New tuyere of food industry in 2018: block chain, virtual shopping, personalized customization and pursuit of nature

The International Food Information Council, a non-profit organization that aims to provide food information to consumers, listed several key trends in its forecast for 2018.
In the new year, blockchain will continue to dominate the headlines, and attention to food waste will increase.
This is according to the International Food Information Council (IFIC). The International Food Information Council is a non-profit organization that aims to disseminate "science-based health, nutrition and food safety information for the benefit of the public".
The ICFC Foundation has published its forecast for the biggest consumption trends in 2018, which draws on internal survey methods and health expertise.
The company expects food waste, virtual shopping, blockchain, nutrigenomics, exotic flavors, clean labels and clean packaging to appear in the U.S. consumer market in the coming months.
Clayton Joseph, CEO of the International Food Information Council, said: "Advances in consumers and technology will help draw a new picture for the food industry in 2018."
"As our values become the most critical factor in our decisions to buy and consume, we will find a market driven by innovation that is more in line with our individual needs and desires."
Food waste problem
Research by the International Food Information Council shows that food waste is both a challenge for consumer education and an opportunity for consumers, as more players in the food system seem to be ready to pay attention to this problem, and food suppliers are also making their own commitments to solve this problem.
The growing recognition of the sustainability, environmental, economic and humanitarian implications of food waste points to a greater interest in the value of food.
Sustainability of seafood is an area of particular concern as consumers are more aware of the health benefits of seafood and also expect it to be produced in a responsible and sustainable way.
Virtual Shopping
While the food industry as a whole has seen relatively modest gains, its online business is booming. There are more ways to buy groceries than ever before.
New entrants and established retailers are eager to meet consumer demand.
According to the International Food Information Council, vertical integration and integration in the industry, as well as an entrepreneurial culture and a strong economic environment, will bring new choices and convenience to consumers.
Some key trends include greater diversity and the continued development of takeaway home packages;
Use of networked, voice-activated digital assistants to facilitate consumer decision-making and purchasing;
The speed of food transportation is getting faster and faster, from packaged to fresh, all kinds of choices increase;
Even about personalized recipes.
Blockchain Technology
In 2017, New Food magazine ran a number of news articles revealing how businesses could use blockchain to enhance consumer trust and fend off food fraud.
The International Food Information Council believes that this trend shows no signs of slowing down, and with the development of blockchain technology, this year this trend will become more widespread.
The foundation said: "This technology can use data to improve business efficiency and supply chains."
"It has a huge potential for improvement in the food system, especially in the area of food safety."
Even if you haven't heard of nutrigenomics, you can literally guess what it means.
In a broad sense, nutrigenomics studies how our diet affects our genes.
Growing evidence and scientific interest in this area has led to revolutionary advances in personalized nutrition.
It has begun to explain why people respond differently to different diets-especially why some people are more likely to become obese than others-a factor that has long puzzled nutrition research.
Clean labels and clean packaging
Clean label (clean label) originated in the European Union, clean label (clean label) movement refers to the emergence of additives in the product as little as possible, to maintain the natural attributes of food.
The International Food Information Council expects the clean labeling movement to reach "new heights" in 2018, which will make it difficult for the food industry to cope and will also affect people's claims about food.
Because of the potential for a muddled boycott of labeling (including indiscriminate labeling, health slogans and other marketing methods to promote their products), some food manufacturers are developing the most concise packaging methods to help consumers identify products and avoid confusion.
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