Sea Cucumber-Natural "Longevity" Food

Middle age is a period of prosperity and decline in the human body's life. "Jingyue Quanshu" records that at the age of 35, life is "full of blood, so it is easy to walk"; At the age of 40, the subcutaneous muscles began to relax, "the heart of the body is sparse, so it is easy to sit down"; At the age of 50, "the liver qi is failing and the eyes are unknown". At the age of 60, "the heart is weak, so it is easy to lie down". These simple understandings in ancient times have been further clarified and developed in modern medicine. After the age of 35 to 40, the human body has undergone a series of changes from prosperity to decline. The main changes are: middle-aged fat accumulation, people begin to gain weight, commonly known as fat, low immune function, memory loss, etc.
Aging is a natural phenomenon, the question is how do we treat it? According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, middle-aged and elderly people should "treat the disease before it happens", that is, take corresponding measures to prevent the occurrence and development of the disease. But most of the time, people always use some "troublesome" methods in exchange for healthy body, and forget some simple and effective methods to keep healthy.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "medicine and food are homologous". Although some foods are not drugs, they have the same efficacy as drugs. Through the reasonable consumption of this kind of food, not only will not produce the toxic and side effects of taking medicine to the body, but also can play a role in treating, nourishing and preserving health for the health of the elderly. The food with such natural and magical effects belongs to sea cucumber.
sea cucumber
Natural 'Longevity Food'
Sea cucumber, as one of the "eight treasures of the sea", has rich nutritional value. Among them, the protein content is as high as 55%, and 18 amino acids taurine, chondroitin sulfate, and Apostichopus japonicus mucopolysaccharide can promote the regeneration of body cells and the repair of the body after damage, and can also improve the immune function of the human body.
Martian ingredients such as collagen, arginine, taurine, mucopolysaccharide, chondroitin sulfate, saponin, polypeptide, vitamins and trace elements in sea cucumber have the effect of prolonging life and preventing skin aging. It is the preservative of life. In addition, arginine also has the ability to promote human cell regeneration and body damage repair, can effectively enhance the vitality of human cells, and then achieve the purpose of delaying aging.
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