The hottest 9 major natural food trends, the current domestic is really not seen

Sterling-Rice Group, a well-known market research institution, recently released 9 emerging trends in natural food. To compile the list of trends, the researchers scoured information from food experts, various publications and trade shows, and purple corn, green chickpeas and natural pigments were among the hottest elements.
As our domestic snack food and snack manufacturers, through these latest international natural raw material food trends, there will be a lot of innovative ideas and natural health product research and development inspiration. I believe these trends will also have a great market in China and will become more common in the future.
1 faceted jackfruit
Jackfruit is known as the large woody fruit of Southeast Asia. It is high in fiber, low in calories, and has a texture similar to that of pulled pork. Some plant brands, including Jackfruit's Upton's Naturals and Yves Veggie, Cuisine offering jackfruit wrapped in a savoury sauce to replace the meat in tacos or sandwiches.
Culinary forecasting analyst Kara Nielsen said: "Innovators in the food industry have borrowed from cultures around the world to use jackfruit as a meat substitute or dietary filler for a long time. We know that in India and Southeast Asia where jackfruit is grown, it is often used as a meat substitute, or as a core ingredient in main dishes. The protein content in jackfruit is not as high as other meat substitutes or meat imitations, so it is very interesting to use this non-protein-rich raw material instead of salty meat fillings, which also brings vegetarian and strict vegetarian diets. Brings a new direction of development."
2 The Purple Age
Because anthocyanins have strong disease resistance, purple pigment has also become super popular in natural foods. Like Jackson's Honest Purple Heirloom fries (pictured right),Peace Cereal purple nachos (pictured left),Native State Foods Purely Pinole, a Peruvian-style porridge (pictured above).
Ms. Nielsen said: "Consumers are already aware that there are a lot of antioxidants and phytochemicals in the dark colors of food. Like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, and the same food elements are found in purple sweet potatoes and purple corn. These ingredients have a long history in the traditional culture of some regions of the world, especially South America. Now the United States has also begun to grow purple potatoes, adding more nutritional value to the foods we are familiar with and love, such as cereals and French fries. Manufacturers can also use this interesting color to add new elements to their products, or to differentiate their products."
3 natural roast
Added organic, natural, non-GMO, and fair trade certified cake premix powder, icing and food coloring. New additions include organic baking premix powder from Miss Jones Baking Company, Wholesome organic icing and Color Kitchen decorative food coloring.
Ms. Nielsen said, "It's been a trend to introduce the concept of clean labels into the baked flour category. When we're baking for kids, we're most worried about the artificial colors in food, candy and cereals, and it makes sense to remove them from the baking ingredients."
4 chickpea 2.0
Recent product innovations in the natural category show a different side to chickpeas. Green Chickpeas add a fresh, vibrant twist to the new Hummus and Convenient Meal products, including Fresh Natural Green Hummus and Vana Life Foods Green Chickpea Combo. Meanwhile, a protein-rich chickpea by-product aquafaba is used as the main ingredient in a mayonnaise substitute developed by Sir Kensington for strict vegetarians. And innovative companies like Hampton Creek that replace eggs with different legumes are on the rise, setting off a storm of future innovation.
5 No Grain Bags
The new corn flake, designed for consumers who can't eat grain, uses almonds, coconut, cassava and kale instead of corn and wheat. Such new products include Nuco Coconut Wraps, Siete corn slices made with almond flour or cassava and duck, and Green Leaf Foods Raw Wraps made with kale or spinach. Ms. Nielsen said: "These new products are more tasty than the products (containing grains) that came in cartons before."
6 Portable avocado
With the continuous introduction of convenient food based on fruit, the recent heat of avocado has also increased. Such as Hope Spicy single-cup avocado hummus and Avoke Spoonable avocado mousse bowl.
"We're seeing more of the word avocado in snacks. This is really a word that needs to be focused on for me. Many health-conscious consumers have fallen in love with avocado oil and want to bring it into their daily consumption in more diverse ways. The processing of avocados is very complicated. In most cases, they are raw, and sometimes they are ripe, which is extremely inconvenient to eat. So this convenient form of product is a real boon for those who love the taste and nutrition of avocado."
7 Meal Cup Mania
From breakfast oats to beans and rice for lunch, a large number of new and convenient meal cups provide consumers with sweet and salty flavors across dinner occasions. Such products include Chef Soraya Eat-A-Bowl,I Love Snacking Quinoa Queen mini meal cup, and organic portable microwave baked brownies. These cups can be enjoyed at lunch or at any time at your desk or office lounge.
8 Fermentation Club
New fermented products recently launched include Real Buttermilk developed by Cultures for Health and other companies (right above), as well as products dominated by global regional specialty ingredients, including Burma Love Laphet fermented tea salad mixture and Tin Star Foods brown fermented butter (left above).
Ms. Nielsen said, "I have enough interest in these particular fermented products that natural consumers recommend to me. These fermented foods will not just be hot, and manufacturers should start exploring new ways to apply these popular elements. People's interest and awareness of the efficacy of fermented products is increasing, and the demand for fermented products is increasing."
9 Chew sticks
The new savoury snack brings an unprecedented texture experience. From soft lupines to Brami, from Dear North's soft dried salmon to Gourmet Bazaar's crispy coated olives, chewy snacks are making a splash in this category. Products using new raw materials bring new sensory stimulation to consumers. We need not only new taste, but also more healthy snacks.
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