These 7 kinds of food, is a natural cold medicine without side effects, but also delicious and not expensive!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that medicine and food are of the same origin, and there are many ingredients that can play the role of medicated diet and can prevent and cure diseases as long as they are eaten properly.
Late autumn season is the high incidence of colds, the following foods are natural cold medicine without side effects!
Natural Cold Medicine-Chicken Soup
Chicken soup is both liquid and nutritious. From all aspects, it is the nemesis of colds. What is rare is that it tastes good!
The Jews called chicken soup "penicillin", that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory function.
A research team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the United States concluded after experiments that chicken soup contains some anti-inflammatory ingredients that can relieve symptoms such as cough and runny nose caused by colds.
Five tips for stewing a good pot of chicken soup
1. Child chicken is the best, followed by hen
People love to pick old chicken soup, but in fact, chicken soup is more appropriate. Chicken meat contains more protein, and very little elastic connective tissue, more easily absorbed by the body.
Secondly, if there are people in the family who are recovering from a serious illness, it is more suitable to pick hen stew, and the soup stewed by hen is more tonic.
2, stewed chicken soup is best to use casserole
The pot for stewing chicken soup is best to use a casserole instead of an iron pot, because the iron pot will bring the taste of rust into the chicken soup, and it is not as good as the casserole to gather fresh flavor and add delicious food.
3. Add water that has not passed three or four fingers of chicken
When stewing chicken soup, the water poured should not cover the chicken's three or four fingers. Too much or too little is not good. Do not add water to the soup while boiling chicken soup, otherwise it will affect the delicious chicken soup.
4. Boil chicken soup with cold water
Chicken soup should be boiled with cold water, and it should be simmered slowly over a small fire, keeping it in a small state.
5. Add mushrooms and wax gourd, and add seasonings after cooking.
Boil chicken soup can add some mushrooms, wax gourd and other oil-absorbing food together, can play a role in reducing cholesterol absorption.
It is better not to put seasonings when cooking chicken soup. If you think the taste is too weak, you can put seasonings when you drink the chicken soup after cooking to adjust the taste.
According to the above method can cook a pot of delicious chicken soup!
Natural Cold Medicine-Garlic
Garlic is one of the strongest antibacterial effects found in natural plants. Allicin has anti-inflammatory effects and can inhibit and kill a variety of bacteria and viruses.
Methods of preventing and treating colds
Prevention: adding a few slices of garlic to daily cooking is a simple way to prevent colds.
Relieve cold symptoms: If you already have a cold or fever, eating a few cloves of garlic can relieve symptoms such as cough, sore throat and stuffy nose.
The correct way to eat garlic
1. Mashing to eat has a health care effect
Garlic contains effective substances such as alliin and allinase. After crushing, they will contact each other to form allicin with health care effect.
Therefore, garlic is best mashed into mud to eat, and to put 10 to 15 minutes before eating, which is conducive to the formation of allicin.
2. eat raw sterilization effect is good
During the heating process of garlic, the content of organic sulfides that play an antibacterial effect will gradually decrease, and the higher the temperature, the faster the decline, so cooked garlic does not have a good bactericidal effect.
It is healthy to mix cold dishes with garlic at home and mashed garlic mixed with vinegar and a small amount of sesame oil when eating dumplings.
Natural cold medicine-lemon
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, the role of the human body is like a natural antibiotic, with antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect.
Methods of preventing and treating colds
At the beginning of a cold: use a lemon, slice it with skin, add a small amount of honey to flush and drink, which can relieve sore throat and reduce dry, itchy throat and discomfort.
Throat, throat discomfort: fresh lemon peel mash, soak boiled water when tea to drink.
Natural Cold Medicine-Strawberry, Citrus, Broccoli
Strawberry and citrus can produce fluid and quench thirst, improve throat and cough and are rich in vitamin C. They are inexpensive anti-cold weapons.
There is a compound in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that can prevent respiratory inflammation and reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and colds.
Methods of preventing and treating colds
Only five or six strawberries or a citrus can meet the vitamin C needed by the human body every day, which can enhance the body's immunity and effectively prevent colds.
In addition, regular consumption of broccoli or ordinary cauliflower, can also reduce the incidence.
It should be noted that the heating time of broccoli should not be too long. After washing, it is better to add olive oil and cold mix.
The natural medicine of cold cold-chili pepper
Experts pointed out that spicy food belongs to the category of pungent temperature, which has the effect of sweating. It can indeed be used to assist in the treatment of colds, but this method generally only has a certain effect on cold colds, and it is best in the early stages of colds. If the symptoms are already obvious or other types of colds, they will not only have no effect, but will even aggravate the symptoms.
A study released by Mount Sinai Hospital in the United States pointed out that when a cold is accompanied by respiratory inflammation, some viruses, bacteria, necrotic cells and other wastes are produced. Sputum and nasal discharge can help remove these wastes in the respiratory tract. And spicy food can stimulate respiratory secretions increase, help discharge foreign body, reduce cold symptoms.
Natural Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Drug -- Honey
High-quality honey will not rot when placed at room temperature for several years, indicating that its antiseptic effect is extremely strong. Experiments have confirmed that honey has a strong inhibitory effect on gram-positive bacteria such as streptococcus, staphylococcus and diphtheria.
Methods of preventing and treating colds
Drink honey water in the early stages of a cold.
It should be noted that when flushing honey water, remember to use warm boiled water. The water temperature should not be too high, otherwise the high temperature will affect the nutrients contained in honey.
Natural Throat-Moistening and Cough-relieving Medicine-Qiuli Ointment
Ingredients: 6 autumn pears, 80g dried red dates, 150g crystal sugar, 20g old ginger and 80 ml honey.
1. Wash the dried red dates and cut them to the core, peel the ginger and cut them into filaments, peel the pear and rub them into pear paste and pear juice.
2. Put red dates, shredded ginger, crystal sugar and pear juice into the pot together.
3. Cover the pot, cook with low heat for about 30 minutes, and then scoop up the pear paste with a leak net.
4. Throw away the pear residue, red dates and shredded ginger, continue to boil the pear juice with minimum fire for about 1 hour until the pear pulp is thick, turn off the flame and let it cool.
5. Add honey to pear pulp, mix well and put it into a sealed jar for storage.
Source: Favorite Big Beijing
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