The world recognized healthy food! "A spoonful of lard = five pairs of medicine"!

In times and regions where vegetable oils are scarce, lard is an essential culinary ingredient for every household. Later, the health hazards of lard gradually attracted people's attention, and even gradually replaced by various vegetable oils.
If someone tells you now that lard has been "rehabilitated" by scientists, and that lard can even cure diseases, would you be surprised?
The most nutritious food ranked eighth
According to the BBC report, after analyzing thousands of ingredients, researchers ranked the 100 that best meet the daily nutritional balance needs. One of them was shocking: lard pushed more than 990 ingredients into the top 10, ranking eighth!
It beats the recognized healthy food in our daily lives.
Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc
Freshwater fish: carp, perch, etc
Sea fish: cod, salmon, tuna, etc
Fruits: avocado, kiwi, etc
The BBC believes that lard is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Compared with mutton fat and butter, it contains more unsaturated fatty acids and is healthier.
"A spoonful of lard = five pairs of medicine"
Lard is a kind of saturated high fatty acid glycerides, people usually refined lard to stir-fry cooking. It is not just an animal oil, it is in the eyes of Chinese medicine or blindly good medicine.
1 Protection of vision
Lard contains carotene has the effect of protecting human eye vision. Proper amount of β-carotene can promote the normal content of rhodopsin, thus avoiding the slow adaptation of dark field caused by lack of vitamin A, and also avoiding the damage to eyes caused by strong light after dark field.
In addition, the prevention of night blindness, dry eye, corneal ulcer and keratomalacia have a certain role in promoting.
2 Nourishing Spleen
Lard can nourish the five internal organs, especially for the spleen and stomach and lungs. Lard taste sweet, can make the spleen strong, help food digestion, so lard can be applied to weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, thin people.
3 Runzao Zhike
Lard can tonifying lung yin, which indirectly promotes the smooth skin and hair growth. Therefore, lard inherent "please the skin, as a hand cream, not chapped" said; Lard mixed with honey also has a certain effect on cough, sound mute and loss of voice.
60g of pork plate oil, dissolved to remove residue, 60g of honey to boil, put in porcelain, and take 1 spoon of hot water every day.
4 Runchang laxative
Lard greasy, and into the large intestine, just can lubricate the intestinal tract, so that people defecate smoothly. So lard has the function of laxative.
5 Disorder
Lard can "benefit intestines and stomach, pass urine, benefit blood vessels and disperse blood". Therefore, it can solve five kinds of jaundice diseases: jaundice, grain jaundice, wine jaundice, black jaundice, female jaundice, and edema caused by these kinds of jaundice diseases.
how to boil pork more healthy?
Pig plate oil is washed with flowing clear water, lymph nodes that may contain bands in net oil are removed, and cut into small pieces of about 5cm.
Add clear water into the pan, less than 1/2 of the pork suet, boil over high heat until the water is dry. When the water is fast dry, turn over the pan with a spatula from time to time to avoid uneven heating.
The small fire is slowly boiled until all the oil is produced, the oil residue becomes golden yellow and the volume is obviously reduced, and the fire can be turned off.
Filter with a screen, cool, and put the boiled oil into a container. After a few hours at room temperature, the lard slowly solidified into milky white.
There is no need to boil the oil residue to the minimum, there is no need to drain it, and the boiling oil is finished in advance, which can make the oil less hot and the oil produced is whiter, tender and smoother. The oil that has survived the fire will be yellow and bitter after caking.
expert tips]
Cooked lard generally can only be sealed and refrigerated for two or three months. When the lard produces the unpleasant "hala flavor", it has deteriorated, not only the original nutrients are lost, but also the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other poisoning symptoms occur after eating.
No bad food, only bad collocation
Although lard has a certain therapeutic effect, but is it really as reported by the BBC, more healthy than butter, sheep oil? The key is to eat right!
"Quantity" is important.
Although lard meets the definition of health, compared with vegetable oil, lard contains a larger proportion of saturated fatty acids. Eating the same amount of lard and vegetable oil, eating lard will consume more saturated fatty acids than eating vegetable oil, which will increase the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.
Unsaturated fatty acids are healthier than saturated fatty acids, but if you eat more unsaturated fatty acids, you will become fat and accumulate in the body!
The BBC report, while listing the 100 most nutritious foods, also points out that the foods at the top of the list are more likely to meet but not exceed their daily nutritional needs, provided they are eaten with other food combinations.
The 2016 edition of the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" pointed out that the daily intake of cooking oil for adults (that is, the additional oil added when cooking) should be limited to 25 grams to 30 grams.
Tips for using oil
with oil
Olive oil, tea seed oil monounsaturated fatty acid content is higher, to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular have a promoting effect;
Corn oil and sunflower seed oil are rich in linoleic acid, which can reduce cholesterol in serum, prevent arteriosclerosis, and have a certain auxiliary effect on the prevention and treatment of "three highs" and its complications;
Peanut oil is rich in zinc, which helps prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease;
Rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, carotene, various fatty acids, phospholipids, etc., has a certain softening blood vessels, anti-aging effect.
Not only should you learn to choose the oil that suits you, but also change the type of cooking oil frequently, eat a variety of vegetable oils, and reduce the amount of animal oil.
Pay attention to the cooking method
Use more cooking methods of steaming, boiling, stewing and mixing; eat less fried and fried foods, such as fried eggs with water instead of fried eggs with oil.
water fried egg]
Heat a little water in a non-stick pan
After the water starts to bubble, beat the eggs and turn to low heat.
After three minutes, the egg white will form a layer of film covering the egg yolk, but at this time the water fried egg will flow out of attractive juice. If you want to cook some more, you can appropriately extend the time to 5 minutes, fill it out, and you can eat it. It can be dipped in soy sauce, sprinkled with some black pepper, and eaten with toast.
Oil control tips
Use a graduated oil jug to control the cooking oil.
Lard is still the same lump of lard, it has not changed for the better or for the worse. A healthy diet lies in diversity and moderation.
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