In the next two years, "who" leads the trend of healthy food

There are tens of thousands of kinds of health food in the international market. In the dazzling health food market, which products are most popular in the market? What products will come out in the future? In order to meet the interest of consumers, the foreign health food website recently released a new trend in the international health food market this year and next.
Products containing more live probiotics continue to be introduced
After years of vigorous publicity by the media in various countries, many consumers have an understanding of probiotics and their health effects. Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria are typical species of probiotics. The hot-selling products of major supermarkets-various yogurt products contain a large amount of probiotics (lactic acid bacteria or bifidobacteria and other beneficial microorganisms).
In fact, there are many varieties of probiotic health food abroad, in addition to the most common yogurt products, more probiotic oral liquid, probiotic capsules and so on. For example, oral liquids containing 1 billion to 10 billion live probiotics have been listed abroad, and it is expected that oral liquid health products containing 100 billion live probiotics will be listed this year and next. It is expected that health foods containing more live probiotics will be welcomed by consumers.
Containing stevia sugar and other natural sweeteners to meet the demand of food
Excessive consumption of sugar (sucrose) may cause a series of health problems (including obesity, overweight, hardening of the blood vessels, diabetes and dental caries). The obesity rate in the United States has been the highest in the world for many years, which is largely related to the fact that Americans like to drink high-sugar drinks and eat sweets. In view of this, some members of Congress in the United States submitted a new bill to Congress at the beginning of this year, suggesting that the government impose a "sugar tax" on (U. S.) food manufacturers, that is, a surtax on the sale of beverages and foods containing sugar in the U.S. market, so as to curb the unlimited intake of sugar by citizens. In addition, more radical members of Congress proposed that in the future, all sugary beverages and foods should be newly printed with skulls and cross bones on their labels to warn consumers that "eating more sugar is harmful to health". The congressman also suggested that food manufacturers that use non-caloric natural sweeteners such as stevia instead of white sugar can print a small green pattern on their product labels to indicate that their products do not contain white sugar. This would greatly reduce the risk of obesity among U.S. citizens (especially children) who eat too much sugar. If the proposal is approved and becomes formal law, the United States will become the first Western country in the world to list white sugar as a "health risk" factor.
Stevia is one of the largest export natural plant extract products in China. It comes from stevia, does not contain calories, and is very safe for the human body. Another popular Chinese specialty natural sweetener in foreign markets is Guangxi Luo Han Guo extract-Luo Han Guo hormone.
High dietary fiber foods favored by consumers
At present, there are many high-fiber foods on the international market, especially healthy foods (including biscuits, bread, cookies, etc.) containing various dietary fibers such as chia seeds, plantain seeds, South American riffles and quinoa seeds.
According to Western nutritionists, dietary fiber can be roughly divided into two categories, namely, water-soluble dietary fiber (such as gum, guar gum and fenugreek gum, etc.), and non-water-soluble dietary fiber, such as glucans, Mannose glucans, arabinogalactan, etc. The daily consumption of konjac, pumpkin, taro, sweet potato, purple potato and other foods are rich in dietary fiber.
Physiologists discovered in the late 1990 s that the human intestine is densely covered with nerve cells, so the intestinal tract is called the "second nerve center" of the human body by medical experts ". From this point of view, intestinal health or not can directly affect the overall health of the human body. The reason why high dietary fiber foods play an important role in human health is that they can help defecate and eliminate toxins in the intestines in time.
Eye Health Food Emerging
Some foods have a natural eye protection effect. This view has been affirmed by the international nutrition community as early as the early 1980 s. Japanese scholars proposed 40 years ago that Chinese black beans (black soybeans) have obvious eye protection and can prevent vision loss. Because black beans contain 18 kinds of anthocyanins, and they all protect the retina and prevent macular degeneration. Blueberries are also a good eye food because they are also rich in anthocyanins.
Physiologists point out that in the structure of the human eye, the macula is responsible for reflecting the color and the clarity of the visual field and other important functions. Once the macula degenerates, people gradually lose their vision. The analysis shows that the macula in human eyes is mainly composed of "carotenoids". Once a long-term lack of such substances in the diet, people's vision will gradually decline and eventually lose. Because many young people like to eat fast food, and long-term contact with mobile phones or computer screens, coupled with a long-term lack of carotenoid intake, the phenomenon of vision loss is becoming more and more serious. Western nutritionists put forward: young people or middle-aged and elderly people need to supplement carotenoid food, and the convenient and easy way is to eat a variety of "eye health food". So far, eye health food containing vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, blueberry element, astaxanthin and other active ingredients has emerged in the international market. It is expected that this kind of eye health food will become one of the most popular products in the international market.
Brain health food is popular
Since the 1980 s, energy foods and energy drinks have been popular abroad, and their representative varieties are "Red Bull Drinks". It is understood that the two important ingredients in Red Bull drinks are caffeine and taurine, both of which have a refreshing effect. Because of this effect, it has soon become one of the most popular drinks in the international market since its listing.
At present, there are many kinds of food with refreshing effect on the international market. In recent years, manufacturers in Western countries have successively developed and marketed a variety of new brain health foods that improve brain function, relieve brain fatigue and improve work efficiency, it is understood that the raw materials used in these brain health foods mainly include ginkgo biloba extract (I. e. ginkgo flavonoids), DHA (the main active ingredient of fish oil), (native in South America) guarana fruit extract, American ginseng/ginseng extract, Hericium erinaceus extract, curcumin (turmeric root extract), huperzine A (serpentine huffia extract), tryptophan, theanine (green tea extract), acetyl-L-carnitine, etc. These brain health foods are popular with consumers after listing.
Source: China Medical News
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