Giants have layout plant drinks, health drinks is the market trend!

With the continuous improvement of consumers' economic level, their health awareness is generally increasing, and they gradually realize that high-sugar and high-calorie beverages have become one of the important factors leading to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The whole society's attitude towards beverages is changing, and the government and non-official organizations are beginning to formulate policies to guide the beverage industry towards a healthier track. Therefore, in the era of great health, green, nutrition and health will become an important trend in the development of the beverage industry.
Mengniu, Coca-Cola, Danone, Starbucks these giants have long been in the layout of the plant milk beverage market.
Silk Zhipu Mill, the first joint venture brand of Mengniu and WhiteWave Foods (Baibo Food Company) in China, has officially launched a brand-new formula plant nutrition series products in China, including walnut, almond, soybean milk and banana soybean milk.
Coca-Cola announced that it has reached an agreement with Unilever to buy AdeS from the latter, a brand that focuses on soybean beverages and fruit juices. This is another increase in the field of healthy plant-based beverages after Coca-Cola acquired a 100 percent stake in China Green Coarse Grain King in March this year.
Danone announced it would buy WhiteWave Foods for $56.25 a share, would receive its dairy brand HorizonOrganic as well as soy milk brand Silk.
Starbucks has officially launched a plant-based coconut milk drink, and the new coconut milk mocha macchiato was first sold in the United States and Canada.
Even Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-shing, is very interested in plant-based milk drinks.
Silicon Valley startup Perfect Day Foods has found a way to make vegetarian milk protein without using cows-by fermenting it with plant sugars and yeast. Perfect Day's milk keywords: delicious, high protein, lactose-free, hormone-free antibiotics steroids, cholesterol-free, healthier food, longer storage time, friendly to the earth. They raised $4 million, including the Victoria Harbour Capital of Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-shing.
What's more, the development of many years of enterprise transformation plant milk research and development. For example, after 92 years of development, Elmhurst Milked, one of the largest dairy companies in New York City, announced a successful transformation into a vegetarian milk company, focusing on the development of peanut milk.
Why take a fancy to plant drinks?
With the concept of healthy life gradually deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, people have a higher pursuit of health. Under this concept, plant beverages have slowly evolved from exploration to maturity, from the original herbal extracts of the 1.0 era to the current 2.0 plant extracts. With the gradual change and upgrading of consumer demand, people pay more and more attention to the nutritional value and health attributes of food and beverage, especially the demand for energy drinks is upgraded to lasting function and no burden on the body. Therefore, energy drinks with natural plants as raw materials are more and more popular.
Watch Forsenyuan Plant Energy Drink Drive
As a subsidiary of the ten billion Fusen Group, Fusen Big Health Industry Company has entered the plant energy drink market with huge sums of money. Relying on the group's strong technical research and development strength and financial strength, it will surely set off a storm of plant energy drinks!
Jin Jia caters to the trend of consumption upgrading and is rich in natural plant ingredients.
With the younger and younger consumers of energy drinks, the consumption concepts and lifestyles of the post-90s and post-00s mainstream consumers have also undergone earth-shaking changes from the "older generation" such as the post-80s. For the younger generation of users, energy drinks should not only meet their needs of playing hand games, going to nightclubs to relax, exercising, working overtime at the functional level of anti-fatigue and arousing physical vitality, but also need to be healthy and fashionable without too much burden on the body to meet the needs of their daily life scenes.
Segmentation of the young population market, direct hit the urban young people on the energy drink consumption pain point, seize the young people on the energy drink health fashion and the body without burden, can drink at any time, refreshing strong, anti-fatigue lasting consumption trend. In terms of ingredients, Jinjia chose ginseng, medlar, guarana, green tea, sea buckthorn fruit and other natural green plant ingredients to meet the new needs of young people. Natural plant extraction is easy to be absorbed by the human body, can fight against the free radicals produced by staying up late, reduce blood sugar, but also has an antioxidant effect, so that the body quickly recover.
Choose the reason for driving hard
01 Product Cow
Extraction of Global Plant Energy
Follow the big health trend.
Drive-plant energy, beyond imagination.
Extract five kinds of natural plant essence, convergence and fusion into plant energy emperor-Jin Jia
02 quality hard
Good water source, excellent raw materials, plus high technology
Achievement Quality Peak
Water source: Danjiangkou Reservoir, the water source of the middle route of the South-to-North Water transfer Project and the national first-class water source protection area, is our water source. The sweet Danjiang water goes all the way north to Beijing and Tianjin. Such good water makes Beijing people praise it! And good water is the basis of good drinks
Pharmaceutical grade production process control, 90 ° critical extraction technology, quality assurance! With the unique advantages of traditional beverage enterprises can not be compared!
03 Positioning
Accurately Detonate the Practical Demand of Outdoor Self-driving Travelers
At present, almost every household has a car, and outdoor self-driving tours have become a part of the daily leisure life of the public, covering a wide range of people. When playing outdoors, it is a rigid demand to make up energy when driving sleepy. Subdivide the market of outdoor self-driving travelers, directly attack the consumption pain points of travelers on the safety and side effects of traditional taurine and compound caffeine, and seize the consumption trend of travelers on energy drinks that are healthy and fashionable, can be drunk at any time, refreshing and strong, and anti-fatigue and lasting. In terms of ingredients, vigorously drive carefully
Five major natural plant material ingredients are selected to meet the new needs of the vast number of travelers for natural health.
As driving hard becomes the just need of travelers, they will be brought into more consumption scenes for drinking, such as outdoor sports, overtime, games and so on, which will release stronger consumption power.
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