2018 food and beverage industry 4 major concerns and business opportunities

With the upgrading of consumption and the rise of new retail, people's lifestyles are experiencing unprecedented changes. The ultimate pursuit of efficiency and experience by consumers and the retail industry, coupled with the promotion of Internet giants, has promoted the development of new consumption scenarios and high-end markets.
In the ever-changing market, innovation is particularly important. More and more food companies are trying to make breakthroughs in product raw materials, tastes, processing technology, packaging, marketing methods, consumer experience, etc., and strive to meet the diversity of different consumer groups., Personalized needs.
In 2018, what are the hot spots and business opportunities in the food and beverage industry worth grasping? Foodaily Daily Food Network has carefully planned 10 featured theme displays, which will bring you different experiences and insights at the "2018 Global Food & Beverage Innovation Tasting (FBIC)" event to be held from March 25 to 27.
01 Halo of Stars
Global selection of award-winning products
From the annual list of food and beverage awards selected by the world's top food fairs or authoritative organizations, we have selected the refreshing star products of 2017. Although the awards are becoming more and more complicated, we can still gain insight from these halo products into what kind of products are leading the innovation and development of the food and beverage industry now and in the future. In the 2018FBIC, the innovative products with star aura that we will present to you include:
A collection of some products, including the World Food Innovation Award, the World Beverage Innovation Award and the World Dairy Innovation Award, which are selected by the authoritative media organization FoodBev Media annually;
The best-performing representative of new products at the International Food Fair in Cologne, Germany, Anuga taste's award-winning products;
The NEXTY Product Innovation Award from the East/West Natural Foods Expo in the United States, representing the most potential and valuable innovative products in the natural food field;
The most beautiful packaging design winning works of the world's influential Pentawards, Dieline Awards and Japan's Good Design Award;
The American Candy & Snack Expo's annual new product awards represent the most innovative and interesting products.
Main categories involved: beverages, dairy products, functional foods, baking, snacks, candy & chocolate, catering
02 The Revival of Beans
Plant power rooted in tradition is reborn
Soybeans originated in China were first ground into soya-bean milk by ingenious ancient people, and soya-bean milk evolved into bean flower, tofu, dried bean, soy milk ...... A small bean in the hands of the Chinese people into countless food. Today, with the development of plant-based food and beverage trends, beans have become a hot star in the global market, and consumers' desire for plant nutrition has continuously stimulated the emergence of many innovative products containing beans, and began to seize the most prominent position on the retail shelf.
This ancient and young category is now re-infiltrating our lives in richer forms, and in the race to revive the beans, what kind of product concept will stand out? In the 2018FBIC, we have selected many new products featuring healthy beans, and you will see:
From room temperature soy milk drinks to bean yogurt, cheese, soy milk ice cream, dessert pudding and other more categories of application expansion, as well as ready-to-drink bottles, cans, portable cups and other diversified product forms and packaging forms;
How can we continue to deepen the development model of dairy products in the sub-categories of soy milk? For example, broaden the flavor diversity and introduce a variety of mixed flavors such as fruit and vegetable juices, coffee, and liqueur; or add probiotics, super ingredients, and whey proteins to emphasize functionality; or launch energy-supplementing, sports, and beauty products for different segments of the population.
Main categories involved: dairy products, beverages
03 Coffee and Tea
From coffee shop to new retail scene
In 2017, coffee and tea drinks broke out at the same time. Whether it is a boutique cafe or a new Chinese tea shop, people's interest in coffee and tea drinks has ushered in a new climax. Consumer demand has also gradually extended from emphasizing the basic needs of flavor and taste to the upgrading of healthy and functional products, as well as the drinking experience, reflecting the attitude, philosophy and feelings of life, and so on. Coffee and tea drinks have more attributes of leisure, socialization and labeling. And out of cafes, tea shops, a variety of new concepts of ready-to-drink packaging drinks and how will sweep the new retail scene?
Mainly involved in the category: beverage
04 Japan Nestle KitKat
Innovation Vitality of Centennial Brand
Since the first KitKat went on sale in Japan in 1973, it has become one of the best-selling chocolate brands in the Japanese market. In an era when consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious, thanks to a shrewd corporate culture and consumer insight, KitKat is still singing all the way. What are the secrets of its success?
In addition to inviting the head of the snack marketing department of nestle Japan co., ltd. to participate in the 2018FBIC to bring wonderful sharing to everyone, there will also be a KitKat featured theme exhibition group in the product tasting section, which will present the innovative vitality of this 100-year brand through many innovative products. you will see KitKat at the scene:
It has a unique preference for various novel flavors: such as matcha, mustard, Japanese sake, roasted sweet potatoes, etc. According to incomplete statistics, Nestle Japan has launched more than 300 KitKat products with different flavors, and 2018FBIC will bring you unexpected surprises... Perhaps it is the wonderful taste of Internet celebrities, perhaps it is a refreshing and memorable new attempt, or it may be a popular product favored by consumers...
Emotional links create products with "temperature": you must want to know about the stories and products of "winning. In addition, KitKat enables the brand to have a deeper interaction with consumers through a series of "temperature" products, such as KitKat, which can customize and print photos; youth citrus series, which is full of sweet memories of youth and designed to inspire baseball teenagers;
Impossible, new form: All new edible body: KitKat, available for purchase; KitKat; provided orthodox quantitative daily luxury series etc.
Specific functions meet the health needs of specific groups of people: such as KitKat, which contains throat-moistening ingredients,
Emphasize the source of raw materials and highlight the high-end or sustainability of products: for example, products with the "UTZ certification label" to support cocoa cultivation and improve the living environment of farmers; regionally restricted products using local specialty raw materials in Japan, etc;
The best choice for gold digging gift market, fashion food and emotional transmission: such as KitKat birthday stone chocolate.
Main categories involved: candy & chocolate, snacks
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Exhibition introduction:
The "China Health and Nutrition Expo" (NHNE), sponsored by Sinopharm Reed Exhibition, is the largest professional exhibition of health nutrition and health products in China. Through two exhibitions a year (spring Shanghai, autumn tour), it has gathered tens of thousands of state-approved honest suppliers of blue hat health food and many new products and international health products, providing excellent brand promotion and product channel expansion services for domestic and foreign enterprises.
The 8th China Health and Nutrition Expo will be held on December 4-6, 2018 at the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Guangzhou). The exhibition area is expected to exceed 40,000 square meters, bringing together 1000 product suppliers and professional service providers in the field of health and nutrition, as well as 100000 honest distributors, agents and terminal purchasers. It has become the best platform for merchants to find new products, exchange and learn, and master market information.
On December 4-6, 2018, multi brands gathered, Guangzhou held the 18th China International Health Expo and 2018 China (Guangzhou) Health Festival, the 8th China Health and Nutrition Expo, 2018 China Health and Nutrition raw materials/packaging/equipment Exhibition, International Natural Food and Beverage Expo.