Organic food nutrition, safety? Do you really know?

Clean label (clean label) originated in the European Union, refers to the product label to maintain the natural properties of ingredients. It represents the natural health of the product, does not contain chemical additives, and has the characteristics of transparent raw materials, simple processing, and clear ingredient list.
In recent years, the global health industry has risen rapidly, and consumer health awareness has increased year by year. Keywords such as "health" and "clean label" have become important in the consumption chain. Last week, we discussed the rise of vegetarian products. Click to view: clean first topic | vegetarian products become popular, will you become a "vegetarian?
Innova Market Insights tracked product release statements, certifications, and packaging language and found that over 28% of global food and beverage brands used the following labeling statements in the nearly 1-year cycle as of March 2018: "organic," "natural," "additive/preservative-free," "non-GMO. In developed countries such as the United States, the trend is even higher.
This time, we look at the current state of organic food in this life.
Organic Food Concept
Organic food (Organic Food), also known as ecological food or biological food, refers to the food that does not use pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, antibiotics and genetically modified technology in the production process.
The main feature of organic food is an ecologically sound production system. In its production process, it does not use chemical pesticides, fertilizers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic substances, nor does it use genetically engineered organisms and their products. Therefore, organic food can be said to be a truly natural, safe and environmentally friendly ecological food.
But what is worth popularizing is that organic food is not necessarily richer in nutrients than ordinary products, and its advantages mainly lie in its natural mode of production and its low pollution attributes. First of all, organic food itself has little contact with pollution sources, and the degree of pollution is low; at the same time, the residue of pollutants contained in the body excrement after eating organic food is also low.
As people pay more and more attention to food safety, businesses in various industries also seize the psychology of consumers to launch all kinds of organic food. According to reports, only organic brand products approved in early 2018 include J & J Snack Foods real fruit bars, organic juice tubes, Primal marinades, cooking seasonings, SweeGen Bestevia Reb D stevia leaf sweetener, etc.
Danone Font Vella Organic Drink
Danone's Font Vella brand has launched an organic beverage in Spain in response to growing consumer demand for organic products.
Font Vella's organic beverage series is simple in composition, made of mineral water, fresh fruit juice and various natural ingredients, does not contain any artificial ingredients, and is not affected by synthetic products such as pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers during the growth of the fruit used for the beverage.
According to IRI's research results, the demand for this organic product listed in Spain is experiencing double-digit growth.
Luscombe Drinks Real Fruit
Coincidentally, the British beverage brand Luscombe Drinks launched an organic fruit drink. Unlike many fruit waters currently on the market, the Luscombe range has a really high fruit content to ensure that the true taste of the fruit is conveyed, without in any way adding fruit concentrates or artificial flavors.
The launch of this fruit water, for more refined areas of demand. In order to satisfy consumers' constant thirst for low sugar and low calories, the drink is made of spring water and natural organic fruits, with low sugar content and only 15 calories per 100 ml.
Three flavors are available: passion fruit, sweet and sour cherry and raspberry. All flavors in the range contain no artificial colors, sweeteners, additives or preservatives.
Luscombe Drinks founder Gabriel Davey said: "Bottled water sales surpassed cola for the first time, a success driven by the trend towards low-sugar, low-calorie and premium soda drinks."
Nestle SMA organic milk powder series
Nestlé's SMA Nutrition brand has entered the organic market with the launch of organic dairy products for infants and young children.
The new series will include organic First Infant,Follow-on and Growing Up Milk, which are suitable for infants and young children of different ages. The milk sources of these products are all organic milk from authoritative certified organic farms.
The SMA Nutrition statement said: "The SMA Nutrition team is committed to understanding the complex nutritional structure of human milk and learning from nature in order to produce more natural and safer organic products.
The fierce momentum of organic food has been obvious to all. Whether it is the primary products of organic food or the processed products of organic products, they are constantly exploring new categories and patterns in the market.
However, the "organic" road is bright but also long. According to the Informa Agricultural Comprehensive Report, if the organic land area is not enough to meet the growing demand, the future growth of the global organic food market will be at risk. Since 2011, global organic farmland area has increased by 8.4 per cent per year, but organic food consumption has increased by 10.2 per cent over the same period.
In the long term, the growing global population may raise questions about the sustainability of the organic industry. Considering that the unit yield of organic agriculture is lower than that of traditional agriculture, if the market supply is insufficient to meet the demand in the future, it is not clear whether the market will use artificial fertilizers to maximize the yield.
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