Gerber Garbo complementary food Daquan rice flour puree puff bean ~

Gerber Garbo's products are most commonly Garbo rice noodles. In addition, Garbo has many other varieties, such as puffs, puff strips, dissolved beans, fruit puree, etc., and they are all popular.
Generally speaking, the baby in 4-6 months old to add complementary food, adding complementary food is very important to the baby's physical development and health, the baby's future nutritional supplements and eating habits are also very important.
To add complementary food to the baby, mothers should be gradual.
4-6 months, can add rice to the baby. Nutritional rice flour is the best first food supplement, which is fortified with calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients. In this way, the baby can get more balanced and able to absorb nutrients.
Gerber Garbo Rice Nink
Garbo rice noodles are rich in iron, zinc and 6 kinds of B vitamins needed by infants and young children to help babies grow up healthily, especially iron, which is the basic nutrient for promoting baby's physical development and intellectual development.
Garbo rice noodles have different flavors such as mixed grains, DHA, oats, fruits, etc., so that your baby can get comprehensive nutrition.
The supplementary food addition at this stage of 6-10 months can be diversified, so that the baby is familiar with the natural taste of various foods, and develops a good habit of not partial and picky eaters, and the nutrition is more balanced. Mud food supplement taste to be tender, very suitable for this age of the baby.
Gerber Garbo food supplement mud
Garbo complementary food mud, made of pure fruit mud, has many flavors to choose from, is nutritious, healthy and delicate and good in digestion, which saves a lot of time for Baoma and helps babies to form the habit of eating fruits and vegetables from an early age.
After the baby has just begun to erupt deciduous teeth, if the baby is given liquid and muddy food for a long time, the baby will miss the critical period for the development of chewing ability, so after the baby grows deciduous teeth, the baby's complementary food should gradually transition to solid complementary food.
Solid food supplement can practice chewing, but also conducive to the development of the baby's gastrointestinal function, is conducive to salivary gland secretion, improve digestive enzyme activity, promote digestion and absorption.
Gerber Garbo Star Puffs
The shape of the star-shaped Garbo puff is cute. It is very convenient for babies to grab and eat with their small hands. It can also exercise their finger grasping ability. The size of the star puff is designed by the American professional infant experts to avoid getting stuck in the baby's throat because the puff is too large. The star puff will evaporate after a while. The taste is relatively light and it tastes clear and crisp.
If the baby is older, they can choose puff strips, which are finger-shaped and are very suitable for the baby to grab, allowing the baby to learn to eat by hand. Moreover, the mouth-to-mouth taste will not get stuck in baby's throat.
For more than 10 months, the basic supplementary foods that can be added are very rich. Add soft rice, minced meat and vegetables to the baby, plus appropriate amounts of vegetables, fruits, and meat, and you can also give the baby some small foods that aid digestion, such as dissolved beans.
Gerber Garbo Yogurt Dissolved Bean
Healthy snacks for appetizer and digestion, rich in probiotics, help babies digest and appetizer, do not contain preservatives, safe and healthy, and let the baby do it himself, and can also exercise hand-brain coordination.
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