"Green food brand" key industry science and technology project support direction

According to the "Three-year Action Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation to Support and Create a" Green Food Brand "(2018-2020)", focus on supporting tea, flowers, fruits, nuts, coffee, beef cattle and other industries to solve major scientific and technological problems that restrict industrial development. The project application can refine the research content, topic setting, assessment indicators, etc. according to the support direction. In principle, no more than 5 topics are set for each project.
Research and development of key technology and equipment for green production of Yunnan Pu'er tea in 1.
Research contents: Pu'er tea fermentation technology; tea deep processing and quality and safety control technology; clean production equipment automation, intelligent key technology, etc.
Main objectives: to improve the tea quality production control standard system, to achieve Pu 'er tea products from "tea garden" to "tea cup" quality and safety traceability; Research and construction of Pu 'er tea automatic cleaning production line, tea cake automatic forming and packaging production line; Drive the province's Pu 'er tea intensive processing proportion increased to more than 80%.
2. Yunhua Breeding System Construction and Green Production Technology Innovation and Industrialization
Research contents: improved seed rapid propagation technology; green production technology; integrated demonstration of post-harvest storage and transportation technology standards.
Main objectives: focus on fresh cut flowers, woody flowers and other ornamental flowers, establish a rapid propagation system of clones, realize large-scale and factory production of high-quality seedlings, build a green planting technology system, develop supporting facilities and equipment, develop 5-8 green production technology standards, establish more than 5 green and efficient production technology demonstration bases, and reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers by more than 30%. Establish technical standards for post-harvest storage and transportation.
Key Technology Research and New Product Development of 3. Yunhua Deep Processing
Research content: deep processing and new product development technology; "Internet" technology application.
Main objectives: around the whole industry chain of flowers, explore new formats, cultivate new subjects, and form new industrial growth points. Establish a production line for deep processing of flower products (cosmetics, flavors and fragrances, food and beverages, dried flowers, etc.); develop more than 80 new products; form more than 20 production technical standards and procedures; establish 3-5 flower tourism demonstration bases.
Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies of 4. Yunnan Characteristic High Quality Fruit Industry
Research contents: rapid propagation and quality control technology of healthy seedlings; green production technology; key technology of post-harvest treatment and storage and transportation.
Main objectives: focusing on the production of high-quality and high-grade fresh fruits, recruiting large businessmen and building platforms, strengthening the research and development and application demonstration of varieties and production technologies, and greatly improving the added value and comprehensive benefits of the fruit industry. Focus on apple, grape, pomegranate, kiwi fruit, blueberry, pear and other Yunnan characteristic fruits, breeding more than 20 new varieties of high quality and disease resistance (insect resistance); Establish a breeding system of 50 million healthy seedlings out of the nursery to meet the needs of 500000 mu of varieties; Formulate green production standards or technical regulations to reduce the application amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizers by more than 10%; Increase the supply of medium and high-end fruits, and fresh fruit harvest commodity rate by more than 10%.
Key Technology Research and Industrialization Demonstration of 5. Macadamia Deep Processing
Research contents: Macadamia nut new variety promotion and compound management technology; Macadamia nut picking, peeling, drying, storage and other primary processing key technology; deep processing and functional series product development technology; Macadamia nut by-product comprehensive utilization technology.
Main objectives: to make up for the lack of deep processing of the macadamia nut industry, to nut health leisure food development, functional product development as the focus, to support the sustained and stable development of the macadamia nut industry. Breeding 1-2 new macadamia nut varieties, establishing a quality improvement and efficiency enhancement demonstration area of 200 mu, radiating 50000 mu, and increasing the output value of the promotion area by more than 0.1 billion yuan; Cultivating more than 2 enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan.
Processing Technology Integration and Application of 6. Yunnan Fine Coffee
Research contents: coffee fresh fruit mechanization picking technology, color selection technology, raw bean hot air circulation drying technology; instant coffee high temperature and high pressure circulation countercurrent high efficiency extraction technology, coffee liquid low temperature concentration freeze drying technology; coffee essential oil extraction production technology.
Main objectives: to guide the cluster development of deep processing enterprises, to transform and upgrade deep processing technology as the core, improve the output of specialty coffee, and promote the transformation of the industry from scale and quantity to quality and efficiency. The proportion of fine coffee increased to 10%-15%; Independent research and development of a full set of instant spray dry powder, freeze-dried powder, coffee essential oil extraction production technology, to achieve the localization of new deep processing equipment.
Research and Application of Key Technologies of Organic Chinese Herbal Medicine Industry in 7. Forest
Research contents: research and development and demonstration of organic Chinese herbal medicine planting technology under coniferous forest and broad-leaved forest; technical standards for pest and disease prevention and control of organic Chinese herbal medicine planting under forest; quality evaluation and product processing of organic Chinese herbal medicine under forest.
Main objectives: to breed new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine such as notoginseng, polyphylla and Polygonatum sideratum planted organically under coniferous forest, to build an organic planting system and to demonstrate and popularize 30000 mu; To breed new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine such as Dendrobium and Salvia miltiorrhiza planted organically under broad-leaved forest, to build an organic planting base of 2000 mu and to demonstrate and popularize 30000 mu.
Research on the Key Technology of Improving the Competitiveness of 8. Plateau Characteristic Beef Cattle Industry
Research contents: continuous breeding and application of Yunling cattle; innovation and development and utilization of Yunnan characteristic cattle germplasm resources; research and development of comprehensive prevention and control technology of Yunnan border beef cattle disease; research on integrated technology of forage and feed.
Main objectives: Yunling cattle core population size of more than 2000 heads; Complete the construction of breeding farms for six local characteristic beef cattle breeds, Wenshan cattle, central Yunnan yellow cattle, betel Langjiang buffalo, Dehong buffalo, Zhongdian yak and Dulong cattle, so that each breeding farm has a stock size of more than 500 heads. Cultivate 20 brands of green beef products; Rapidly increase the supply of cattle and high-quality beef.
Research and industrialization demonstration of new functional and nutritional health food with 9. characteristics
Research contents: research on characteristic components and specific quality of Yunnan characteristic agricultural products; research and industrialization demonstration of efficient utilization of functional components of characteristic agricultural products; research and development of key technologies and industrialization demonstration of special food processing; research and development of special medical food based on characteristic agricultural products; research and application of key technologies and standards for processing of new fine and special agricultural products.
Main objectives: research and development to create a number of new special medical food, special food, fine characteristics of agricultural products, to seize the commanding heights of the agricultural products processing industry. Through the implementation of the project, the specific quality of more than 10 varieties, more than 10 characteristic components, more than 20 functional components and the formation of efficient utilization technology; the development of 20 functional foods, more than 3 special medical foods, 10 special food; the formation of more than 20 high-precision agricultural products processing key technologies and standards.
Development and Demonstration Application of Key Technologies for 10. Food Quality and Safety Control
Research contents: environmental purification technology of origin; green production technology; traceability technology of the whole industrial chain of green agricultural products (Internet of things and big data); rapid detection technology and equipment development of food safety.
Main objectives: to form a batch of key and integrated green plans, core technologies, green standards, green products, whole-process plans, green systems, etc. to support the "green food brand", and to establish a 100000-mu core demonstration area; The popularization and application of various green technologies covered 85%, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in crops achieved zero growth, and the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and pesticides reached 45%. The comprehensive utilization rate of waste reached 65%, and the recovery rate of agricultural film reached 65%; formulate 30 green technical standards, formulate a "green food brand" agricultural product green quality traceability technology system, and build a big data and service sharing platform.
Provincial Science and Technology Department Education Center
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