Starbucks and Pepsi have picked up the tea market with consumption exceeding 6 million tons, and even millet has crossed borders?

With the rise of China's economy and the continuous promotion of foreign exports, products representing Chinese culture and tradition are bound to rise. Tea, a traditional carrier with spiritual connotation, will be more and more accepted by consumers at home and abroad.


Starbucks, Pepsi to enter tea market


Retail sales of kombucha and other fermented beverages in the United States grew by as much as 37.4 percent in 2017. Starbucks has ventured into high-growth fermented tea beverages with its organic juice Evolution Fresh brand, announcing the launch of its own Kombucha line (kombucha-juice), called Evolution Fresh Organic Kombucha. Glass-bottled kompu teas will be available for the first time in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and New York City, and are expected to be released across the United States next spring.

Source: Eater, Daily Food Network


Starbucks mixes cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice with fermented tea charm and introduces six flavors: ginger lemon honey crisp apple, mango pineapple, ginger tea green, spicy fruit green, pink grapefruit and turmeric pineapple coconut, 15.2 oz/bottle, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free.

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One of the biggest growth opportunities for Pepsi KeVita now is the newly launched Master Brew Kombucha series (teas fermented with a mixture of active bacteria and yeast, and the carbon dioxide, alcohol and acetic acid used to provide foam and a slight vinegar taste are all from the fermentation process).


KeVita Master Brew Kombucha contains active probiotics, active cultures, organic acids, organic caffeine per bottle and contains only 35 calories per 8 oz. It is also the only proven non-alcoholic kombucha on the market. The product is sold in Safeway and selected Whole Foods stores nationwide.


Global tea market


According to statistics, the global tea production has increased steadily. In 2017, the global tea consumption was about 5.44 million tons. It is estimated that the global tea consumption in 2018 will be 5.77 million tons, and the consumption will exceed 6 million tons by 2020. Among them, the tea production of China and India ranks first in the world. It is estimated that by 2022, my country's tea production will reach 3.34 million tons, domestic sales will reach 2.88 million tons, and export volume will reach 849400 tons, making it the country with the largest tea export volume in the world.


In the American tea market, young people have a high acceptance of tea. The proportion of people under the age of 30 who drink tea and coffee is equal. 27% of young people say that they only drink tea but not coffee. According to data from the American Tea Association, the size of the US tea market has more than quadrupled in the past 20 years.


Canada's tea consumption in 2020 is expected to increase by 40% compared to today, and health awareness is a key driver of this growth. Australia's largest tea chain T2 now has more than 60 chain stores in Australia and overseas, selling about 9 million cups of tea every month.


millet cross border tea?


The tea categories favored by young consumer groups in China, such as online red tea and tribute tea, have become popular, and the field of brewing tea has finally become unbearable. The first to do it was Xiaomi's Lei Jun.


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At the beginning of 2015, Lei Jun led Shun Wei Capital's round A capital investment of tens of millions of US dollars in Drunken Mall (a tea vertical e-commerce platform). In July this year, its main consumption upgrade, positioning high-end quality e-commerce platform "Mijia Youpin" low-key launch of the first tea product "Pingzhe Wuwei Mingcha", this is also the first time millet directly launched tea products, the first test was a great success, so far, millet layout of tea bag market ambition more and more clear.


In addition to meeting the needs of making tea at any time and drinking tea at will, Mijia Youpin's flat tea intends to give it more added value. After sweeping the science and technology circle with the concepts of "high cost performance" and "black technology", it has set off another upgrade in the brewing tea market.


Cooperate with well-known designers and artists at home and abroad to create simple and fashionable tea packaging, create a tea brand for young people, and make tea no longer antique. The six flat-tone teabags on line are rum wine flower fruit tea, Dr. Louis tea, rose black tea, royal earl black tea, jasmine dragon ball and osmanthus oolong tea. The fashionable matching form combines with Germany's strict processing technology.


New Trends of Health Consumption


More and more consumers are turning to healthier foods. Conforming to this consumption trend and providing them with healthy lifestyle beverages, such as functional beverages, specific fermented foods and products, will become the new trend of health food, natural and organic food and beverage industry in the future.


In order to meet the exchanges and cooperation of the vast number of production enterprises, processing enterprises, traders and related processing equipment manufacturers in the field of healthy natural organic food and beverage, and to open up a broad domestic and foreign food market, Sinophobe Reed Exhibition will hold the first "Guangzhou (International) Natural Food and Beverage Expo" in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair from December 4 to 6 this year to realize the organic integration of healthy nutrition and healthy food.


At that time, there will be organic food, health food, organic food, functional food, green food, natural products, health drinks, functional drinks, sports drinks and other suppliers from home and abroad to show the world's most advanced products.


Professional convergence of forward-looking forums

A three-day wonderful business exchange forum customized for professional buyers in the industry. Industry leaders and experts will share the hot spots, latest market information and trends in the health food industry on the spot, providing good opportunities for learning, communication and contact with each other.


Interactive Experience World Tour

The exhibition has an in-depth understanding of food market development trends in many countries and regions, helping to specify market strategies and increase market share. Well-known international brands will also enter the exhibition, including the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, India, Finland, Switzerland, France, Taiwan and other international and regional.


Focus on the resource integration of the whole industry chain

Share the resources of professional food buyers related to China Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE), and focus on inviting high-end channels such as health food/beverage distributors, agents, direct sales stores, chain pharmacies, and chain stores across the country to organize on-site purchases.


Relying on regional advantages to break through industrial innovation and development

Guangdong food culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has strong consumption ability, which meets the market development needs of healthy food/beverage, and lays a good foundation for the majority of manufacturers to enter South China and expand domestic and foreign market share.