It is called "one of the healthiest foods" by the United Nations Health Organization "!

All say red wine is good, what is good?
Red wine can beauty health. Red wine is called the only alkaline alcoholic drink in the world, and it is called "one of the healthiest foods" by the United Nations Health Organization, so every time it mentions red wine, it is very desirable.
The main substances in wine include: water, alcohol, proanthocyanidins, resveratrol, tannins, vitamins and minerals. Among them, proanthocyanidin, resveratrol and tannin are natural antioxidants and preservatives, which can slow down aging, maintain appearance, and have the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease. It can be said that these three substances are an important source of red wine beauty and health effects.
Proanthocyanidins, also known as grape seed extract, are widely found in wine and grape fruit.
Proanthocyanidins is a highly effective antioxidant, can effectively alleviate the aging of the human body. Experiments show that the antioxidant capacity of OPC is 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C, and it is absorbed quickly and completely, and the action time is long. It can improve blood circulation, eliminate edema, protect the heart and cardiovascular and other health care effects.
In the 1970 s, scientists first discovered that grapes contained resveratrol, and then found resveratrol in peanuts and mulberries.
Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that can delay aging and prevent various diseases. At present, resveratrol is basically extracted from wine or grape fruits. It is precisely because of its existence that red wine is known as a good product for health preservation.
Tannin this material mainly comes from grape skins and seeds, is to let the red wine drink astringent material, is a natural preservative.
Tannins have antioxidant effects. Like proanthocyanidins and resveratrol, they are all natural antioxidants. Medical studies have shown that tannins can lower blood lipids and cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis; and can astringe skin, anti-wrinkle and whitening. Therefore, don't refuse red wine because of its bitterness. The bitterness of red wine is the key to red wine.
The beauty effect of red wine does exist, but it takes time to accumulate. A bottle of red wine is drunk 4-6 times and lasts for ten years. You will get unexpected results ~
How useful is red wine?!
1 red wine can increase appetite
Wine bright color, clear and transparent posture, make people pleasing; Pour into the cup, fruity wine year nose; Tasting wine tannins with astringency, promote appetite. The unique wine flavor and ingredients determine that it is most suitable for accompaniment, it can not only appetizer, digestion and improve the quality of the meal, but also make people excited and relaxed.
2 red wine has a tonic effect
The natural raw materials and brewing process in wine make it contain a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are all nutrients that the human body must supplement and absorb. It can be absorbed directly by the body without prior digestion. Especially for the infirm, regular drinking the right amount of wine is beneficial to restore health. The phenolic substances and Olido elements in wine have the function of oxidizing agents, which can prevent the reactive oxygen (Ros) produced in the process of human metabolism from harming the human body (such as DNA and RNA in cells). These injuries are one of the factors that lead to some degenerative diseases, such as cataract, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and aging.
3 red wine helps digestion
In the stomach, 60-100g of wine can increase the production of normal gastric juice by 120 ml (including 1g of free hydrochloric acid). Wine is conducive to the assimilation of proteins; the tannins of red wine can increase the contractility of smooth muscle fibers in the intestinal muscle system. Therefore, wine can adjust the function of the colon and has a certain effect on colitis.
4 red wine has the role of beauty and anti-aging
Wine unique containing polyphenols and other organic compounds, so that wine can reduce blood lipids, inhibit bad cholesterol, soften blood vessels, enhance cardiovascular function and heart activity. And beauty, anti-aging effect.
5 red wine has a weight loss effect
Wine has the effect of reducing weight, with 525 calories per liter of dry wine, which is only 1/15 of the average daily calorie requirement of the human body. After drinking, wine can be directly absorbed and digested by the human body, and the whole part is consumed within 4 hours without gaining weight. Therefore, people who often drink dry wine can not only supplement the water and nutrients needed by the human body, but also help to lose weight.
6 red wine has a diuretic effect
Some white wine, potassium tartrate, potassium sulfate, potassium oxide content school high, with diuretic effect, can prevent edema and maintain the body's acid-base balance.
7 red wine bactericidal effect
The bactericidal effect of wine has long been recognized. For example: a cold is a common frequently-occurring disease, and antibacterial substances in wine have an inhibitory effect on influenza virus. The traditional method is to drink a glass of hot wine or a glass of red grape-wine, heat it, add an egg, stir it, stop heating, and drink it after cooling. Studies have shown that the bactericidal effect of wine is because it contains bacteriostatic and bactericidal substances.
8 Red wine can prevent breast cancer
The latest test results show that: wine drinks, feeding has induced cancer in mice, found that wine has a strong inhibitory effect on cancer. Illinois Pharmaceutical University researchers, selected mulberry, peanut, grape skin-the strongest anti-cancer activity.
9 red wine can inhibit fat absorption
Japanese scientists have found that red wine can inhibit fat absorption. Some mice have tested it. After drinking wine for a period of time, mice found that their intestinal absorption of fat slowed down. Clinical trials on humans also reached the same conclusion.
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