Certification is a "dead" standard, see how the top ten organic food companies in the United States shape the brand

Organic food has only appeared in recent decades. The emergence of organic food is mainly due to many food safety problems brought about by modern industrialized petrochemical agriculture. This problem is not just in China, but globally. So with the development of organic food and organic agriculture in recent decades.
Organic acreage in the United States is 217.8 hectares, or 0.6 percent of agricultural land (about 0.4 percent in China). Organic food has a market share of $more than 40 billion and is growing at about 10% a year.
In the United States, if your food is to be labeled as certified organic, it must be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Organic certification in the United States is relatively strict and regulated, unlike the organic certification industry in China, which is often exposed to scandals. However, despite this, the organic food market in the United States is also a mixed phenomenon. At the same time, certification is a dead standard, and there are many difficult to regulate and non-standard non-quantitative areas in agriculture. Therefore, just passing organic certification cannot guarantee that you can Become a consumer's sweet pastry.
How to judge that an organic food is really worthy of the name of "organic", in addition to the rigid certification, the specific business conditions of the enterprise/farm, the company concept, the corporate culture and so on are all very important aspects. Some consumer groups, professional media and diners in the United States will also evaluate these organic foods.
Here, combined with the evaluation of all parties in the society and the investigation of these enterprises, the author lists the top ten organic brands in the United States that are "not authoritative.
Health Valley Health Valley
This is an organic food production and processing enterprise with a history of more than 40 years. The name is probably because the company is located in Boulder (Colorado), in the valley. Its products are mainly divided into two categories: one is unsalted, a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and meat made of soup; the other is healthy snacks.
The business philosophy of this company is:
Real food is grown, not produced.
The company started as a small start-up and was later acquired by Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ code: HAIN), a leading manufacturer of natural and organic food and personal care products in the United States.
Applegate Farms
This company called Apple Home (Applegate Farm) is actually an organic food company that makes meat.
If you are familiar with the aquaculture industry, you should know that clenbuterol is legal in the United States. So if you are a health-demanding person, you must want to know where the pork in your hot dogs, burgers or bacon comes from. If you want to eat with peace of mind, then the best choice is to choose Apple Home meat products.
Stephen MacDonald (Stephen McDonnell) is the founder and owner of this enterprise. He founded the company more than 30 years ago. In more than 30 years of operation, strict terms on the selection of suppliers have been formed. In addition to the organic certification requirements, Apple Home also lists its own more detailed requirements, which can be seen on its official website.
Here are their four basic principles:
Humane feeding, no antibiotics, hormones or growth promoters;
Whole vegetable feeding or grass feeding;
No nitrate, nitrite or phosphate;
No artificial additives or preservatives
Green & Black's
"Green and Black" is a world-renowned organic chocolate brand and a high-end chocolate in the eyes of consumers.
Their founders are a couple from Craig Sams & Jo Fairley, who are lovers of chocolate making. The company was later acquired by Cadbury, a world-renowned confectionery company. Of course, after the acquisition, he still insisted on their own quality. The cocoa they use comes from organically grown cocoa, which is one of the most used, pesticides and drugs in the world.
"Pure Organic" is an organic juice and beverage manufacturer headquartered in San Francisco. The name of the brand "pure organic (Purity Organic)" sounds a bit like 24k pure gold, a bit "rustic". Their core business philosophy is also very simple and simple:
Organic farmers with friendly support = high quality fruit = the most delicious juices and functional drinks = happy
This enterprise has a history of more than 20 years. Its founder visited the organic orchard and saw the farmers carefully taking care of the orchard. When drinking juice made from different fruits (organic and non-organic contrast), he was surprised by the delicious taste and different taste of organic juice, so he began to make organic juice.
This company directly purchases from farmers to reduce intermediate links, thereby reducing costs, returning more profits to organic farmers, and giving consumers a more favorable price.
their products
Cascadian Farms
Cascadia Farms is located in Washington's Cascart Mountains (Cascade Mountains of Washington). This is a well-known organic farm in the United States. The farm's founder, Gene Kahn, was an idealist and a dropout. He always wanted to change the world through his own efforts.
More than 40 years ago, influenced by two books, Silent Spring and Diet For A Small Planet, he started the farm. He hopes to seek a balance between the natural and commercial world through a friendly farming method, which can not only treat the natural environment, but also bring high-quality food to human beings.
The products of the farm are quite rich, including grains, vegetables and fruits, as well as various processed products.
Stoneyfield Farms
stoneyfield Farm, originally Sterling Field Farm was a non-profit school that taught sustainable agriculture. Later they began to make a variety of dairy products. They buy milk from Organic Valley, a well-known American organic farming conglomerate, and then make all kinds of dairy products.
Flying Pigs Farm
Flying Pig Farm is a famous family organic farm next to new york in the United States. The main product of this farm is organic free-range pigs (similar to the local pigs on our side). Their pork is in demand at every high-end New York restaurant Gramercy Tavern, Jean-Georges, and Telepan. At the same time, Flying Pig Farm is also the star farmer of New York's famous Green Market.
Their products are: pork chops, ribs, bacon, sausages and bacon.
Earth's Best
Earth's Best, translated as: the strongest surface. But they are not Jay Chou's good voice team. Earth's Best is a company that offers a range of organic foods for infants and young children.
Like many organic brands, the company was originally a small company founded by a couple and later acquired by Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
Earth's Best products
Organic Valley
Organic Valley-This is a brand of organic milk that Chinese consumers are very familiar with. It is a brand built by farmers with a long history.
As early as 1988, a group of farmers in the Midwest of the United States were threatened by modern scale agriculture and chemical agriculture. The big farmers asked them to join them and farm their way. But these farmers don't want to do that.
On the one hand, they do not want to use agricultural production methods such as pesticides and fertilizers, and on the other hand, they do not want to be affiliated with large enterprises. Therefore, some of their farmers' representatives proposed to form a brand together. So the organic valley was created.
They first produced organic vegetables and sold them to the surrounding communities. Later, their products got more market demand, began to produce milk, and turned to dairy products.
Horizon Organic
Horizon Organic, an organic dairy company named after Organic Valley, is slightly smaller than Organic Valley. Horizon Organic is more focused on the children's dairy market. This can be seen from their logo, product packaging, publicity and product line.
Although the history of Horizon Organic is not as long as that of Organic Valley, it has a history of more than 30 years. Horizon Organic's corporate organization is also different from Organic Valley. Organic Valley is jointly established by all organic farmers, and everyone has shares in it. The farmers that Horizon cooperates with are not all shareholders of the enterprise. Horizon buys milk sources from certified and joined farmers. Horizon has more than 600 cooperative organic farms across the United States.
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