High-end drinking water becomes the new engine of the beverage industry.

Bottled drinking water in China after years of development precipitation, its sales and market share continued to rise. At the same time, with the iterative upgrading of national requirements for drinking water quality, many well-known water enterprises at home and abroad have launched high-end aquatic products one after another. The domestic beverage giant COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongke Beverage") also launched "Zhongke Kamchatka" high-end drinking water this summer, adding another fire to this market.
The trend of "water going high" is obvious, and the beverage will lead the high-end water category.
Stimulated by the rapid development of market economy, the drinking natural mineral water industry has gradually ushered in large-scale development. According to the "2018 Research Report on the Market Prospect of China's Bottled Water Industry" released by the China Business Industry Research Institute, in recent years, the retail volume of my country's bottled water industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 10%. In 2017, the retail volume of my country's bottled water market exceeded the 100 million tons mark, an increase of about 10.95 percentage points year-on-year. The development space of the bottled water market is evident.
Among the many bottled drinking water products, the performance of the high-end water segment is particularly bright. Compared with ordinary bottled water, high-end aquatic products not only meet the basic conditions of water safety and high-quality water products, but also the water source is often an important basis for judging whether it is high-end. It is generally believed in the industry that only pure natural drinking water from glacier meltwater, original ecological water sources and longevity areas in the world can be classified as high-end water.
It is reported that the high-end aquatic products released by the beverage are derived from the Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal in Russia, and the population density (population/square kilometer) is less than 10. Among them, Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the Far East of Russia, close to the extremely cold land, inaccessible, and the ecological environment is close to the original state. It was once praised as the "land of ice and fire" by the National Geographic of the United States, and was once called no man's land in history. Lake Baikal, as a "living" ancient kingdom sealed by nature for 25 million years, not only has amazing water storage capacity, but also is far away from pollution, ecological protection is intact, and the self-circulation and extremely clean ecosystem for thousands of years has created today's extremely clear and pure water quality, which is the best choice for high-end water sources.
At present, the "Kako Kamchatka" drinking natural water that has been launched on the market has a sodium index of 3.6mg/L and a hardness of only 51mg/L. In the hardness index range of 50-150 known in the industry, it is soft drinking low-sodium water, which can effectively relieve physiological and metabolic pressure and is suitable for all people, especially infants and the elderly. In addition, the PH index of Kamchatka water is 7.8, which is a natural weak alkaline water and suitable for human consumption.
China can drink will "clean water, running water, whole water" as the world's three major standards of good water, is committed to exploring the world's high-quality water sources, to bring good quality water for the people! "Kamchatka" or in the summer to lead the high-end water market.
The competition pattern of domestic and foreign brands in the same field has not yet been determined. The giant has yet to enter the game.
In the 1980 s, foreign water company brands knocked on the door of the country and occupied my country's high-end water consumption market for a long time. Until 2005, the rapid growth of bottled drinking water sales and consumers' huge demand for high-quality water made the market successfully attract domestic The major beverage giants have become the latest battlefield for their beach landing. At present, various water companies at home and abroad have made their debut. In July this year, the launch of high-end water products in China's high-end water market means that China's high-end water market has attracted a strong giant to enter the game, and the horse racing battle of the subdivision track will also usher in a climax. COFCO's official website wrote in a notice on May 11 about the signing of processing and export transportation agreements between China Beverage and Russia's Baikal Sea Company, "China Beverage actively explores development opportunities, cultivates new growth points for water categories, relies on professional platform operation, introduces high-quality natural water sources from Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal, promotes industrial upgrading with consumer demand upgrading, builds high-end bottled water brands, and enhances its market competitiveness."
However, compared with the huge market scale of our country, the performance of many high-end aquatic products and the brands behind them in the past has often backfired. Although the reasons are different, it is nothing more than insufficient market promotion, limited brand marketing ability, and consumption. The group still needs to be cultivated and other factors. The existing domestic sales channels of high-end aquatic products are often the same as those of low-end aquatic products, and the sales channels are not closely linked to the consumption and drinking scenes that meet the product characteristics. The performance of brand marketing is usually lackluster, either because foreign companies are not satisfied with the communication and promotion of Chinese consumers, or because domestic companies have limited brand marketing efforts and capabilities.
Some industry-related research reports pointed out that for water companies, scale effects and channel diversification are the core elements of their continued profitability, and the formation of product differences and brand effects is the key to winning in the competition. After high-end drinking water products meet the basic thresholds of excellent water quality and rare water sources, there is an urgent need to deepen the optimization of product sales channels, establish differentiated awareness of products and brands, and increase marketing efforts. These requirements seem easy, but in fact they are extremely testing the comprehensive ability of the enterprise. Based on the long-term sales experience accumulation and global resource layout of China's beverage in the whole country, its extensive sales channels, strong brand promotion ability and consumer recognition of the brand are obviously better than other enterprises. The latest high-end drinking water products of China's beverage will emerge suddenly and become a dark horse in China's high-end water market.
(Source: China Food Network)
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