sugar has become a healthy choice for major brands.
According to Intermin statistics, by the end of 2017, there were 3526 food and beverage products containing stevia sugar, including 1514 beverage products. Such a high proportion also makes stevia sugar drinks everywhere. As a high-tech industry strongly supported by the state, it has the advantage of low calorie and no carbohydrate, but it is 200~350 times sweeter than sucrose. It has won the broad development prospect of the market, and it is bound to bring us a safer and healthier taste bud experience.
In the Chinese market, this craze for low-sugar beverages that contain stevia is also prevalent. From the unified "Xiao Ming classmate" to Nongfu Spring "tea π", the small fresh and natural style makes these products quickly capture consumers once they are on the market and continue to sell well. Coca-Cola, Danone, Kraft Heinz, Nestle and PepsiCo, which are following the consumer trend, have released new products.
01 This drink from Singapore has a sweet and sour apple flavor. The ingredients contain concentrated apple juice, vitamin C, l-theanine, etc. The stevia sugar not only does not reduce the flavor, but also makes it a fan of sugar-free lovers.
02 The Coca-Cola, which bears the label "Health Optimum", is currently available in Singapore and Malaysia. After adding sweet sugar chrysanthemum, it helps consumers reduce their sugar intake by 35%.
The Powerade ION4 orange-flavored drink from New Zealand has been described as a "body filling station". The addition of stevia makes it delicious and contains the following trace elements: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
04 This is a new type of tea from South Korea. The product contains 19.94% corn fiber extract. While adding stevia to ensure taste, it also establishes its healthy and low-sugar brand image.
05 this spring water drink with berry flavor from britain contains sweetener, vitamin c, e and zinc. the integration of stevia makes the fruit flavor more mellow and does not increase the sugar burden.
06 This is a sparkling citrus drink from Thailand made from real fruit juice containing 15% concentrated orange juice. The addition of stevia reduces the calories of this product, but also ensures the sweet taste of the citrus itself.
07 This uniquely packaged drink comes from the United States and contains ten essential nutrients and antioxidant ingredients, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin K and fiber. Mixing low-calorie stevia is beneficial to the improvement of taste.
08 British Minor Figures coffee, adding oat milk, cocoa and natural sweetener stevia sugar, to ensure the strong alcohol taste of milk and coffee, and effectively reduce the calories of the drink.
09 this drink from australia, play a pure natural label. Free of artificial sweeteners, artificial additives and preservatives. To maintain its fruit flavor, stevia was added as a sugar substitute.
10 This is a drink from the United States. It has a unique formula that can be quickly absorbed by the human body. It is added with pure natural and low-calorie stevia sugar, which is more attractive to young people who pursue health.
11 Fuze Tea from Belgium is a drink composed of green tea extract, natural mango flavor and chamomile flower flavor. After adding natural stevia, a fresh and sweet taste straight to the taste buds.
12 from Feel Good, Brazil, contains 0% calories and is rich in vitamin C. In order to balance health and taste, stevia sugar is specially added to create a unique and fresh flavor.
This one comes from Spain. It is made of 70% fruit. It uses natural sweet chrysanthemum as the main sweetener to enhance the flavor. It also contains trace elements such as magnesium and vitamin B.
Star Wars from the United States contains 10% fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners and caffeine. After the natural low-calorie stevia sugar is transferred, the taste buds will feel the carefree experience of full fire.
More than a dozen products, as the representative drinks of the main health market in countries all over the world, are gradually gaining a place in today's increasingly fierce market competition.
It is also fully proved that stevia is affecting the development of the food and beverage industry at a rapid speed, and has become the mainstay of pure natural sweeteners. This round of health low card battle, all regions of the world are involved. Maybe you're holding one of them in your hand!
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