This oldest natural drink, how to drink a healthy body

Milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as "white blood", the importance of the human body can be imagined. However, drinking milk is also quite exquisite. If you drink it right, you can prolong your life and strengthen your body. If you drink it wrong, it is likely to increase your body's pain.
Benefits of drinking milk?
Drink milk, can lower cholesterol!
The cholesterol contained in milk is not high, and some ingredients in milk also have the effect of inhibiting cholesterol. Medical research has confirmed that drinking milk can also help reduce coronary heart disease and treat high blood pressure.
If you want good teeth, milk is indispensable every day!
Milk, especially pasteurized milk, contains a lot of active calcium with high absorption rate, as well as phosphorus and vitamin D to help absorb calcium. Drinking milk every day can provide enough raw materials for building strong teeth. The active peptides in pasteurized milk can also prevent dental caries and protect dental health.
Drink more milk to detoxify, it's true!
Milk can prevent the human body from absorbing toxic metal lead and cadmium in food, and drinking milk every day also helps to expel heavy metals from the body. When taking heavy metals by mistake, in addition to playing 120, you should drink a lot of milk immediately to buy time for professional medical treatment.
How to drink milk correctly?
The thicker the milk, the better?
Some people think that the thicker the milk, the more nutrients the body gets, which is unscientific. The so-called thick milk refers to adding more milk powder and less water to the milk, so that the concentration of milk exceeds the normal proportion standard, so that not only will there be more absorption, but will increase the burden on the body. Infants and young children should pay special attention to, according to the correct proportion of drinking milk, is the most healthy.
Milk chocolate is more nutritious?
Some people think that since milk is a high-protein food and chocolate is an energy food, it must be beneficial to eat both at the same time, but this is not the case.
Liquid milk and chocolate will make the calcium in milk and oxalic acid in chocolate produce chemical reaction, the formation of "calcium oxalate". As a result, calcium, which has nutritional value, has become harmful to the human body, resulting in calcium deficiency, diarrhea, delayed development of children, dry hair and other problems.
Milk and eggs are the perfect breakfast?
The breakfast of milk and eggs is actually not scientific. Now more than 9% of children only eat milk and eggs in the morning, and food has been absent in breakfast for a long time. The milk egg itself is a good thing, but it is used in the wrong place.
After more than ten hours of energy consumption a night, the human body urgently needs to rely on a breakfast rich in carbohydrates to replenish energy in the morning, while milk and eggs are mainly protein, which is not nutritionally balanced.
milk rice soup porridge nutrition most balanced?
Such a combination can lead to malnutrition in infants and young children. Milk contains vitamin A, while rice soup and porridge are mainly starch-based, which contains lipoxygenase, which destroys vitamin A.
Children, especially infants and young children, if the intake of vitamin A is insufficient, will make infants and young children stunted, weak and sickly. Therefore, even for nutritional supplements, the two should be eaten separately.
Milk orange juice or lemon juice is more delicious?
Some people suggest adding orange juice or lemon juice to milk, which seems to be a good way, but in fact, orange juice and lemon are high fruit acid products, and fruit acid meets the protein in milk, which will denature the protein, thus reducing the nutritional value of protein.
Milk medicine is OK?
The use of drugs with milk is extremely wrong and dangerous. Milk can obviously affect the absorption rate of drugs by the human body. Taking medicine with milk can easily cause the drug to form a covering film, so that mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium in milk react with the drug to generate water-insoluble substances, which not only reduces The efficacy of the medicine may also cause harm to the body. Therefore, it is best not to drink milk within 1 or 2 hours before and after taking the medicine.
what time to drink milk calcium effect is best?
The heat energy supply for breakfast accounts for 25% to 30% of the total heat energy demand of the human body. Drinking a glass of milk at breakfast, combined with eggs or bread, can provide sufficient nutrition.
At about 4 pm, it is better to drink milk before dinner. Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed at night helps to sleep, and it is better to drink milk with a few biscuits.
Milk contains L tryptophan, a biochemical substance that can make people tired and sleepy, and trace morphine substances. These substances have certain sedative and hypnotic effects, especially L tryptophan, which is the main raw material for the brain to synthesize hydroxyl color. Serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep. It can temporarily inhibit brain thinking activities, thus making people want to sleep without any side effects, and milk sticks to the stomach wall to absorb well, the calcium in milk can also remove tension.
so, what people suitable to drink milk calcium?
Osteoporosis patients
Experts pointed out that osteoporosis is not only related to the lack of calcium, but also closely related to the deficiency of manganese and vitamin D. Because the trace element manganese is not only involved in the activation process of many enzymes in the body, but also promotes the body's absorption of mineral elements calcium together with vitamin D.
Experts suggest that patients with osteoporosis should be under the guidance of doctors, while undergoing drug treatment and physical exercise, it is best to eat some milk frequently. This is because milk is rich in highly active minerals such as calcium, manganese and vitamin D, which can play a good auxiliary therapeutic role for patients.
Pregnant women
Every pregnant woman needs calcium supplement, not only the pregnant woman herself needs calcium supplement, but also the formation of fetal bones. If the pregnant woman lacks calcium, it is easy to induce calf cramps and osteoporosis, which will cause fetal congenital rickets. Therefore, calcium supplement is very important during pregnancy. The source of calcium is generally milk, dairy products, shellfish food (shrimp, shrimp), soybeans and so on.
Growth and development of children
Children need to supplement a variety of nutrients, of which calcium is the most indispensable ingredient. Expert investigation found that most of the residents in our country lack the absorption of calcium. If the calcium supplement is not strengthened, the elderly are prone to osteoporosis. In addition, experts also said that drinking milk is currently the best way to supplement calcium. If you are not willing to drink milk, soy milk and yogurt are also possible.
Whole milk is good for health
A new study conducted by nutritionists found that the milk fat in milk contains a variety of anti-cancer compounds. Drinking whole milk is more beneficial to health. If you choose to eat fat-free milk in order to protect the heart and maintain an ideal weight Products, then, it is possible to give up the anti-cancer substances in milk fat.
Tests have shown that milk fat contains bound linoleic acid that can prevent the growth of various tumors. This is an essential fatty acid for the human body, which can only be supplemented in food and cannot be synthesized by the human body. Combined with linoleic acid can inhibit the growth of human malignant melanoma, rectal and colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and other cancer cell lines. And milk fat, is the most abundant natural food containing bound linoleic acid.
In addition to the presence of this anti-cancer substance in milk fat, cows can also extract B- carotene, B- purple ketone, gossypol and other substances with potential anti-cancer effects, and transfer them to milk. So, often drink whole milk, can prevent the occurrence of many kinds of cancer.
Yak milk powder is a real plateau natural pollution-free, no additives, no hormones, no drug residues of organic whole milk powder, is several times the nutritional value of ordinary milk. We pay attention to the above points, insist on drinking yak milk every day, the body will be great.
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