Gingler Organic Ranch Breeds Pure and Healthy Organic Quality

In recent years, as people's awareness of food health continues to increase, they have paid attention to organic food, and the demand for organic food in second-and third-tier cities except first-tier cities has gradually increased. On May 16, the three-day 2018 China Food Exhibition (SIAL China), known as "Asia's largest innovative food exhibition", was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. During this period, global organic food brands appeared one after another. Among them, the organic products from Inner Mongolia Jingle Ranch named after the place name "Jingle" were recognized by the international industry. Chinese organic brands set the organic industry standard by taking the essence of purity and health, triggers the Chinese people to think about healthy food.
Gingler Organic Ranch Breeds Pure and Healthy Organic Quality
Inner Mongolia Jingle Co., Ltd. is a large-scale food processing enterprise jointly established by Shanghai Dongjin Food Group and Keyouzhong Banner Fangfang Vegetable Oil Factory. It now covers an area of 68211 square meters and a construction area of 9108 square meters. The use of these organic lands in the Jingle grassland area relies on the natural environment of Inner Mongolia's natural pollution and the mineral-rich soil, providing the purest and healthy raw materials for the product.
Among the many products of "Gingle" in the exhibition, the most representative one of the brands is Gingle Organic Flaxseed Oil Pregnant Baby Pack. This is a resounding brand in the Chinese edible oil market. Once the Gingle organic flax seed oil maternity and baby outfit was exhibited, it was widely recognized by the industry. As we all know, cold pressed linseed oil is the best way to supplement linolenic acid. Therefore, modern people who have an urgent need for health preservation will spend some thoughts on the choice of edible oil.
Gingler Organic Ranch Breeds Pure and Healthy Organic Quality
What is needed here is that linolenic acid is a necessary nutrient for the human body, and the active factors of human life DHA and EPA are transformed from linolenic acid. The lack of linolenic acid intake can easily lead to low immunity, memory and vision loss and frequent three high symptoms in sub-healthy people.
In addition to organic flaxseed oil, organic sunflower seed oil is also the main product of the Gingle brand, with "gamma-linolenic acid nutritional sunflower seed oil", "selenium-rich health sunflower seed oil", "high calcium strong body vegetable oil" and other three patented products. Relying on the excellent planting environment and breeding of good varieties, the content of trace elements such as selenium and calcium in organic sunflower oil is higher than that of the same type of products in the market. Moreover, sunflower seed oil itself has a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids than peanut oil and soybean oil, which is more helpful for modern people to maintain their health.
Organic rice, organic miscellaneous grains and organic miscellaneous beans are the coarse grains series launched by Gingle. They are carefully selected to eliminate inferior grains and retain the highest quality parts. Organic cultivation can not only make the body of the consumer more healthy, in terms of taste and taste, more mellow and long, worthy of careful taste.
According to the relevant person in charge of Gingle, in Xingan League, Inner Mongolia Gingle Co., Ltd. has 20000 mu of organic certified land in the European Union and the United States, and 47500 mu of domestic organic certified land. Up to now, the base area has reached 120000 mu, driving 2300 farmers and herdsmen to engage in the production of the industry. This not only effectively uses natural advantages to provide consumers with healthy products, but also improves the living standards of local farmers and herdsmen to a large extent, provides more jobs for local people, drives the development of local economy, and reaps very high social benefits.
As an organic brand, Gingler's rich product line has quickly become popular at home and abroad. To a large extent, not only Gingler's production raw materials, production places and packaging places are organic, but the key is that Gingler's organic product production standards will raise organic health to international standards.
What is worthy of recognition is that Jingle Organic Ranch breeds purity for every grain of organic food and every drop of grain and oil, squeezes out the ultimate essence, and the processing technology of organic products quickly opens up the consumer market. The product concept is highly consistent with the quality of consumers' healthy life.
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The "China Health and Nutrition Expo" (NHNE), sponsored by Sinopharm Reed Exhibition, is the largest professional exhibition of health nutrition and health products in China. Through two exhibitions a year (spring Shanghai, autumn tour), it has gathered tens of thousands of state-approved honest suppliers of blue hat health food and many new products and international health products, providing excellent brand promotion and product channel expansion services for domestic and foreign enterprises.
The 8th China Health and Nutrition Expo will be held on December 4-6, 2018 at the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Guangzhou). The exhibition area is expected to exceed 40,000 square meters, bringing together 1000 product suppliers and professional service providers in the field of health and nutrition, as well as 100000 honest distributors, agents and terminal purchasers. It has become the best platform for merchants to find new products, exchange and learn, and master market information.
On December 4-6, 2018, multi brands gathered, Guangzhou held the 18th China International Health Expo and 2018 China (Guangzhou) Health Festival, the 8th China Health and Nutrition Expo, 2018 China Health and Nutrition raw materials/packaging/equipment Exhibition, International Natural Food and Beverage Expo.