2018 health food trend forecast report, super food nutrition powder into a hot!

Recently, Whole Foods, the largest organic life supermarket in the United States, released its 2018 food trend forecast report. Combined with the analysis of more than 470 offline stores and professional teams, Whole Foods has given its own inference for the upcoming 2018.
Among them, colorful super nutrition powder has become one of the hottest food trends in the organic market. In 2018, protein powder supplements continue to sell well. In addition to protein powder, wheat grass powder, walnut powder, cherry powder and other super food powders will also be more popular. They are not only proved to have extremely high nutritional value, but also very photogenic colors. If you are also keen to brush various social networking sites, you can definitely see these kinds of powder frequently.
Adding to the fruit juice is the "least creative" way to eat, dessert bread, energy bars, stewed rice ...... As long as you use your head a little, you'll find these super powder's wild approach!
Today, I brought you a very good nutritional powder, which is the organic brand Raab from Germany. If you are our old customer, you must have tried this product.
Raab Organic Vitality Meals was founded in 1989 in Munich, Germany, and has been a success. Raab Vitality Meals continues to introduce many health trends into the organic and health food sector, and continues to expand its product range. Today, Raab Vitality Diet has more than 100 products.
Today, in the field of superfoods, vegan (vegan) proteins and high-end health products, "Raab" has become a representative of high-quality organic quality. Most of Raab's products are manufactured in its factory near Munich. Raab's staff has extensive experience in purchasing, manufacturing, quality testing and marketing and is passionate about their work. Raab Vitality Diet pays special attention to scientific product development, rigorous product analysis, and strict control of the quality of raw materials and ingredients. It is the rigorous attitude of the Germans towards organic products that creates the outstanding quality of Raab products.
Organic Pea Protein Powder-Strong Body
Efficacy: Promote metabolism, increase muscle and maintain healthy bones and teeth
Peas are rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially high-quality protein, and no cholesterol, which is better than animal protein. Raab selects organic peas, extracts pea protein through a special separation process, and produces organic pea protein powder by gentle drying. Compared with other protein powders such as protein powder and soybean protein powder, pea protein powder hardly causes allergic symptoms due to its hypoallergenic nature. Raab organic pea protein powder contains up to 80% protein and is rich in iron, phosphorus and other elements. Raab organic pea protein powder contains eight essential amino acids, especially the branched chain amino acids (isoleucine, leucine and valine). Maintain and increase muscle while supplementing nutrition.
Pea protein is low in cysteine and methionine, to compensate for this deficiency, can be used with Raab organic rice protein powder, rice protein powder is rich in these two amino acids.
Long-term, moderate consumption of organic pea protein powder helps:
Relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and hemoglobin synthesis.
Promote normal bone development and maintain dental health.
Increases muscle and maintains bone health.
Promote normal energy metabolism.
Organic Sesame Protein Powder-Hair Care
Efficacy: maintain bone health, health and hair care, comfortable sleep
Supplemental nutrition during pregnancy, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin B1, B6, folic acid
Maintain bone health. Vitamin K is involved in the synthesis of osteocalcin, and osteocalcin regulates the synthesis of calcium phosphate in bone. Especially for the elderly, their bone density and vitamin K are positively correlated.
Health preservation and hair care
Promotes muscle regeneration and increases muscle mass
Maintenance of the nervous system, comfortable sleep
Ingredients: Deoiled Sesame Protein Powder
Recommended dosage: 2 tablespoons (about 20 grams) daily, add to fruit juice, vegetable juice, soy milk, or soup, mix well and drink.
Note: This powder product is a natural product, color and taste may change with seasonal changes. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep this product out of reach of children.
Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place.
Organic Beetroot Powder-Enhanced Hematopoiesis
Efficacy: supplement folic acid, help digestion, promote blood circulation
Recommended population: pregnant mothers, middle-aged and elderly people, sub-healthy people, people with poor digestive function
Ingredients: 100% organic beetroot powder (from strictly monitored organic cultivation)
Edible method: add 1 tablespoon (about 14g) powder to 500 ml fruit juice, vegetable juice, salad dressing, soup porridge, etc. mix well and drink, with red liquid more beautiful. Also applies to baking, add color. Adhere to the use of 14 grams per day, you can achieve the above effect.
Organic Green Integrated Plant Powder-Health Protection
Efficacy: muscle growth, bone maintenance, balanced nutrition, physical supplement
Improve immunity, promote hematopoietic function, relieve fatigue
Supplement physical strength, balanced nutrition
Maintain bone health and muscle growth
Ingredients: Semi-oiled sesame powder, rice protein powder, lupin powder, banana powder (all from strictly monitored organic cultivation)
Recommended dosage: once a day (about 10g), add to 250 ml of fruit juice, soybean milk and other drinks, mix well and drink.
Note: The powder product is a natural product, color and taste may change with seasonal changes.
Storage method: cool and dry place to save
Organic Walnut Protein Powder-Nutritious Brain
Efficacy: brain puzzle, promote muscle, maintain healthy bones and teeth
Increase muscle protection, brain puzzle, relieve headache, prevent thyroid dysfunction. Raab Organic Walnut Protein Powder is a selection of high quality walnuts, gently processed. Its plant protein content of 45%, magnesium, selenium, zinc and other nutrients, long-term consumption, help:
Promotes muscle growth, maintains and relieves muscle tension.
Brain puzzle. Walnut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can eliminate impurities in blood vessels, improve brain function and eliminate brain fatigue.
Maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system and relieve headache symptoms. Organic walnut protein powder is rich in magnesium, which activates and catalyzes multiple enzyme systems in the 300, including the utilization of glucose, the synthesis of fat, protein, etc., and plays an important role in maintaining normal functions of nerve tissue and nerve cells, regeneration and repair, etc. Prevent headaches and brain fever.
Improve immunity and maintain the normal synthesis of thyroid hormones. Selenium has a very important function in thyroid tissue, which can regulate the metabolic balance of thyroid hormones, prevent thyroid dysfunction caused by selenium deficiency, and cause hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other diseases.
Maintenance of bone, dental health, skin care hair. Zinc is one of the necessary trace elements, promote human growth and development, skin care hair effect.
Ingredients: 100% semi-defatted organic walnut powder (from strictly monitored organic cultivation)
Recommended dosage: 2 tablespoons (about 20g) per day, which can be added to 250 ml of soybean milk, fruit juice, etc. Mix well and drink. Adhere to the use of 20 grams per day, you can achieve the above effect.
Note: This powder product is a natural product, color and taste may change with seasonal changes.
Storage method: cool and dry place to save
Shelf life: 18 months
Organic Chia Seed Powder-Eating a Wonderful Figure
Efficacy: Maintaining satiety, slimming, lowering cholesterol, preventing and improving diabetes
Promote digestion, maintain satiety, slim down, lower cholesterol, prevent and improve diabetes
Ingredients: Organic chia seeds (all from strictly monitored organic cultivation)
Recommended dosage: 1-3 tablespoons (about 15 grams) per day, add to 250 ml, fruit juice, soy milk and other drinks, mix well and drink.
Storage method: cool and dry place to save
Organic Acai Powder-Young and good color
Efficacy: Maintaining satiety, slimming, lowering cholesterol, preventing and improving diabetes
The efficacy of acai berry: acai berry is mainly rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols, iron and dietary fiber and other 4 kinds of nutrients, with excellent antioxidant effect. It can help the human body to resist free radicals, keep young, enhance immunity and maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.
Anthocyanins are important water-soluble flavonoid pigments with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can resist free radicals, relieve arthritis pain and protect arteries.
Polyphenols are natural antioxidants, which can scavenge free radicals, help prolong the action time of other antioxidants Vc and Ve in the human body, reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Iron is mainly involved in the synthesis of blood protein, cytochrome and various enzymes, with hematopoietic function, can promote metabolism, and maintain a good color. Dietary fiber can absorb water in the intestinal tract, increase satiety, promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation.
Recommended dosage: 3 grams a day, a can of food for a month.
Storage method: cool and dry place to save
Organic Acerola Cherry Concentrate Powder
Efficacy: antioxidant, natural vitamin C, multi-minerals, skin care hair
Reduce cholesterol levels, lower high blood pressure, relieve diabetes symptoms
Acerola cherry, the fruit of the acerola cherry tree native to Central America and Brazil, is known as one of the "kings of natural vitamin C" because of its rich vitamin content. Raab organic acerola cherry powder is added maltodextrin into the refined acerola cherry juice concentrate, and the juice powder is obtained by spray drying method, so as to retain the essence of acerola cherry to the greatest extent.
Raab Organic Acerola Cherry Products containing:
-Vitamins A,B1,B2,B3: Maintain normal vision and healthy skin.
-Natural vitamin C, enhance immunity, protect the artery wall, promote cholesterol metabolism, help reduce high blood pressure, relieve the symptoms of diabetes. Vitamin C is a highly antioxidant substance, which can effectively remove free radicals produced by long-term exposure to adverse environments (smoking, drinking, etc.). In addition, vitamin C can promote collagen synthesis, improve cell antioxidant capacity, maintain skin, teeth and bone health, relieve fatigue.
-Plant protein: enhance immunity, relieve fatigue, add physical strength.
-Minerals: iron, calcium, phosphorus: promote metabolism, relieve fatigue.
Ingredients: Acerola Cherry Powder: 100% Organic Acerola Cherry Juice Concentrate Powder (from strictly monitored organic cultivation)
Recommended dosage: coniferous cherry powder: 1/2 teaspoon (about 1g) per day, added to soybean milk, fruit juice and other drinks or oatmeal, mix well and eat. Adhere to the use of 1 grams per day, you can achieve the desired effect.
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