Under the health trend, food giants continue to use natural ingredients to change their faces

With the trend of healthy eating, General Mills (General Mills) and ConAgra (ConAgra), two American packaged food manufacturing giants, want to get rid of the label of "artificial manufacturing" and win back the hearts of consumers with pure natural raw materials.
General Mills announced last year that its breakfast cereal brand Trix will no longer contain artificially made ingredients and plans to completely transform into a pure natural cereal brand by the end of 2017. Trix, a brand that emerged in the 1950 s, has been marketing colorful cereal balls, but has used artificial colors and flavors, and now claims to use new natural alternatives, such as turmeric extract, annatto and blueberry juice to color cereal.
In addition to Trix, General Mills also has Cheerios gluten-free cereal, Totino pizza rolls, Yoplait yogurt and other brands, while brands familiar to Chinese consumers include Haagen-Dazs, Betty Wonderful Chef and Wan Chai Pier. With the pursuit of healthy food (low fat, high nutrition and no additives) by consumers in recent years, these processed foods are no longer as attractive as before, and artificial colors and flavors have become taboos on the ingredient list.
The pure natural food introduced by General Mills seems to be quite popular with consumers. In the quarterly report, sales of new formula grains in the United States increased by 3%. However, yogurt has not been selling very well, and General Mills is now stepping up the introduction of new organic milk products, including specialty drinks and snacks. According to Thomson Reuters analyst estimates, General Mills's quarterly revenue this year is 4.023 billion, down from last year's 4.042 billion.
ConAgra's performance is also not very good. Last year, net sales of all its brands were about $11.9 billion, and this year they are down to about $11.6 billion.
Sean Connolly, ConAgra's CEO, said that streamlining the company's business will help shift attention to the revitalization of old brands. After all, the restaurant chain Marie Callender's frozen mince pies, Slim Jim's jerky and Hunt's canned tomatoes bring in $7 billion a year in sales.
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Now ConAgra's jet cream brand Reddi-wip is also promoting its own "pure natural cream" with no hydrogenated oil and no artificial growth hormone. Hunt said his tomatoes are peeled with steam instead of chemicals. Hebrew's website National hot dogs also advocates "zero artificial addition" hot dogs because "the fewer ingredients on the ingredient list, the healthier the food."
Source: Curiosity Daily
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