Ten Natural Foods with Steroid Efficacy

Testosterone is a natural steroid hormone found naturally in men and women. It plays a vital role in the growth and development of muscle tissue, as well as overall strength, endurance, athletic ability, recovery speed and body composition.
Steroids, as imitations and variants of testosterone, are created to help patients whose health and growth are affected by the lack of hormones.
For normal healthy people, through the use of exogenous testosterone, the body will expand the positive effect on the existing basis, that is, we often say bigger, faster and stronger.
Whether for natural bodybuilders or bodybuilders who use steroids, food is a very important part of bodybuilding behavior.
The human body can naturally produce a series of hormones (individual level is very different), but if there is a lack of adequate nutrition, this self-mechanism will be greatly limited. The following is a list of ten foods that are very beneficial to muscle growth. I hope it will be helpful to your muscle growth.
Spinach is indeed an anabolic food, which can increase the production of testosterone and other anabolic hormones in the body.
Muscle friends, don't get me wrong, I'm really not advertising the classic cartoon Popeye.
Spinach is rich in magnesium, iron and zinc, which all contribute to the production of hormones (goat fitness has published special articles on these substances, which can be consulted in previous push)
Spinach also contains a lot of vitamin K, A and C. Don't think that increasing muscle is crazy to supplement protein. These trace elements are also very important.
whole egg
Please note that I am talking about the whole egg!
Why not the egg?
Because many muscle friends will abbreviate the concept of egg into egg white!
Eggs are high-quality protein eaten by bodybuilders all over the world. Egg yolk contains healthy cholesterol, B vitamins, iron, choline and many high-quality nutrients that you can't remember even if you list them. They can promote us very well. The secretion and production of natural hormones in the body.
Don't blindly put excessive cholesterol in the mouth, that is a very stupid and ridiculous thing! When you say this, you should first ask yourself: Have I checked my cholesterol?
For a young and regular strength training person, the problem of cholesterol seems to be a bit of a mountain out of a molehill, especially for natural bodybuilders, cholesterol is the precursor of testosterone hormones in the body, and the right amount of healthy cholesterol is good for the body.
Therefore, ignorance is terrible, but blind self-knowledge is more terrible.
The advantages of asparagus needless to say, whether in the field of bodybuilding or Crossfit or other sports related to strength, the big coffee's oven and lunch box always flash their shadow.
Asparagus is not only rich in B vitamins that promote metabolism, but also can improve the body's energy level. It is rich in minerals, especially magnesium.
Asparagus is also an important source of D-AA or D-aspartic acid. The main effect of D-AA is to increase the libido and fertility of the eater. In other words, it can promote the eater to increase the level of free testosterone.
Yes, it's the banana you often eat before or after training, or at snack times.
When it comes to bananas, the first reaction of many people is carbohydrate, which is not wrong. Bananas are very high-quality carbohydrate and rich in potassium.
But bananas are also rich in bromelain and B vitamins. Bromelain is an enzyme that helps maintain healthy testosterone levels in the body. It can also inhibit the production of cortisol to a certain extent. After all, for most people, it is always happy when eating bananas (this sentence has nothing to do with the harmonious picture)
Broad Bean
Broad beans are rich in levodopa. After eating broad beans, levodopa will work in about an hour. It can increase the growth hormone circulating in the body.
Growth hormone should be very familiar to readers of goat fitness. The platform has published at least ten special articles related to it. Please check it yourself.
Raw Oysters
Oysters are commonly known as "love food" because they are classified as aphrodisiac foods.
Oysters are rich in amino acids, minerals, and nitric oxide, which are essential for promoting the secretion of testosterone and enhancing libido.
On the other hand, oysters are low in calories and delicious. Apart from the slightly higher price, they are indeed impeccable.
But as the sales classic: expensive things are good except for expensive things. Cheap things are not good except for cheap things.
Avocado is called "natural butter". The potassium content of avocado is even 35% higher than that of banana. In addition, it is also rich in protein and soluble fiber, which can make consumers feel full and happy.
Avocado is rich in oleic acid, which can reduce harmful low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Before or after training, wrap avocado slices with poached eggs and whole wheat slices and match them with a cup of passion fruit flavored branched chain amino acids!
Quinoa, a grain native to South America, is rich in vitamins, minerals (zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium) and compounds called ecdysteroids, which are great for building muscle.
It can be mixed with rice, sprinkled in salads, or stirred with protein powder into a super drink.
Figs contain large doses of arginine and leucine, both of which help promote protein synthesis.
Protein synthesis is a natural process carried out by the human body. For people who increase muscle, lifting iron is only one part of the game. The synthesis efficiency after leaving the gym is the beginning of determining how much you can really earn.
Wild Oats
Wild oats are rich in B vitamins, iron, zinc, and magnesium, which can help increase the secretion of testosterone.
Wild oats are also rich in steroidal saponins, which can enhance the body's natural testosterone levels because it can stimulate the production and secretion of luteinizing hormone, which helps release bound testosterone to become free testosterone, which in turn promotes muscle growth and repair.
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