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Longnan is the only area in Gansu Province that belongs to the Yangtze River system and has a subtropical climate. It is known as "Longshang Jiangnan". There are many kinds of biological resources in Longnan, with sufficient light and heat, which provides unique conditions for the reproduction and growth of various animals and plants. The city has a forest area of 1758.36 million mu, and there are more than 1300 natural tree species, including 51 precious tree species; there are more than 100 kinds of edible fungi and wild vegetables, such as tremella, fungus, mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, Osmith, fern and so on.
Oolong Head
Wulongtou, also known as wooden dragon head, is covered with small thorns. It is a valuable wild vegetable produced in Longnan mountain forest area for both medicine and vegetables. Oolong head dish can be eaten fresh or dried, and can also be salted with vinegar to make sour (salty) dishes. It is delicious and sweet, tender and mellow, rich game, is a famous first-class wild vegetables, known as the "king of wild vegetables". The root and stem of oolong head tree can be used as medicine, its taste is sweet and bitter, and it has the effects of invigorating the stomach, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.
Morchella is a rare edible fungus variety. It is named after its uneven surface and shape like sheep's tripe. It is the most famous delicious edible fungus among ascomycetes. Its cover contains isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and valine. Seven essential amino acids are sweet and cold, non-toxic, beneficial to intestines and stomach, and to eliminate phlegm and qi.
ginkgo fruit
Huixian ginkgo fruit, commonly known as raw ginkgo fruit, contains a variety of nutrients, in addition to starch, protein, fat, sugar, but also contains vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements, as well as ginkgolic acid, ginkgo phenol, five-carbon polysaccharide, liposterol and other ingredients. Ginkgo fruit is not only edible, but also has medical and health effects, and has high economic value and medicinal value. Huixian ginkgo fruit was selected into the 2017 National Famous, Special, Excellent and New Agricultural Products Catalogue of the Ministry of Agriculture. Huixian ginkgo nuts were selected into the 2017 National Famous, Special, Excellent and New Agricultural Products Catalogue of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Pepper Bud
Pepper sprouts, which are the tender buds of prickly ash trees at the germination stage, are bright green and fragrant. They are the treasures of sprouts. Longnan is a place rich in pepper, pepper bud has become a food for people. Pepper sprouts can be stir-fried, cold, shabu, fragrant, appetizing and refreshing, with a unique flavor and rich nutrition.
walnut blossom
Walnut blossom, namely walnut style, also known as walnut, longevity vegetables, asparagus, rich in phospholipids, is beneficial to enhance the vitality of human cells, promote human hematopoietic function, can effectively reduce blood lipids, cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis. Is the use of wild fresh, tender, remove the flowers, color is natural green walnut flowers tender stem as raw materials, cold after color, fragrance, taste.
Olive dish
Olive dishes, rich in olive oil precious nutrients and a variety of vitamins and essential calcium, iodine, but also contains iron, zinc, magnesium and other trace elements. The next chopsticks taste, the tongue and intestines are fragrant, chew carefully, leave fragrant teeth and cheeks, and have a special flavor of "stepping on flowers to return to horseshoe fragrance". The appetizer of food helps digestion and increases appetite.
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