Chlorophyll: food safety no longer worry, to prevent a carcinogen!

Chlorophyll is a very good product in the Australian market and has received a lot of recognition from our compatriots. The purpose of this paper is to combine the domestic food safety issues, targeted analysis of chlorophyll to prevent cancer, clean up the role of additives such as pesticides in the body.
Chlorophyll and its function
Chlorophyll is one of the most important pigments related to photosynthesis and is a unique component of plants, so other organisms must rely on additional intake. Its main functions are: hematopoiesis, providing vitamins, detoxification, lifting drug residues in the body, preventing cancer, etc. Due to the frequent exposure of food safety issues in China, it is particularly important to exclude pesticide residues in the body and prevent cancer.
hematopoietic function
Nobel laureates Dr. RichardWillstatter and Dr. Hans Fisher found that chlorophyll molecules are very similar to human hemoglobin molecules in structure, the only difference is that their cores are magnesium atoms and iron atoms. Therefore, drinking chlorophyll will be of great help to the maternal and accidental blood loss.
Release pesticide residues and radiation from the body
Chlorophyll removes toxins from pesticides and drug residues and combines with radioactive substances to excrete them from the body. In addition, he also found that generally healthy people have higher blood counts than sick patients, but after absorbing a large amount of chlorophyll, the blood count of sick patients will increase and their health will improve.
Our daily intake of carcinogens-aflatoxins
In 1993, aflatoxin was designated as a class 1 carcinogen by the cancer research organization of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is 68 times more toxic than arsenic and is a highly toxic substance. The harmfulness of aflatoxin is that it has a destructive effect on human and animal liver tissue, and can lead to liver cancer and even death in severe cases. Aflatoxin B1 is the most common in naturally contaminated foods, and its toxicity and carcinogenicity are also the strongest. More than 20 species of aflatoxin have been found so far. Mainly pollute grain and oil food, animal and plant food, etc.; such as peanuts, corn, rice, wheat, beans, nuts, meat, milk and dairy products, aquatic products, etc. are all contaminated by aflatoxin.
Aflatoxins are almost unavoidable in agricultural products, and humans who do not want to starve to death have no choice but to eat some. All countries in the world can only set a "limited standard". The concentration of aflatoxin is carefully regulated in the United States, but it is often found in foods in developing countries, especially those with poor food safety.
Since it cannot be avoided, it is necessary to choose chlorophyll
A new study in Corvallis, Oregon, found that chlorophyll and its derivative chlorophyllin can effectively limit the body's absorption of aflatoxin. George Bailey, a distinguished professor of environmental and molecular toxicology at Oregon State University, pioneered a group of aflatoxins in China. Through a new "Phase 0" method, it is able to safely test low concentrations of carcinogens in human volunteers to measure the total level of aflatoxin exposure and determine the effect of chlorophyll consumption on reducing this exposure. The results of the study have just been published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.
In their study, Jubert and colleagues gave human volunteers a very low dose of aflatoxin and labeled it with a carbon -14 isotope. They then gave the volunteers the same dose of aflatoxin and chlorophyll. Using an accelerator mass spectrometer, they measured the bioavailability of aflatoxin. Their study showed rapid absorption of aflatoxin, which was significantly limited after chlorophyll and chlorophyllin treatment.
"In this study, it is clear that these results warrant further investigation," Mata said. "We showed that aflatoxin is absorbed very quickly and that chlorophyll and chlorophyllin have an attenuating effect, preventing this poison from entering the bloodstream."
Should I choose medicine or tablets?
Many friends prefer liquid medicine when buying chlorophyll, and think that liquid medicine is better than tablets. But in fact, the two forms have their own advantages, there is no one form is obviously better than the other form, the correct way should be to buy according to their own actual situation.
Generally speaking, the absorption effect of liquid medicine is good, but the nutrients are very easy to be destroyed, and the nutritional composition of tablets is very stable. If you are a friend living in Australia, buy directly from a pharmacy or supermarket, and take health products at home regularly, which greatly reduces the chance of nutrients being destroyed. It is recommended to consider the liquid medicine with good absorption effect. If you are a friend living in China, you have to go through several weeks of logistics to get the goods. It is not recommended to pursue high absorption liquid medicine unilaterally. You should choose tablets or capsules with stability advantages to achieve the best results.
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