Natural disease-resistant food bovine colostrum, the patron saint of children's health

History of discovery of bovine colostrum
In 1799, human beings found that colostrum was helpful to the recovery of diseases and attracted attention;
From the 19th century to the end of World War II, many countries in Europe and America carried out continuous research on colostrum;
Due to the discovery of antibiotics in the first half of the 20th century, the study of colostrum was at a standstill;
In the middle and lower leaves of the 20th century, with the emergence of bacterial resistance, colostrum research gradually recovered.
Application history of bovine colostrum
Thousands of years ago, India used colostrum as a record of candy, but only for aristocrats;
Nearly a hundred years of Nordic use it to do colostrum pudding;
In the 20th century, it became a common disease-fighting food in the United States;
70 s solved the problem of colostrum preservation, more colostrum products began to come out;
90 s found that bovine colostrum has anti-aging, promote wound healing function;
With the rapid development of biotechnology at the end of the 20th century, many physiological functions of bovine colostrum food have been revealed. Bovine colostrum has become a promising growth promoter and functional food to improve immunity, covering Oceania, Asia, Britain, the United States, Germany and other European markets.
the concept of colostrum:
Milk within 72 hours after delivery in all female mammals. Colostrum is a very special kind of milk. Colostrum has high protein content, low fat and sugar content, 10-17 times of iron content, 3 times and 10 times of vitamin D and vitamin A respectively. Moreover, most of the proteins in colostrum are immunoglobulins, mainly IgG, IgA and IgM, which can form antibodies, bind with antigens such as pathogenic microorganisms and toxins, and protect the baby's own immune system from pathogens before it matures and functions normally.
the main function of colostrum::
direct resistance to pathogens (against enteroviruses, respiratory viruses, escherichia coli, moulds, neutralizing bacterial toxins);
Enhance immunity (stimulate the body to produce antibodies, interferon, promote iron absorption, enhance liver detoxification function);
Improve gastrointestinal function, regulate physiological balance, promote growth and development (increase appetite, enhance endurance, reduce anemia, promote calcium, iron absorption and utilization, anti-aging).
Colostrum in the "gold"-IgG:
Immune protein G acts in the body for a long time, can resist disease for a long time, and is a very important substance to improve its own resistance.
International IgG content as the main standard to measure the quality of bovine colostrum products.
IgG is the only antibody that can pass through the placenta. Newborns cannot synthesize IgG by themselves within 3 months of birth. Therefore, expectant mothers are important immune support providers.
Why is colostrum a natural disease-fighting food?
According to the scientific and technological literature of the New Zealand Cheese Bureau, children's regular drinking of bovine colostrum can directly enhance their disease resistance, are less likely to suffer from infectious diseases such as colostrum, pneumonia and diarrhea, and can promote physical growth and development and improve their intellectual level. Scientific proof: bovine colostrum has a variety of immune substances and growth factors that can enhance human resistance and promote human development, and its content is much higher than that of ordinary milk, which has a good medical and health care effect on the human body.
American virus medical control center research shows that: American virus medical control center research shows that: bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulin, containing natural broad-spectrum antiviral factors and growth promoting factors, can inhibit respiratory diseases, especially resistance to influenza virus and a variety of virus invasion, has a unique prevention, control effect.
Australia Adre Maternal and Child Medical Center: 3-15 months of sick children (non-rotavirus diarrhea children) were tested, a group of combined treatment group, colostrum ingestion with treatment; a group of control group, no colostrum, course of treatment for 10 days, results: 55 cases of combined treatment group no infection of rotavirus, the control group 9 cases of infection. It shows that bovine colostrum can protect children from rotavirus infection. -- References: Colostrum Functional Food
Center for Vaccine Development, University of Maryland College of Medicine: Colostrum protects against Shigella flexneri (Shigella dysenteriae) infection.
University of Toronto, Canada: Colostrum can inhibit Helicobacter pylori and Helicobacter mucosae infection.
San Francisco Hospital Study: San Francisco Hospital Study: Bovine colostrum has a significant therapeutic effect on severe diarrhea caused by Cryptosporidium.
University of Hong Kong study: bovine colostrum has inhibitory effect on Candida albicans.
What is bovine colostrum?
A: The milk produced by a cow within seven days after delivery is called colostrum, and the milk produced after it is called mature milk.
What are the most important indicators for measuring dairy products?
Answer: The IgG factor content is regarded as the main standard to measure the quality of bovine colostrum in the world.
Colostrum for the crowd?
Answer: Colostrus tablets are suitable for all people who need to improve their immunity, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and people in the recovery period. Colostrum is a natural disease-resistant food for children. It is particularly important for premature infants and infants over 6 months old. Many babies benefit from using it. In order to ensure the activity of immune substances in colostrum, please dissolve colostrum in 40 The baby is fed in milk below the degree, water or rice flour, and children with chewing ability can eat it directly.
Does regular use of bovine colostrum affect normal immunity?
Answer: It does not affect. According to relevant literature reports, bovine colostrum can not only directly inhibit pathogens (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.), but also stimulate the formation of self-immunity, so bovine colostrum is a very good natural food that can effectively increase human immunity. Colostrum Functional Food
Is there dependence after the child uses bovine colostrum?
A: Why do some children get sick after stopping colostral tablets? Because the baby's immune system is not mature at the age of 0-6 and needs to be supplemented with antibodies from outside. After stopping using, the foreign aid antibody disappeared, so some babies will still get sick.
How long can be effective after using bovine colostrum?
Answer: Bovine colostrum is a pure natural health and immune food. It is not a medicine for a certain disease. It focuses on comprehensively regulating the functions of the human body to restore and maintain a healthy state. Therefore, it is a slow-acting product. It takes a period of accumulation to experience its magical effect. Professor Zhou Yunzhen, a child nutrition expert in Nanjing, believes that eating for 3 to 6 months is the time to get the best results.
Can I take bovine colostrum during illness?
Answer: Yes. To increase immunity, so that the source of disease is inhibited, shorten the course of the role.
Eating bovine colostrum will "get angry?
A: the so-called "fire" is the argument of traditional Chinese medicine, generally related to the child's physique, diet structure and climate. At present, there is no information that colostrum can cause children to "get angry". It is recommended that parents give their children colostrum while drinking more water, which can reduce the occurrence of colds and other diseases. (Because many children before the onset of the disease, often have the so-called "fire" performance)
Eat colostrum must not be sick?
A: In fact, there is no product that can guarantee that the human body will not get sick. Bovine colostrum can prevent and reduce the occurrence of diseases because of its immune function.
Can colostrum be served with other foods?
Answer: Yes. Because colostrum is colostrum from healthy cows, it is a natural food and can be taken with any food. Please note that in order to protect its immune activity, the temperature should be kept below 40 degrees when taken with other foods.
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