A stuffy nose! Natural foods can help you relieve symptoms.

Winter is the season of high incidence of influenza. Once you get sick with a cold, it is not cough or runny nose, but the most annoying thing is nasal congestion. The whole nose is blocked and it is difficult to breathe. The whole person is prone to lack of oxygen and groggy, and can't lift his spirits. When you go to bed at night, you can't sleep well because of breathing difficulties, and you can't get enough rest, which leads to the cold getting worse. In fact, onion, lotus root and other daily ingredients have the effect of protecting mucosal health and inhibiting inflammation, and can improve nasal congestion in a natural way!
When breathing, air enters the mucous membrane-covered nose and flows through the trachea to the lungs. If the passage through which the air flows is swollen due to inflammation and other reasons, it will cause nasal congestion. Sometimes because of virus and bacterial infection, let the nasal mucus become sticky yellow or green, can also become the cause of nasal congestion.
Here to share with you four to improve the nasal congestion of food:
1. onion
The diallyl disulfide in onion is beneficial to inhibit inflammation. The green part of the onion contains β-carotene, which helps to maintain the health of the mucosa; while the onion is rich in allicin, although the taste is unique and pungent, it has a strong antibacterial and bactericidal effect, improving nasal congestion and conducive to the discharge of sputum.
In folk therapy, there is a practice of cutting the white part of the onion into large pieces of onion, using the cut surface of the onion against the nostrils, and breathing for a few minutes, which helps to improve the symptoms of nasal congestion caused by colds. Or chopped green onion into miso soup, allicin can help miso vitamin B1 absorption, eliminate fatigue, improve the physical strength due to cold, let you restore vitality.
2. lotus root
The unique mucus of lotus root is a substance called mucin, which helps to promote the health of the oral and nasal mucosa and prevent the invasion of cold viruses. The nasal congestion improvement method recommended by doctors is to cut lotus root into thin slices, cut it into half moon shape, and mix it into yogurt to eat.
3. white radish
White radish containing digestive enzymes, vitamin P contained in the epidermis, can strengthen the health of capillaries. White radish is often used as a folk therapy food for the treatment of colds in Japan. The pungent flavor of white radish mud has antibacterial effect, and also helps to alleviate the inflammatory symptoms of nose mucosa and improve nasal congestion.
4. fermented food
Dietitians said that the European beauty of modern people's eating life is also the cause of physical changes. Re-examining eating life is beneficial to creating a healthy body that is not easily invaded by viruses and bacteria.
More than 70% of the immune cells in the human body are in the intestinal tract. Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus natto contained in fermented foods such as miso and natto can promote the activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, inhibit the reproduction of bad bacteria, improve the intestinal environment, and help to build a physique that is not easy to be invaded by viruses and bacteria.
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